29012009 - Anglia Ruskin Students Union

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29012009 - Anglia Ruskin Students Union

    Sports & Society Council Meeting Minutes

     thThursday 29 January 2009; 3.00pm; Ruskin 028

    Item Action


    1. 1.1 Attendance

    Alexis Mannion Student Activities Coordinator

    Pamela Clarke Student Experience Sabbatical Officer

    Lisa Pool Communications Officer Martyn Blackford Gym & Sports Manager Cheerleading



    Women’s Football

    Men’s Football



    American Football

    Alternative Music Society




    Film Production



    Ultimate Frisbee


    Ski & Snowboard


    Combat Games




1.2 Apologies for Absence

    Michelle Hempstead Part Time Clubs & Societies Officer

    Animal Welfare

    Hindu Society

    Investment Society

    Law Society

    Optics Society

    Sikh Society




    Wing Chun

    1.3 Persons Absent Afro Caribbean

    Animal Respect

    Anime & Manga




    Christian Union






    Pentecostal Christian Roots & Shoots


    Young Socialists

    2. 2.1 Acceptance of Previous Minutes

    Alternative Music Society weren’t on the attendance list.

    PC reminded clubs and societies to check their post tray in the

    SU office.

    The minutes from the previous meeting were agreed and

    accepted as accurate.

    2.2 Matters Arising N / A

    3. 3.0 Club & Society Activity

    Forensic Science

    Have a skydiving trip planned as well as a trip to Bodyworks in


Women’s Football

    Only have a few matches left but are going to organise some

    friendlies with local universities.


    Gearing up for Bumps and are expanding their sports coverage

    and are appointing a sports editor at Anglia Ruskin. If you have

    big matches then they wil try to send reporters to the games.

    There are some vacancies so if people are interested then

    please contact martin steers.


    Are preparing for their competition in April and are learning new

    elements of their routine.


    Have started a new class to incorporate different dances, and are

    looking to do a competition or show this year.


    They are looking to hold an event around Easter which is still in

the early stages


    Have 3 trips to nature reserves planned and have an Italian

    Ranger coming to give some lectures and encouraging people to

    do project work.


    Still training and looking for new members.

American Football

    Doing better than last season and are having a superbowl party

    this Sunday in Chelmsford.

    Alternative Music thThey are having a night in the SU bar on 19 February with 5 DJ’s playing a wide range of music. They are planning socials

    and are looking to make their nights at the SU a regular thing.


    Are top of the league and are planning a trip to Centre Parcs in

    May and are looking to win the league

Film Production

    Still in the planning stage, but are having meetings about ideas

    for the semester ahead and are planning socials.

Combat Games

    Having meetings about organising events and hoodies.


    Have 8 competition wins in the last semester compared to 12 for

    the whole of last year and are preparing for some big races

    coming up this semester

Men’s Rugby

    Have their new kit and social shirts

Men’s football

    First game back is next week and are training regularly


    They have had a few screenings and are looking to do some more workshops and looking to do some fundraising this


Women’s Hockey

    Mid table and they are planning on playing some friendlies at the

    end of the season.

Women’s Rugby

    Have quite a few games coming up, they played a 7’s games

    amongst themselves and are getting ready for tour.


    The men’s team are top of the league, but lost in the cup and the

    women’s team are undefeated in the collegiate league. The

    men’s team are planning a friendly with Cambridge / Oxford

Ultimate Frisbee

    Now in division 1, and are planning for their competitions coming



    Through to the indoor semi finals and are training for the outdoor


Men’s Hockey

    Mid table still, and are training and are looking to do a


Ski & Snowboard

    Had their holiday which went well and are looking to have a

    social and keep going to indoor venues.


    Stopped mid week meetings and are concentrating on socials

    and are looking for sponsorship and doing a trip to Edinburgh.

    4. 4.0 APEX, SU Byte & Website LP said that the Student Activities page is the most viewed page on the SU website and it is not being used or updated. Seeing as we don’t have a refreshers fair it would be a good idea to have a look at your clubs / society page and email any new information to Am or LP on so that we can update Clubs & the website. Societies

    LP said that some of the feedback about the byte is that people wanted more information about clubs and societies, so could you please email LP with information to go on the byte which goes out every 2 weeks. The dates for information to be sent to LP are Clubs & thth5 February, 18 February, and are every 2 weeks after these Societies dates. LP said that it is best to send her content when you have it and she will put it into the appropriate byte.

    LP said that she has an editor for a sports editor, so if anyone is interested then please contact LP. If any clubs or societies have something that they want to go into the APEX then they should email it to her. She gave out the contact details for the Activities Editor who is Jenna Grabey, her email is Clubs & Societies

    5. 5.0 Elections PC told all clubs and societies that the elections are coming up and explained about all of the available full and part time Clubs & positions, and encouraged people to run in the elections. Societies

    6. 6.0 Volunteer Forms PC said that clubs and societies can now get money for their club / society. Those people who have already filled in forms will be getting money for their club / society. Any new forms need to be filled in and handed in asap. If there are any questions then Clubs & contact PC. Societies

    7. 7.0 Grant Forms AM reminded all clubs and societies that their grant forms for the second semester must be handed in by 4.30pm tomorrow and must have a letter accompanying them explaining what the Clubs & money is for. Societies

    8. 8.0 Clubs & Societies Ball PC said that she is looking for a steering group to help organise this year’s event. If you are interested then contact PC and she Clubs & will arrange a meeting for ideas to be discussed. Cara McMillan, Societies Liz Dobson McKitterick & Chloe Brown said that they were

    interested in being on the steering group.

     9. 9.0 First Aid Courses

     MB asked the room if anyone was interested in doing a one day

    Clubs & first aid course. If there is anyone interested then could they

    Societies email MB to let him know or pop into the SU Gym. MB said a th March between 9am 5pm. provisional date is Friday 13

    10. 10.0 Training Day Feedback AM asked the room for feedback on the clubs and societies training day that was held in September and if they thought it was Clubs & good and what they would change. Societies

    Good Points Of The Day Free lunch. Afternoon was very helpful. Secretary training was very helpful.

    Bad Points Of The Day Not applicable to societies, needed more basic info. Morning wasn’t applicable. No specific enough. Need to split the clubs and societies.

    PC said that the SU will use this information to plan for next PC years event. PC asked what the rom thought about former

    committee members giving training, and the room thought it was

    a good idea to have former committee members helping out.

    11. 11.0 Keep Wednesday’s Free PC reminded the room that she has sent round the petition and started the facebook group but there has been no feedback from clubs and societies, or any of the petitions filled in. PC handed out the petitions and encouraged all clubs and societies to get their members and their friends to sign the petition. All completed

    petitions should be given to PC.

    PC said that she contacted other universities and the universities Clubs & which won this battle won it because they used it for enrichment Societies and their students backed the campaign and did the hard work.

    12. 12.0 Email Accounts AM asked the room if they would prefer to have emails sent to their personal email accounts or to their club / society “” email address. The general consensus was Clubs & that people wanted them to be sent to their personal mail Societies accounts. PC asked that clubs and societies check their

    “” email address at peak times, like September

    / January / February, and it may be worth while checking them

    once a month.

    13. 13.0 Societies AOB Film Production They are looking to have a stand in the Helmore Street and Clubs & invited anyone else to join them to recruit more members. Societies

    Pink Party PC said that if anyone can get some donated raffle prizes then it would be really appreciated. Also PC is looking for some volunteers to “auction” themselves off for charity. If anyone is interested then please contact PC. The date is Friday 13h February, the funds are being split between charities for breast cancer and testicular cancer. PC said that if anyone is willing to Clubs & help organise then she would really appreciate it. Societies

    Contacting AM AM said that she will no longer be accepting facebook messages or text messages, if you want to contact her then you must email her on or phone her office phone not her mobile phone. Clubs &

     Societies Finance The SU office asks could all clubs and societies remember to bring copies of receipts issued when trying to pay money into their membership account at the SU office, otherwise they will not be accepting any money. Clubs &

     Societies Also when requesting cheques, you need to give between 7 10 days for the cheques to arrive as they get sent off on the Wednesday and are issued the following week once they have been signed and authorised. Clubs &

     Societies Fulbourn Fresher’s Fair AM asked if any clubs or societies are interested in attending the rdFulbourn Freshers Fair on Friday 3 April between 10.30 12.30 then they need to email Chrissie Smith on Clubs &


Minibus Fuel

    PC asked if anyone had any ideas as to a better way to sort out

    re-fuelling the minibus. The room said that generally its not an

    issue, however Netball said that the only issue they have is that if

    they don’t have many players it can be expensive.

    14. 14.0 Bar Privileges PC reminded all club committee members are not entitled to privileges and should not put any of their friends / fellow committee members who work in the SU bar under any pressure to give them “freebies”. If this is found to be happening then they will face a disciplinary from the bar as well as through the Student Activities Team. Clubs PC said that the SU are drawing up a code of conduct for all clubs and societies, which outlines what the SU expect from you and what you can expect from the SU

    AM also said that the bar have said that they know “banter” goes Clubs on between clubs, however they do not want the “banter” to escalate otherwise both clubs may be banned from the SU Bar

    and the Academy.

     15. 15.0 Sports Tour

     PC said that now the final balance of sports tour has been paid

     we need to have a meeting which is compulsory for everyone

     going. The meeting will take place in the Academy next Thursday th February at 6pm. 5

    Lots of important information will be given to you at this meeting, as well as the orders being taken for tour tops, which will cost ?18 each. The money needs to be brought with you to the meeting so that the order can be sent off straight away. Clubs

    16. 16.0 Coaching Courses MB spoke about the coaching courses scheme and asked all clubs to speak to their members and find out if they are interested in going on a coaching course. If they are then you should contact MB. Clubs

    17. 17.0 Kit Deposit Forms AM reminded all clubs who compete in BUCS that the new kit has been delivered and that no team will be able to have their kit until all of the kit deposit forms have been brought in to the SU office. AM reminded clubs that these forms are kept in a locked cupboard in a locked office in the SU office. If you have any queries then go and see AM. Clubs

    18. 18.0 Clubs AOB

    Fairtrade Football MB said that we are hosting the Fairtrade 5 a side tournament thon 7 March at Howes Close. If anyone is interested in entering a team then go and speak to MB in the SU Gym. Clubs

    Training Sessions & Coach Assessments AM said that she will be attending training sessions from next week to check numbers in attendance and sports federation cards. Also AM said that she wanted clubs to evaluate their coaches and handed out an assessment form for clubs to assess their coach with and to return to AM asap. Clubs

    Howes Close AM reminded teams that use Howes Close to keep it tidy as the university are moaning about the state of the ground because of litter etc and are threatening to take it away from us. Rugby outlined their concerns about the state of the pitches as they are getting close to unplayable. PC said that it may be worthwhile for the rugby and football clubs to writing a letter which the SU can Clubs take to the university.

    Fundraising Cheerleading said that some universities give their clubs / societies tickets for events to sell tickets to raise money and they were wondering if it could work here. AM said that she will speak to PB and feed back at the next meeting. Fez seem keen for this AM to happen.

     th February 2009; 3pm; Coslett 207 / 208 Date Of Next Meeting: Thursday 26

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