58 respondents (5

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58 respondents (5

    Results of Saltaire Village Society Feedback form

62 respondents (6.2% of leaflets)

36 (60%) on paper

    26 (40%) electronically

1.) Residency

    ? 25 (40%) respondents had been residents of Saltaire for fewer than two years

    ? 14 (23%) respondents had been residents of Saltaire for between two and five


    ? 23 (37%) respondents had been residents of Saltaire for five years or more

2.) Travel to work

Number ticking:

    ? Drive: 23

    ? Train: 32

    ? Bus: 1

    ? Cycle: 1

    ? Walk: 3

    ? Other: 2

    [Those living in the village the shortest period were more likely to be train

    commuters (16 out of 25 people living here fewer than two years, as

    opposed to 11 out of 23 of those here for more than five years being

    driving commuters)]

3.) Issues ranked:

    a.) by average, in order of priority, highest first. Average scores in brackets

    1st.) Traffic (2)

    2nd.) Litter (2.8)

    3rd.) World Heritage status (3.3)

    4th.) Parking (3.4) = Crime (3.4)

    (these averages were calculated ignoring all those forms where 1 to 5 was not

    used uniformly, so for example, where someone would put 1, but no others, or

    would put three 1s and two 2s)

    [Those living here fewer than 2 years priorities

    traffic/litter/heritage/crime/parking, placing parking last, after crime. Those here

    2-5 years put litter first, ahead of traffic, followed by heritage/crime/parking.

    Those here more than 5 years, notably, had parking in second priority, prioritising in this order: traffic/parking/litter/crime=heritage]

b.) By numbers applied

    Receiving highest number of ‘1 – most important’ scores:

    ? Traffic (32)

    ? Parking (14)

    ? World Heritage status (13)

    ? Litter (9)

    ? Crime (5)

    Receiving highest number of ‘5 – least important’ scores:

    ? Parking (14)

    ? Crime (13)

    ? World Heritage status (10)

    ? Litter (5)

    ? Traffic (4)

(these include all numbers put anywhere on all forms, regardless of uniformity)

    The total numbers:

     1 2 3 4 5

    Traffic 32 13 7 5 4

    Litter 9 18 18 5 5

    World Heritage status 13 5 15 13 10

    Parking 14 7 6 16 14

    Crime 5 13 9 12 13

     (so, ‘traffic’ got 31 scores of ‘1’, 13 of ‘2’ etc.)

    4.) Primary role of SVS

By average, in order of priority, highest first. Average scores in brackets

    ? Raise public awareness on issues directly affecting village (1.5) ? Encourage networking and info sharing (1.8)

    ? Educate people about Saltaire and WH status (2.6)

    [This prioritising was broadly the same across residency groupings, with those

    here fewer than two years putting ‘networking’ marginally first]

    5.) How to be involved in SVS

    By average, in order of priority, highest first. Average scores in brackets

    ? Quarterly newsletter (2.2)

    ? Email (2.4)

    ? Public meetings with guest speakers (2.6)

    ? Informal socials and gatherings (2.8)

    3.a.) Comments, arranged into categories, most frequently commented upon first:

    Street maintenance (13 comments)

    ? Street lighting. Back alleys unsafe & a rate for burglars into homes ? Weekly Bin put in yards and the dumping of old furniture in back street ? Council have cleaning machines which are unable to clean back streets. ? Wheely bins don't take up any more space than dustbins which were not left in


    ? I think all the back alley ways should be cleared of rubbish ? Remove wheelie bins

    ? New pavements

    ? graffiti cleaning

    ? The excessive slipperiness of the paving stones

    ? full sized recycling bins

    ? Ensure back streets are cleaned regularly - pressurise council ? No specific budget for the maintenance of the street environment

    Dog dirt (11 comments)

? The huge amount of dog faeces on the pavements.

    ? There is too much dog dirt around the village - on the pavements, up the alley

    lanes, at the side of roads. I have contacted the council about this previously but

    obviously little is being done. The penalty notices clearly do not help. There is a

    problem with parking on pavements up the smaller streets. It would be impossible

    for a wheelchair or pushchair to move freely on a pavement. The street lighting is

    quite poor in places(ie not enough lamps) over-crowding on rush hour trains too

    many leaflets dropped through door (for fast food places especially) ? Dog pooh!

    ? Dog poo on footpaths

? Dog Fouling

    ? Dog muck

    ? Dog shit

    ? Dog dirt on footpaths, back yard alleyways

    ? The disgusting amount of dog & cat faeces in the streets & back lanes - it's a

    health hazard, eyesore and spoils the village

    ? Dog excrement on pavements is often a problem

    ? The abundant dog poo problem on the streets and in the park.

    Anti-social behaviour (10 comments)

    ? The train station is now becoming an unsettling place to be on an evening. ? Anti-social behaviour

    ? More things for teenagers to do in the evenings

    ? Hooded youths.

    ? Gangs/groups of hoodies in Roberts Park

    ? Dogs not on leads in Park and canal towpath

    ? Antisocial behaviour at the station - vandalism, offensive language ? Young people from the college and local schools causing a nuisance at lunchtime

    during the week.

    ? Mini motorbikes in the park

    ? Impact of college on village

    Parking (8 comments)

    ? The possibility of overflow parking in the council car parks for permit holders as

    some households have 2+ vehicles and there is no room for others. ? Review of parking permit scheme is vital. Currently there is no limit on number

    of permits per household and very little monitoring. Vandalism is a problem. The

    new information sign in Roberts park lasted a matter of weeks. ? permit parking for residents only at the top of the village! ? Residents Parking. I find it a problem outside my house on Amelia Street. ? car parking, particularly on Dove street is a major problem. last weekend we had

    to park in the alley between our house and gordon terrace because shoppers and

    shop workers park on Dove and Jane street. Monitored resident only parking is

    needed on these streets

    ? Parking Permits should apply in all streets

    ? Parking provision for commuters using Saltaire station. This is an increasing

    problem for residents on streets near the station such as ours (amelia). Residents'

    only parking throughout village

    ? Permit parking for top half of village

    Traffic (8 comments)

    ? Speed of emergency vehicles (particularly police) going through the village.

    Upkeep of the train station - does not give a good first impression currently. ? traffic speeding through the village, particularly along Caroline Street. ? Caroline Street is becoming a rat run to cut off the roundabout. ? Cars speeding along titus and Caroline Street as a short cut. They are not aware of


    ? Speed bumps on Caroline street

    ? Speeding on Caroline Street

    ? Main traffice issue = saltaire roundabout

    ? Traffic calming. In Holland, Belgium, for example, some streets are designated

    'play street'

    Heritage/tourism (8 comments)

    ? Residents having a clearer understanding of how they should be maintaining their


    ? Tourist information office clearly marked

    ? Publicity of Village - rather than just the Mill

    ? Research funding possibilities for renovation works

    ? Better to concentate on local issues and allow council and other bodies to promote

    WH status (assuming it is never in danger of being removed!!) ? I have heard several tourists saying that they can't believe Saltaire is a Heritage

    site as they view the forsaken plot. Where is the salaried team appointed to

    oversee this?

    ? Reinstating the old feel of the village. The social club is a blot in Saltaire and Aire

    Valley centre looks deralict? This would seem an answer. More plans to update

    the cosmetics of the village. More people to actually take care of their houses -

    there are so many buy to lets now that the landlords cannot be bothered to keep

    these houses in a state of good repair. A house renovated to an original condition

    was mentioned in the management plan but no further news has been reported on


    ? Relaying of original stones & paving slabs & those that have been stolen also

    cobbles again. I know for certain people they would disapprove but on the correct

    streets cobbles would deter cut-through traffic and slow fast drivers down

    Shops/amenities (7 comments)

    ? Support to get the row of little shops on Victoria Street thriving. So many of them

    have been closing down which is bad for the area. There needs to be a vibrant,

    varied (i.e. not all teashops) row of shops serving the local and visitor community.

    A range of support, including helpful leasing arrangements, consultation on

    suitable businesses, local publicity etc. could be promoted

    ? Encourage more restaurants to open in the village.

    ? If there is any space in Salts Mill, encourage businesses to rent space. This will

    subsidise the excellent art gallery.

? Too many expensive 'trendy bars'

    ? Store and pub prices

    ? Shops in Victoria Road - Closed down - May need to look at business rates. ? Occupation of Shops

    Litter (6 comments)

    ? The litter on the banks of the train station is appalling and requires a major clean

    up and grass cut.

    ? The upkeep of the station and its grounds is inadequate. Litter and vandalism are

    not a good advert for the gateway to Saltaire.

    ? Litter beside train tacks on your way from bingley to saltaire ? Wouldn't mind participating in clean-up days

    ? Litter, esp. by the railway line.

    ? Litter along immediate railway corridor very bad

    The Park (3 comments)

? Upkeep of Roberts Park

    ? Keep cars out of Roberts Park (i.e. park for play/pedestrians not as a car park for

    cricket matches)

    ? The park - a decade or so of neglect

    Celebration/Heritage (2 comments)

    ? Not so much issues to tackle, but more celebratory initiatives about the amazing

    place in which we live. More of the 'saltaire festival' type thing. ? Expand the Saltaire festival which was a fantastic event last year

    Boathouse (2 comments)

? The Boathouse pub needs some tlc.

    ? The Boathouse needs to be revived/saved

    Trains (2 comments)

? The 3-5 am train noise

    ? Shouldn't the big goods trains be slowing down when they come through the

    village? My house shakes when they thunder through and I'm sure it can't be

    doing the building/mortar any good. I know for a fact that the internal brick

    structure of the chimney is so old that the bricks have disintegrated - the remains

    of these will certainly be being shaken loose by the vibrations! I reckon that the

    world heritage officer should ask the question.

    Transport (1 comment

    ? Get a decent minibus service, say every half hour - with a well-publicised

    timetable for visitors. What about using a small fleet of motor boats on the canal

    for the same purpose.

Allotments (1 comment)

    ? Making sure all residents are the first on the waiting lists for an allotment in


The river (1 comment)

    ? Dredging of river to prevent flooding

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