It was a dull boring day so I decided to go to the park

By Randall Stephens,2014-11-13 15:18
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It was a dull boring day so I decided to go to the park

    It was a dull boring day so I decided to go to the park.

    Once I got there I see all this pollution in the lake, pond and all over the park! “OH! I’m so angry!” I yell to the closest Park

    Ranger he was looking like a little scared kid, “Do something…

    PLEASE!!” I cried.

    “I will try to talk to someone maybe even the Government but the Government probably won’t want to do it, so sorry.”

    “Please I’m begging you!”

    “Well okay,” sighed the Park Ranger.

    “Thank you, thank you so much!” I cheered.

    Later on there is a meeting at Town house where we have every meeting in Victoria. So I walk through the doors and the Government who calls out my name and says “Come forward and talk to the town because the Park Ranger told us about some sort of problem that’s going on in the Park,”

    Actually I thought it would be more complicated but it didn’t

    seem it, but it was because the Government had other plans with Canberra. They didn’t seem angry about it but the Government was not happy to do this right now. “Come on tell the town what

    your problem is” I struggle “well I…”

    “Hurry up we don’t have all day here!” yelled an older man from the crowd.

    “Well I’m just angry about that no one is putting there rubbish in the bin, and that teenage kids are pushing over rubbish bins because they think it’s funny!” “but why are you so angry about

    pollution?” asked a young looking kid.

    “It’s because of global warming,”

    “What about it?” asked the same kid as before.

    “It’s just that if we don’t do anything about pollution that means

    all our clean air will become dirty and global warming also will make the air so hot that all the places that we get our water

    from will dry up and we could all of us could die because we need water to live.” I blubbered.

    “Is anyone getting me?” I asked.

    “Yes, I get you so we should start to do something and right now,” called out a bossy looking lady.

    So the next morning everyone starts to clean up the town by picking the tipped over rubbish bins up and some people brought their own tongs to pick up rubbish around the town but one of the best bit’s was that there weren’t as many cars on the road. After seeing all this I yell out “thank you town for listening!”

By: Emily Gawne

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