Allen Park High School Music Booster Meeting Minutes October 9

By John Garcia,2014-05-20 11:46
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Allen Park High School Music Booster Meeting Minutes October 9

    Allen Park High School

    Music Booster Meeting Minutes

    October 9, 2007

Call to order 7:00 PM by President Tina Cowan

In attendance Jeannette Harrison, Jeannine Little, John Little, Kathy Hollowell, Emily Tucker, Megan

    Hollowell, Allyson Harrison, Julie Schultz, Tina Cowan, Andrea Seabloom, Sara Schultz, Kristi Kruger,

    Jenny Stevens, Rachel Pouget, Diane Peyton, Paige Connors, Sue Jacques, Sharon Bacchetti, Linda


? The minutes from the September meeting were read and approved as written; motion made by

    Jeannette Harrison and seconded by Julie Schultz.

    ? Kristi Kruger reported the calendar of events is on the website. Be sure to check frequently as

    things do change. The Music Technology Lab is up and running and the students are making

    good use of it.

    ? Sara Schultz reported the senior show is almost done and will be performed Fri., Oct. 19. Tina

    Cowan will order flowers and Kristi will handle info for Mr. Seabloom to announce for seniors.

    ? Jenny Stevens reported that the float was under budget and that we won “Best Club Float”.

    ? The chorus’ have begun rehearsing Christmas music. ? Jazz Band didn’t get to do the senior citizen lunch and is looking forward to events in November.

    ? Andrea Seabloom talked about fundraising:

    ? The potato chip sale will begin the following week. Chips are 75 in a case and will cost


    ? The Pancake Breakfast and Bake Sale will be Nov. 3 from 8 12. The information will be

    on the website. It is the same day as the swim meet so we may get some business from

    that. Each student will get 4 tickets for presale. Mary Pouget will have samples of

    pumpkin rolls and will take orders. Money from pumpkin rolls will go to purchase new


    ? John Little submitted the Treasurer’s Report. It was read and approved as written. Motion to

    accept made by Linda Mosley and seconded by Andrea Seabloom.

    ? Julie Schultz sent out thank-you notes that were discussed at the last meeting.

    ? Publicity (Jeannette Harrison) will send out flyers for the pancake breakfast to the News Herald

    and Free Press.

    ? Membership is $5 per family. See Jeannine Little to join.

    ? John Little has updated all student accounts. Call him if you have any questions. Band camp

    contracts have been sent to families who still owe for band camp.

    ? The Music Boosters will purchase “turkey” shirts for the marching band students to wear prior

    to the parade. Linda Mosley will handle.

    ? The $25 uniform maintenance fee letter will be sent out as soon as possible. ? We have not gotten a bill from Kathy Waynick as of yet for doing alterations to uniforms. It will

    be checked into.

    ? Kristi stated approximately 30 40 parents would be able to ride the bus to the parade in

    November. First come first served.

    ? We need to get a count on how many white gloves we have for the parade. Rachel Pouget will


    ? Kristi stated we will not be ordering more hoodies until the old ones are sold. Meeting adjourned at 8:01 PM. Motion made by Linda Mosley and seconded by Julie Schultz.

     Respectfully submitted,

     Linda Mosley, Recording Secretary

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