A Few Tips Think about your expectations Are they realistic

By Phyllis Roberts,2014-05-20 10:34
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A Few Tips Think about your expectations Are they realistic

    A Few Tips

    Think about your expectations. Are they realistic & “doable”? (Ex. The home clean enough to be healthy and find

    things when needed.)

    What are husband’s expectations? La Leche League use to say: Ask your husband what one thing he would like to see done everyday. (Clean clothes, dinner on the table) Be sure this is done daily. Can’t have a home like a non homeschooler who works outside the home. You are in the house 24/7.

    Habits, routines, maintenance is the key.

    Slogans, mottos, thoughts of the day or week can help. has family thoughts: In this house

    our family always puts away our shoes when we come in the door. Catholic Heritage Curriculum for the

    younger ages focuses on habits and behavior: I am happy when I obey.

    Sometimes getting a system in place for the first quarter is the best “schooling” you can give your children

    and yourself. This allows you to teach effectively the rest of the year.

    Charts or flexibility, which will work for you? Charts let everyone know what is expected of them.

    Flexibility, working as a team with no specific job delegation, does away with the response, “but that is not my job!”

    Consistency is the hard part. Are you always looking for the perfect chart, schedule, etc?

    Chart for each room can be helpful. Each room has a chart with the daily duties, weekly duties and day

    the weekly is due. Anyone can go into the room and get it in order.

    Splurge and find someone from the church or community to do the chores you are having trouble getting

    done. Hire someone to just clean tubs, floors and counters.

    Mother’s Ministry started by Kimberly Hahn is free, the cost of a meal and a load of laundry.

    Realize small houses need help even more than the large home. Place for everything. Limit items.

    Clothing…do you have more outfits than you use? Could you live with 7- 14 outfits per season? Cut down on laundry dramatically. How many towels do you need? Coats or hoodies? Shoes?

    MOM and children consistently put things away when they are done using them.

    MOM consistently does a room check BEFORE child leaves to play. Don’t take his/her word for it!

    Organize throughout the day, as you see things out of place

    Meal plans, snack ideas written down. Children take turns making meals.

Cleaning supplies children can use: Magic erasers, swiffers, Clorox wipes (older child), baby wipes, baby

    wipe box with rags, water and little baby soap…or pure water.

    Simplified schedule

    For stressful times or when you are getting back on schedule (adapted from old Gentle Spirit Magazine)

    Private prayer

    7 am breakfast and devotions (or catechism, bible study, morning prayers)

     Dishes, laundry started & quick pick up.



    Laundry finished


    11 am lunch, dishes, dinner planned

    12 noon walk


    3pm snacks

    Pick up before dad gets home

    6 pm dinner, dishes, breakfast planned

    Family devotions

    8 pm bathes and bedtime

    The purpose of this schedule is to get the basics done and get you back on schedule. This is why there are specific times for things like meals and sleep and prayer. It doesn’t cover all the subjects, only those that are “most important” or need to be practiced constantly.

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