Coronary heart disease phlegm and blood stasis blocking network card Pathogenesis Study_7465

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Coronary heart disease phlegm and blood stasis blocking network card Pathogenesis Study_7465

Coronary heart disease phlegm and blood stasis blocking

    network card Pathogenesis Study

     Abstract coronary heart disease, angina is a Chinese Medicine Chest, heartache areas, phlegm and blood stasis blocking network is a type of this disease, one of the

    important cards study the exact pathogenesis of the syndrome differentiation, guidance has important clinical significance. Traditional medicine, mind-conditioning body fluid

    metabolism and cardiac production of phlegm is closely related to phlegm and blood

    stasis are the causes and Chest pathological product of disease. Modern medicine, lipid metabolism, blood rheology and glucose metabolism are closely related with the phlegm produced.

     Key words heartache / TCM; Chest / TCM; phlegm and blood stasis blocking

    network; phlegm

     Coronary heart disease belongs to the Chest Medicine, heartache areas. Over the years of its etiology and pathogenesis and treatment of blood stasis has been based on the rule. As China entered the aging society, increasing people's standard of living, diet changed significantly, animal and high intake of fatty foods too much, indolent life, increasing pollution of the environment, so that TCM classification has changed, The increasing proportion of patients phlegm [1]. Chest phlegm and blood stasis on the

    resistive network is now permits a further overview of pathogenesis.

     A Chinese medicine for phlegm and blood stasis obstructing understanding of the pathogenesis network card

     Mind has a regulatory role of body fluid metabolism. "Lingshu evil passengers", said: "Heart persons, five internal organs, large master, spiritual care of the people." On the one hand, the heart can help warm the lung spleen, lose cloth water solution. Cardiopulmonary points the main blood, Xinmaitong smooth, lung Xuan down, gas and push the blood line. Yang Xin-Ju chest bit, not very inviting on the coke, and can

    be warm under the Central Plains. Pitu was Firelight of temperature, body fluid generation is more than running. The transportation of the spleen and stomach is

    required under Firelight economy. Heart Yang Deficiency decline, promoting weakness, his temper is nothing to transpiration gasification, cloth scattered inside and outside the body fluid condensate formed sputum. On the other hand, the heart may be

    the next warm kidney yang water and gas lines of Tianjin. Heart Lower small intestine,

    respectively, Mizutsu, heart and small intestine table, small intestine need to have Firelight's help, can only muddy the line its secretion to distinguish post. The main

    means of body fluid excretion, one to sweat things up, first, exports to the bladder as urine. The Khan liquid heart, heart yang steamed Tianjin Khan, the heart of Yin-chun,

    sweat filled, heart function was normal, yin and yang, qi and blood coordination, sweat excretion have degrees. The formation and excretion of urine mainly by the kidneys and bladder gasification, although their functions in the kidney, but its main heart, the heart of the host dereliction of duty can also be caused by body fluid remove obstacles to the accumulation of phlegm. The heart blood, heart qi to promote blood running in the veins, flow injection body, to play the role of nutrition and moisture. Heart yang is the power to run the blood, the heart yin is the source of the formation of blood. Lack of heart-yang to promote the weakness, then the blood stopped and the blood stasis; heart yin enough to reduce the formation of blood running hysteresis can also be caused by blood stasis. Congestion is a visible evil, block air machine, Xinmaitong Bizu, not General pain, fa Chest. In the pathogenesis of Chest, the phlegm, blood stasis, once formed, often lingering refractory, through the disease has always been, and often into each other. If the fluid stops together, the water to drink, drink cemented in phlegm, Phlegm context, then the stasis of blood stagnation, phlegm clip bleeding, nest capsule Sui-sheng; if pulse and blood stasis or overflow pulse, the stop and for the stasis, resistance stagnation of qi, moisture has stopped, poly made sputum, phlegm and blood stasis. The heart yang to promote the Tianjin operation of the power of blood, heart yang decline, promoting weakness, phlegm and blood stasis prone, usually of intermetallic; heart Yin friction, Yin Huo-wang, suffering body fluid into phlegm, burn

    burning the blood stasis, phlegm and blood stasis Tong-sheng. Can be seen that heart

    disease with the disease particularly easy to phlegm and blood stasis.

     2 pairs of modern medicine, phlegm and blood stasis obstructing understanding of the pathogenesis network card

     2.1 lipid metabolism mainly by coronary heart disease due to coronary atherosclerosis, "high blood cholesterol in the blood phlegm" This theory has been confirmed that the majority of clinical and experimental research institute, and hyperlipidemia are atherosclerosis of the the main risk factors [2], the reason no more than two aspects of internal and external. Too many external factors for long-term food

    Feigan Atsumi, stuffed wet Sheng Tan. And responsibilities of internal dysfunction in the spleen and kidney, spleen and lost Kin Yun, kidney failure Kai He, gasification negative, then the body fluid metabolism, resulting in water-Valley did not translate

    into subtle for the human body to use, but ferment Health and phlegm. Chinese medical theory of "Spleen" function related to the digestive system of modern medicine, liver dysfunction can be caused by lipid metabolism disorders, lack of pancreatic insulin secretion, may occur endogenous triglyceride (TG) hyperlipidemia [3] . Thus, modern medicine has caused liver and pancreatic dysfunction in lipid metabolism disorders, is the loss of Kin Yun Chinese medicine the spleen, endogenous phlegm concrete manifestations. Chinese medicine theory, "kidney" in some of the

    features may be attributable to "the hypothalamus - pituitary - target gland axis"

    function, its function disorders (kidney) affect liver and pancreatic function, resulting in lipid metabolism disorders, is a traditional Chinese medicine spleen relevant and to kidney-oriented in the phlegm is generated in the concrete manifestations. Serum lipid abnormalities that modern medicine is the biochemical basis of phlegm, blood lipids increase the phlegm can be regarded as micro-appear. Reposted elsewhere in the paper

    for free download http://

     2.2 Hemorheology by clinical and experimental studies have shown that phlegm blood from patients in a "thick, sticky, condensate, poly" in the high viscosity state of

    hypercoagulability. Chinese medicine believe that Jin homologous blood, phlegm and blood stasis-related. Phlegm is a pathological product of body fluid, its nature is a yin, there are sticky Zhise the features, and lipid were similar. Hyperlipidemia may be a

    direct increase in plasma viscosity, so that lipids in the vessel wall, Shen generated phlegm; 2 may be a direct effect on the axial components (red blood cells, platelets, etc.), especially cholesterol, can increase the hardness of red blood cells , deformation

    capacity is low, and therefore can not successfully passed the micro-circulation, direct

    the formation of micro-thrombosis. Chang Sun [4] detection of phlegm with coronary heart disease (CHD) in patients with blood rheology and found that phlegm in patients

    with whole blood viscosity, plasma viscosity, hematocrit, erythrocyte sedimentation rate was significantly higher than the non-phlegm group . Wang Dongsheng et al [5] on

    310 cases of phlegm blood rheology in patients with CHD measured and found that in

    patients with phlegm phlegm in patients compared with non-whole blood viscosity,

    plasma viscosity increased, accelerated ESR, erythrocyte electrophoresis time extended , elevated hematocrit, serum total cholesterol and triglycerides increased. Therefore, from the point of view can be considered Hemorheology, plasma composition anomalies (mainly related to increased TG) and the resulting decrease in plasma flow, increased agglutination of the state is the material basis of CHD phlegm.

     2.3 glucose metabolism in patients with CHD often accompanied by insulin resistance (ISR), and compensatory high insulin (Ins) hyperlipidemia, which is the occurrence of CHD play an important role in the development, but its mechanism is unknown and not all patients with CHD exist ISR [6 ]. Sputum is not the human body organs and blood, body fluid losing its health shipped product. The sputum was blood, blood from Water Valley, refined chemical and biological weapons, depends on the transport of the spleen, liver and other organs of the Shuxie the coordinated operation. Water Valley, the metabolic process mainly microscopic organisms can be material for blood glucose and lipid metabolism process, not of blood were Mizutani metamict phlegm, should also be reflected in the glucose and lipid metabolism on [7]. MAUI, etc. [8] on 50 cases of CHD in patients with syndrome type after the fasting blood glucose were measured, Ins concentrations and insulin antibodies (IAA), islet cell antibodies (ICA), glutamic acid decarb

    sensitivity index (ISI). The results showed that Blood Stagnation and phlegm congestion two types of ISI than the healthy group and the Qi and Yin Deficiency type reduction, IAA-positive rate increased, while the Ins concentrations increased only in

    the Blood Stagnation type, namely, the different CHD types of TCM, ISR mainly exists in the Blood Stagnation-type patients, phlegm congestion type of ISR may be mainly due to the Department of obesity. The Blood Stagnation and phlegm congestion part of

    the two types of ISR and IAA-related, so the anti-ISR treatment of patients with CHD

    may be mainly against the two types should be implemented, while the two types of syndromes can also be used as an objective classification based on ISI.

     3 Summary

     Chest mostly on traditional Chinese medicine blood stasis on the rule-based

    treatment with blood circulation. As society develops, people's living standards and living conditions change, a significant increase in the proportion of phlegm, blood

    stasis, while many scholars believe that there must be the presence of phlegm, stasis will and expectorant. Depth from the phlegm and blood stasis in Treating Coronary Heart Disease clinical treatment is very important significance.


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