AAEP Exec Meeting minutes for 92607, noon in LAC 201

By Edna Matthews,2014-05-20 10:52
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AAEP Exec Meeting minutes for 92607, noon in LAC 201

    AAEP Exec Meeting minutes for 9/26/07, noon in LAC 201

President (Shannon)

     Texas A&M Wetlabs (fall under trip coordinator so Anna will be taking over). thDate Jan. 19, 2008. th- Dr. Gonzalo will be lecturing Oct. 25, co-sponsor with Voice

Secretary (Ann)

    - Listserves are both updated except for Equine faculty (working on it)

    - First year class reps are Jessica Haydel and Ashley Maul

    - Dues are in, we have ~ 110 members

    - Starting to tally participation points

Treasurer (Ryan)

    - There are three accounts now sto The General Account, off-campus at 1 Federal (keep on the down low),

    has $3,710.03 sto Purina Program Account, also at 1 Federal

    o RSO Account, has money from Horseman’s Clinic in it currently

    - Shannon is working Grant money

    - If you need supplies for a lab, etc., see Ryan for a check but be sure to save your


New Business

    Fundraising (Deke and Jen M.)

    - Clothing sale They are working on new logos/items and would appreciate any

    item or design ideas (especially for a funny t-shirt) Some ideas so far include:

    scrubs, down vest, hats, polos, t-shirts, fleece vest and shirts, and hoodies. The

    date for the sale is TBA nd- Horseman’s Clinic – will be Feb. 2, new for this year will be First Aid Kits for

    sale, raffle of a drawing/painting, and booth space in SOL for rent to companies

    (only companies who do not sponsor the event will have to pay ~$50 for space)

    - Glass horse CD The Distal Limb and new Colic/GI CD’s will be made available

    for purchase through the club (~ $50 and $80, respectively)

Trip Coordinator (Anna)

    - AAEP Convention Dec. 1-5, ~13 confirmed going, flights (range $120-200) out

    of St. Louis, Chicago and Indiana, funding is coming from SORF and grant

    money (applied for the AAEP travel stipend of $1,000). Estimated cost a person is

    $485 (includes airfare, convention registration, dues, airport parking, etc)

    - Rolex 2008 April, ~30 interested

    - Illinois State Horse Fair Feb. 29 March 2, Display board needs pictures and to

    be set up, more details will be worked out closer to the date (The board and

    Banner are in Alysn Lilley’s room)

    th, they are having an event for - Sunflower Stables with Dr. Brendemuehl Oct. 13

    CE credit and would like some U of I students to help. Please see Dr. B for


Wetlabs/VP’s (Megan and Ericka)

    - Dr. Paul will be speaking about EPM during a lunch meeting in Oct. - Nov. 5, Dr. Allison Stewart will be doing a lameness demo, hands on with her

    own horses. We will need a deposit for the drugs we will be using for joint


    - Things that are still being worked out: Dental lab through AAEP (for fall maybe),

    live horse dental lab in the spring (may be able to use Dr. Ann Johnson’s horses)

    w/ Dr. A. Stewart, Optho lab w/ Dr. Labelle in the spring

    - Protocols are getting revamped college wide, so anything we would like in a

    protocol needs to be done asap to get included

REP (Claire and Ashleigh)

    - Will be having their first meeting 9/27 to assign teams and start the first week of


    - There are enough people for 4 teams to care for the four horses in the program

    (Allstar is currently not going to be in the program due to a fractured jaw. He

    may be brought back in at a later time with a few approved people caring for him) - Possibility of dentals on REP horses in Nov., REP members will have first dibs

ICU/Colic Team

    - Its up and running

Webmaster (Marie)

    - Nutrena logo is on the website

    - Minutes are getting posted, There will be a link to the Horseman’s Clinic when its

    ready, and an update of the wetlab schedule

Old Business

    Purina (Shannon)

    - The program is on hold because of a counter-offer form Hill’s to the college. The

    first order has to be given away and Purina will begin the quizzes to get free food

    again if the program is totally shut down. They will also continue to give our club

    $1000 per year as promised for 4 years.

    - It was tabled for a later vote to consider still paying Emily even if the program

    goes under

Externship Committee (Alysn) ndst- Committee consists of Alysn (chair), Ericka (2 year), and the tow 1 year class

    reps, Ashley and Jessica

    - They will be establishing guidelines and using PMC’s application as a template

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