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     薛倪娜 杨丽倩 徐丽君

     What table manners are in common between China and West ?

     1. Sit up straight. 2. Don't speak with your mouth full of food. 3. Chew quietly, and try not to slurp. . 4. Keep bites small. 5. Eat at a leisurely pace. 6. Don't wave utensils in the air, 7. Keep your elbows off the table.

     Slurp [sl?:p] 啜食 Leisurely [li:??li, 从容的 不慌不忙的 从容的, Utensils

     用具 炊具 器具,用具 用具,炊具 Elbows [elb?u], (衣服的 肘部 衣服的)肘部


     8. Don't Reach. 9. Don't forget please and thank you 10. Excuse yourself

    when leaving the table. 11. Wipe your mouth before drinking 12. Compliment the cook.

     . Compliment [k?mplim?nt]赞美(), 恭维() ?

     Eating Habits in China

     old-fashioned square table for eight people 八仙桌

     in China the dishes are placed on the table and everybody shares everyone is supposed to let the guest and seniors eat every dishes first. do not have to use the chopsticks to tap the tray and bowl. sometimes the Chinese hosts use their chopsticks to put food in your bowl or plate. This is a sign of politeness. Make sure the spout of the teapot is not facing anyone. It is impolite to set the teapot down where the spout is facing towards somebody. Spout [spa?t] 壶嘴!管口, 喷口

     A. Place stick between thumb and index finger and rest on third finger of right hand . B. Please second stick above first stick between thumb and index finger ,rest on second finger points together. C. Move top stick up and down by raising second finger.

     Eating Habits in West

     1. Wash you hands before each meal. 2. Knife and spoon are placed to the right of the plate. The fork is on the left. 3. Open the napkin and place it in your lap before starting. 4. Pass food to the right. 5. Ask for food to be passed to you if it is out of reach. 6. Do not take food if it is being passed by you at another person

    s request. 7. Swallow food before talking. 8. Talk only of pleasant subjects during the meal. 9. Compliment the host on the food. 10. Take food in small pieces.

     11. Take turns during the conversation. 12. Ask permission to be excused from the table. 13. Never put food you touched back onto a serving plate. 14. Never eat directly from a serving plate. You eat only from your plate. 15. The left hand remains under the table unless you use it in the process of cutting. 16. Elbows and arms are never placed on the table. 17. Individuals gage their eating so that everyone is finished with the meal at the same time. 18. Knife and fork set in a position on the plate looking like the hands of a clock at 5:30 means that you are finished. 19. When plate is removed and dinner is definitely finished, the napkin is removed from the lap, folded in half and placed back on the table near its original position. 20. Men usually help women with their chair first when sitting and last when leaving the dining table.

     The six rules of west

     1. Do not talk with your mouth full 2. Do not allow for his people get food 3. Do not smoke 4. Do not persuade people to drink 5. Do not take off coat in public 6. Do not discuss something that make people feel sick

     West Utensils

     Start with the outer utensils, and work in towards your plate Only spoon provided is soup spoon Salad fork has thicker tine at left Fish fork and knife Most inner fork and knife are for meat If tea or coffee or going to be served a teaspoon will be brought out with it

     Decide which of the following behaviours are polite or impolite at a western dinner party. Put p or I in the brackets. ( )1. Use the knife with your right hand. ( )2. Put your napkin on your lap. ( )3. Start eating as soon as your food is served in front of you. ( )4. Ask for a second serving of soup. ( )5. Use your fingers when eating chicken. ( )6. Finish eating everything on your plate. ( )7. Talk loudly while eating. ( )8. Make other people drink more than they can take.


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