Activities Commission General Board Meeting College Union Board

By Bill Long,2014-05-20 11:05
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Activities Commission General Board Meeting College Union Board

    Activities Commission General Board Meeting

    College Union Board Room (CU 351)

    September 10, 2009

Meeting called to order: 6:30pm

    Present: Corey, Carey, Kevin, Lee, Danielle, Kellie, James, Kian, Stephanie, Sara, Caitlin, Doug,

    Jenny, Emily, and Curt

    Guests: Amanda

I. Approval of Agenda

    1. Corey Is there anything that needs to be added to the agenda? No changes made,

    agenda approved.

    II. Updates th1. Asad Two Fridays from now (September 25) comedian Eliot Chang is coming.

    thThe show starts at 9pm in Wadsworth Auditorium. Also, on Saturday (September 26)

    at 9am we have the Career Connections Brunch. It’s a networking event through

    GOLD, sponsored by Career Services, Activities Commission, GOLD, and Alumni

    Relations. You have to register through the GOLD website. The deadline for

    registering and holding a seat at this event is September 18th. Later that same night

    we have the fireworks display at Letchworth field.

    2. James ―Star Trek‖ went well. There were 425 people who showed up. We’re

    thshowing ―L.A. Confidential‖ at 9pm on September 12 outside South Hall. I plan on

    doing an advertising slideshow for upcoming events at the movie showing. Just create

    a slide on Powerpoint and send it to me by tomorrow if you want your event included

    in the slideshow.

    3. Kellie Kian and I have been contacting the dance teachers around campus to get

    their students to come to the Parsons Dance show. We have all of our scheduling

    done for the event. We will be passing around a signup sheet for drivers who will

    transport the Dance Company. We need one driver at 10:45am on Friday, and 2 other

    people for Sunday morning.

    4. Curt The Hoodies and Sam Ventura event garnered a lot of peopleover 500.

    thCirculatory System is coming up next on September 15 at the Knight Spot. I’ll send

    out an email about having ACers helping me set up. I’m also working on finding an

    a’capella opener for the Blanks. 5. Lee Female Orgasm was this week and went really well. I’ve been talking to the

    people who produce ―Man Versus Food‖ on the Travel Channel. I’m trying to work

    something out but it seems unlikely that he will be added to our events.

    6. Danielle I’ve been working on Limelight advertizing. In ―The Insider‖ tomorrow

    there will be an ad. There’s also an ad running in ―The City‖ the right now, and there

    will be one in the ―Democrat & Chronicle‖ on Saturday. Also radio ad spots on

    100.5fm The Drive start on Monday.

    7. Carey The Student Organization Expo is next Wednesday. You will want to

    represent for AC (there’s a sign up sheet for 15-minute intervals for ACers to man our

    table), and remind other students about it. Also we have Dale K, the comedic

    hypnotist, coming tomorrow night at 9pm as a part of CU&A.

    8. Kevin I’ve been doing more work on coordinating the website updates. We have

    decided to take our own pictures for the website with the AC camera. We will

    probably do this at the Parsons Dance show, that way everyone will be dressed up and

    camera-ready. If your picture isn’t taken there, we can always do it at a General

    Board Meeting. Also, I need Office Hours from some members. There is a sheet I’ll

    pass around where you can sign up for your hours for this semester.

    9. Jenny Inter-Glacial Free Trade opened this week. It went well, and a lot of people

    have come in to the Gallery. There was a talk-back in the Writer’s House with the

    artist, about 20 students attended. I’ve been working on Cultural Harmony Week

    (―Weaving who we are‖) with the Center for Community. Curt and I are planning an

    Upstate Escape for First Fridayswhich is a monthly event in Rochester where

    several art galleries/artists open their doors for free in the city to showcase their work.

    I’m in the process of trying to bring cartoon/movie/CGI exhibit to campus. The

    artwork on display would include illustrations and even 3-D statues from production

    like the ―Incredible Hulk‖ movie. Also, The Kinetic Galley sign is going up next


    10. Sara Caitlin and I have hung a lot of posters this week for a bunch of different

    events. We’ve been working on table tents for Parsons that will go in MJ and other

    places, too.

    11. Doug I’m working on budgets—you’ll have them soon. Yellow copies of your

    Purchase Orders can be put in the AC mailbox in the SA office. Receipts can also be

    placed in that box and I will process them.

    12. Kian I’ve been talking to the Manager of Parsons Dance Co., getting arrangements

    for the hotels ready. Heavy advertisement for the show is coming next week.

    13. Emily I’ve been working with our booking agent for the concert. If anyone needs

    help with anything, let me know and I’ll help out!

    14. Stephanie I spoke to Carey today about the Community Service event. I’ll call one

    of the area schools to start setting up with them. I sent out information about our

    Special Events application in the What’s Up mailing, but I haven’t received any

    response yet. I’ll send out another one tonight.

    15. Corey There will be an open discussion on Purchase Orders next week at the SA

    meeting. They’re also talking about having an open discussion with CAS sometime

    soon, probably within the next month. Carey has rearranged the posters in the office

    for P&P so that they’re organized in the box. Also make sure you are regularly

    checking your mailboxes in CU 321everyone on AC has one. For stipended

    psitions, email your report to Haleema, Carey and myself, then you print out a copy

    and hand it to Kate. They are due bi-weekly at 4pm every two weeks. I’m passing out

    a sheet with these directions and the report due-dates.

    III. Upcoming Events Sign-ups

    1. Corey If anyone has an upcoming eventKINO movie, L&A, etc.bring a sign

    up sheet to our general board meetings so that ACers can sign up for jobs that you

    assign to help out at your event. If there isn’t anything you need, consider having

    people to set up and man an AC Information table at your event.

    IV. Retreat

    1. Corey This Saturday is our retreat the Letchworth State Park. I’m passing around

    an itinerary sheet. I’m going to try and rent out Kan Jam. If anyone wants to bring

    any games/activity ideas, do it! Also, does anyone have any dietary concerns that we

    should be aware of? (No dietary concerns brought to attention). I also have driver

    forms and passenger forms for transportation to and from the park. Sign the forms

    and return them to me before you leave this evening.

    V. Surprise!

    1. Recognition for everyone for all their hard work!

    VI. Anything Else?

    1. No members had any additional comments or concerns.

    Meeting adjourned: 7:08pm

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