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By Henry Lawson,2014-05-20 09:55
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21 Sept 06 - ICHM Central - LoginLogout

Hi all,

Welcome to….Global Gossip!

Next week’s edition will be filled with all the gossip from graduation which

    takes place on Saturday night. This week’s edition is filled with all the usual

    columns for your entertainment!

We even have some student input which is fabulous!

However, we have yet to hear from you all regarding our new ‘Kev’ column…

    If there is no input this week we may be forced to abandon the idea so

    come on!!! By the way, anyone can submit a chapter and a photo, students

    on stage, students on campus, lecturing staff etc…..all submissions welcome

    so please…..inundate me!!!

    Keep us up to date with what’s happening in your part of the world. Either drop me a line at or straight to Darren,

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Have a great week…Cheers, Ed!

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    What's happening on Campus? The President of the Swiss Hotel Association, Mr Christoph Juen, and Member of the SHA

    Board, Ms Estelle Papaux, gave a presentation to students this morning in the Southern

    Lecture Theatre. Mr Juen and Ms Papaux talked about the history and development of the

    Swiss Hotel Association. They said they are very proud to be associated with ICHM and

    believe we are maintaining the excellent standards set by H'otellerie Suisse. Mr Juen and Ms

    Papaux focused their presentation on the ways in which ICHM are meeting industry demands

    and needs. They were impressed to see that our cirriculum mirrored, in many ways, the

    cirriculum of the world's number one Hotel Management School, Ecole Hotelerie Lausanne.

ICHM Degree student, Damian Risi, presented both Mr Juen and Ms Papaux with mementos

    from their visit to ICHM. They were each given an ICHM Hoodie which Mr Juen immediately

    tried on!

We are pleased to announce two more industry guest speakers who will be joining us on

    campus on Monday 25th September to conduct a presentation to all students.

    Alex Macdermid is an ICHM graduate and is currently the Rooms Division Manager for the Grand Mercure on Swanston Melbourne. Alex will speak of her time here at ICHM, her current

    position, and the Accor Group of which Grand Mercure is part of.

Cathy Sinden is the Recruitment and Training Manager for the Four Points by Sheraton

    Darling Harbour Sydney. Cathy will be speaking about Starwood and the brands involved

    what her position entails and what qualities she looks for in student and graduate applications.

Alex, Cathy, Mr Juen and Ms Papaux will be joining us at Graduation on Saturday night.

Speaking of Graduation, we have 57 students graduating with the SHA Diploma, 11

    graduating with the ICHM Advanced Dip, 19 with the ICHM Diploma and 28 graduating with

    the Degree. Final preparations have been put together and we expect the evening to go very

    well. I will have some photos for you coming up soon.

    What's happening in IP? Student interviews, organising guest speakers and visitors, meetings with staff and students, final IP reports marked and grades distributed. We are still

    discussing the department name, so I can't update you about that one yet! We are trying to

    keep in touch with you guys, (and thank you to those students who respond to our boring

    "hello" emails), but I am not happy to say that some of you have not been in touch for a

    while. So, we will be chasing you guys up soon. My suggestion is.....get to us before we get

    to you!

What's happening in Industry? As mentioned, the ACC held their 2005/2006 Graduation

    Ceremony last week and I was pleased to attend. The afternoon started off with drinks and

    after the formalities, guests were invited to enjoy some light refreshments. A total of 37

    students graduated with various Certificates. The Adelaide Convention Centre thanked ICHM

    for our continuous support in providing excellent students.

    What's happening at RIH? Yum Cha on Sunday the 24th September and the ICHM Hoodies organised by the SRC have come in.

What's happening in Adelaide? Bay to Birdwood Run is on this Sunday 24th September.


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