Assessment Table

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Assessment Table

Assessment Table June 2, 2008

    Measure When? Who’s Where to get data? What outcome does it

    Responsible/Where measure?


    Undergraduate and Annually - Marcia Gumpertz/ UPA Proportion of African graduate student June Diversity Fact Book American, Native American, demographics and Hispanic students

    enrolling at NC State

    Description of Annually Jo-Ann Robinson Office of Undergraduate Do we use best practices to admissions and Admissions; Office of aggressively recruit a diverse recruiting procedures Financial Aid websites; College student body?

    and criteria for Diversity Coordinators;


    Survey DGPs and Every three Jo-Ann Robinson Academic departments Procedures and criteria used DUPs about recruiting years by departments for recruiting and scholarship graduate students and procedures awarding scholarships to

    undergraduate and graduate


    Demographics of Annually - Marcia Gumpertz/ UPA. Trends in graduate and admitted students June Diversity Fact Book undergraduate applications

    and admissions

    Scholarship awards Annually - Marcia Gumpertz/ Data from Office of Financial Number of scholarships

    June Diversity Fact Book Aid, College Diversity awarded to students from

    Coordinators. underrepresented groups

    Attitudes and Every three Jo-Ann Robinson Pre-College Survey, New K-12 students, parents, knowledge of years student orientation. Parents, counselors perceptions of NC prospective students, Counselors, Alumni State and our admissions parents, counselors requirements

    Six-year graduation Annually - Marcia Gumpertz/ Data from UPA. Graduation rates by race

rates June Diversity Fact Book

    Graduate degrees Annually - Marcia Gumpertz/ Data from UPA. Number and proportion of awarded June Diversity Fact Book graduate degrees awarded to

    underrepresented groups

    Effective retention Every five Jo-Ann Robinson Report from ACCESS Retention best practices

    strategies years committee; College diversity


    Student usage of Every three Jo-Ann Robinson DUAP (Academic Support Student engagement in campus resources for years Tutorial Program), SSI, academic support

    academic success Residential life student survey,

    MSA, Diversity Coordinators.

    Demographics of Annually - Marcia Gumpertz/ Data from Human Resources Number and proportion of faculty and June Diversity Fact Book and/or UPA. faculty and administrators administrators hired hired from underrepresented


    Sample of position Every three Marcia Gumpertz From NCSU jobs website. Are job announcements descriptions and offer years Offer letter templates on HR welcoming to diverse letters employment website. applicants?

    OEO Search committee Annually - Marcia Gumpertz OEO Carson Cook, requests How well are departments orientations; requests June from departments using resources for broadening for meetings with search processes


    Building Future Faculty Annually - Marcia Gumpertz BFF program participation, Usefulness of BFF to participation April feedback from department department heads


    Target of Opportunity Annually - Marcia Gumpertz Provost’s office Katie Usage and effectiveness of hiring. Inquiries and June Perry/Vicki Walton Target of Opportunity hiring outcomes. program

    Spousal hiring. Annually - Marcia Gumpertz Provost’s office Katie Usage and effectiveness of Inquiries and outcomes. June Perry/Vicki Walton Spousal Hiring program

    Usage of Dual Career Annually - Marcia Gumpertz Human Resources Usage and effectiveness of Job Service. Outcomes June Dual Career Job Service

    of searches.

    Faculty and Annually - Marcia Gumpertz Human Resources Terree Demographic trends in administrator applicant June Kuiper applications for faculty and pools administrator positions.

    Turnover quotient Annually - Marcia Gumpertz/ . Data from UPA Retention of underrepresented

    June Diversity Fact Book faculty and administrators

    Assistant professors’ Annually - Marcia Gumpertz/ Data from UPA. Retention of assistant risk of leaving June Diversity Fact Book professors

    Tenure success rates Annually - Marcia Gumpertz Data from provost’s office Tenure success rates

    June Vicki Walton

    Risk of converting Annually - Marcia Gumpertz/ Data from UPA. Risk of converting from from tenure track to June Diversity Fact Book tenure track to non-tenure non-tenure track track positions

    Faculty and Staff Well-2006, 2011 for Marcia Gumpertz/ Data and report from UPA. Department climate for Being Survey results FWBS, 2008 Diversity Fact Book promoting success of diverse for diverse faculty and for SWBS faculty and staff, recruiting, staff conflict resolution, and

    equitable rewards. Usage of

    professional development


    Salary equity study Every three Marcia Gumpertz Report from OEO. Report Monitor salary equity

    years Salary Equity Study produced by UPA

    Exit survey Annually Marcia Gumpertz Report from OEO Reasons faculty leave NC


    Usage of family Annually Marcia Gumpertz Data from provost’s office Demand for family policies policies and benefits Katie Perry/Vicki Walton and and benefits and perceived

    Human Resources office usefulness of them.

    Student survey results Annually Jo-Ann Robinson/ Report from UPA, ACCESS Perceived climate with respect

    Diversity Fact Book committee survey of graduating to inclusiveness and dispute

    seniors resolution.

    Subscribers to diversity Annually Marcia Gumpertz OEO, Women’s Center, Interest of university listservs Multicultural Student Affairs, community in diversity

    GLBT Center

    Grievance cases Annually Marcia Gumpertz; Jo-Faculty, Staff, and Student Demographics of plaintiffs in

    Ann Robinson Senates, OEO grievance cases

    Supervisors and dept Annually Marcia Gumpertz OEO (Bridges, ACE Fellows), Commitment of leadership to heads taking leadership HR (Pathways to Leadership), developing inclusive work training Betsy Brown (Dept Head environment


    Student leadership and Every three Jo-Ann Robinson CSLEPS, Residential Life, Student engagement in diversity training years Student Organizations, leadership and diversity

    Colleges training

    Staff and faculty Annually Marcia Gumpertz OEO, GLBT Center Campus interest and participation in engagement in diversity

    diversity and leadership


    Alumni Survey results Every three Jose Picart UPA Alumni recollections of NC

    years State experience and views on

    preparation for real world

    Membership in diverse Annually Keith Powell Alumni Assn Diverse alumni have a strong alumni societies affiliation with NC State

    Attendance at Annually Keith Powell Data from AACC, GLBT Campus community uses diversity/cultural center Center, Women’s Center, cultural and diversity centers

    events Disability Services Office

    List of AACC, Annually Marcia Gumpertz Websites, survey of center Campus leaders fully resource Women’s Center, directors and staff the campus cultural GLBT Center staff and diversity centers

    NCBI, EOI, Project Annually Marcia Gumpertz Reports from OEO, GLBT Students become culturally SAFE course Center competent through diversity assessments training offerings

    Diversity course syllabi Annually Jose Picart Course action forms Diversity courses listed in the

    GEP promote understanding

    of diversity

    Diversity content and Update Marcia Gumpertz Email solicitation to faculty Do faculty incorporate pedagogy website sporadically diversity content and

    pedagogy into courses?

    Collaborations between Update Keith Powell AACC, Women’s Center, Collaborations with academic departments and culture sporadically GLBT Center directors departments


    Review compact plans Every three Jose Picart University website, College and Are diversity goals and diversity plans years Unit offices incorporated into unit strategic


    College diversity continuously Jo-Ann Robinson Maintain lists on Each college has staff officers, councils, and promoting diversity

    activities website

    Review NCSU policies Selected Marcia Gumpertz; University websites NCSU policies facilitate and

    policies each Keith Powell; Jo-Ann encourage recruiting and

    year Robinson; Jose Picart retaining diverse students,

    staff, and faculty

    Review NCSU Continuous Jose Picart University websites and Campus leaders communicate homepage, calendars, brochures the importance of valuing brochures, speeches diversity

    Sample of annual Marcia Gumpertz Obtain sample forms for faculty

    report forms, work and EPA positions. SPA work

    plans plan forms online.

    Nominations for Annually Jo-Ann Robinson Nominations received Faculty and staff know what Diversity Awards incentives exist for exemplary

    efforts to promote diversity

    Website highlighting Ongoing Marcia Gumpertz UDAC, African American University offices, diversity collaborations Coordinators’ Committee, committees, task forces share

    CSW information and collaborate

    Review responses to Annually Jose Picart/ annual UDAC, CSW annual reports ODAAA collaborates with advisory committees report university councils to work on

    projects to improve campus

    inclusiveness and diversity

    Descriptions of AACC Annually Keith Powell AACC Students participate in outreach activities. outreach to diverse Number of participants communities

    SPACE participants’ Annually Keith Powell AACC African American K-12

    academic progress students become better

    prepared academically

    Alumni, Corporate Annually Keith Powell Alumni societies Diverse alumni and sponsors and community members community advisory appreciate the contribution of groups’ participation in diversity to NCSU

    recruiting efforts

    AACC program Annually Keith Powell AACC Larger community celebrates offerings African American culture

    ABCC membership Annually Keith Powell ABCC Expand networking and

    support of cultural centers

    Scholarship Annually Jo-Ann Robinson College development offices Donors support scholarships endowments to increase access for diverse

    student body

    Survey of genealogy Annually Keith Powell AACC Engagement of students in project participants understanding of race

    Diversity Fact Book:

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