Aberystwyth University Canoe Club Committee Minutes

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Aberystwyth University Canoe Club Committee Minutes

    Aberystwyth University Canoe Club

    Committee Minutes.

    thMonday 24 September


    Amy McCullam, Ed Davies, Anthony Hodson, Rick Morgan, Linzi Cross, Megan Mac


    JOBS FOR TOMORROW FRESHERS’ FAYER 9.15 Someone going through the forums with the people signing up.

    Someone at a laptop putting all that information onto a spread sheet.


    Everyone has to pay/sign up.

    If any forms are lost, it comes out of the club account.

    Two committee members have to sign the forms aswell.

    Need to know medical conditions/recurring conditions.

Megan and linzi cannot be there all day.


    Float for ?50 Ant to sort out.

    Suggestion to making a payment of ?5 a semester motion carried. Ed to make sure we

    get the money.


    Change in pool sessions to Thursdays 7.45pm to 9.15pm. stCan only store 6 boats at the pool. Can have a few more boats for the 1 few sessions, all

    must have extra padding or can’t go in. Just let Jeff (pool manager) know how many are

    being taken up.

    Can take the pool boats up whenever.


    Only has 4 keys. 1 for each of the clubs that use it and one for the university.

    Lobby to get more keys for downstairs email/write a letter to make it sound more official Linzi to email Gavin at the uni.

    Keep key in Paddle Manor to be signed out so we know who has it and they will be

    responsible for it.

    Get in contact with surfers/sailors as well in order to get their support.


    Meg went to Stormriders and was able to borrow a mannequin and boat trailer and also

    got some free stuff (2 hats, rucksack, 50ltr dry bag, 10% discount card for stormriders,

    stickers, sweets.) gifts to be given out as prizes to people who sign up.

    Mike at stormriders will also come down to the boathouse to sell things.

    We need to get people to sign up on the day use these freebies as an incentive. THE FAYER

    Ant to bring boats Lowri’s pinkie and Nicky’s new boat and the duo.

    Have people/mannequin in kit.

    All committee wearing their T-shirts.

    People at the stand and outside trying to encourage people to join.

    Becci and Megan to make posters and would appreciate help.

    Video for tomorrow Jesus to sort out.

EVENTS th October Alpkit Challenge Nottingham 5

    Surf trip could possibly go on 12th October, but not an official club trip. thTeife Tour 26 October. Andy Turton has asked us to help organise by putting up

    tent/taking it down and running the bar. Andy to email Megan/Rick /Lowri with details

    and he’s prepared to thank us with a gift – possibly a boat. Possible free entry if help. ndthTyne Tour 2-4 November. Not an official club trip but we could still promote it. thBUSA White Water 9 October at Washburn. Sponsored by the uni to do it, any levels

    welcome. thDee Tour 16 Novermber ththNorth Wales Trip 7-9 December.

For all events before December, we have the use of the uni mini bus Lowri driving.

    Must look after the mini bus, if don’t will not be able to use for the rest of the year.

    Birmingham Polo Event some time in January Megan to get in contact. White Water Race Cardiff in January. Good for beginners. ththBUSA Slalom Course. Tee side 9-10 January. Still have club slalom boat.

    Rodeo possible second weekend in March. thPolo BUSA Event April 18 near Doncaster

    Possible surf trip also surf is better in the autumn when sea’s warmer.

    Alps Trip two weeks after term ends. On the Monday so everyone has the weekend

    before to sort things out.

Possible assessment weekend Ant prepared to teach up to 3 star but would appreciate

    payment for it.

    Lowri suggested making herself training officer keeps record of everyone’s abilities/qualifications. motion carried.


    Each trip, can only go if bring money with you pay for petrol before we go. Could put rough price guide on the forum.

    Everyone pays the same amount of money, get drivers together (they pay half) ask how

    much it will cost, divide money between them, all drivers fill up, give Meg the receipt

    and any money left over goes to the club.


    New sub section to be put on the forum just for trips.

    Old committee to be taken off - Lowri to sort out.


    Ant boats, paddles, float, gaffa tape Megan balloons, sweets, calendar Amy pens

    Lowri blue tac, kit, posters Everyone bring T-shirts and club hoodies

    Couple of laptops would also be needed also.

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