What can chinese learn from the world 1

By Corey Grant,2014-05-24 22:57
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What can chinese learn from the world 1

    What Can Chinese Learn from the World?

    Good morning. Ladies and Gentlemen, Im contest No.X.

    Today I feel great honor to stand on this stage again. I hope

    my speech can arouse your resonance. What can Chinese

    learn from the world?

     Thanks to the China reform and open policy, it gave us

    the access to expose to the world. And during the

    international exchange, we Chinese can learn a lot such as

    the advanced technology, culture and even some awareness.

    Yes, awareness! Recently one piece of news titled fragrance-

    free workplace attracted my attention and made me

    consider the relationship between the individual and pubic.

    It said that In Detroit, an American city, employees were

    being told not to wear fragrance such as perfume and

    aftershave to work after a woman proved that her

    colleagues perfume made it difficult for her to do work. Maybe to our Chinese people, this kind of action is quite

    ridiculous and fussy. But it quite reveals that American

    people think highly of their public awareness. I wonder

    whether you observe the gentlemen in the American movies.

    If they want to smoke, they always ask the people around

    them, Would you mind my smoking here.

     How about people’s public awareness in China?

    Last winter holiday, when I went back home, I happened to a man in the crowded station, he sat beside me and kept

    smoking. An ensure public security came to him and told

    him to stop smoking. After the man left, he smoked again. I

    think people smoking in the public places are quite common

    in our China.

    Comparing to the American people, our Chinese are quite lack of public awareness. As an individual, we do have

    a lot of rights. While, as a member of the public, we cannot

    ignore other peoples feeling and affect others. So my dear

    ladies and gentlemen, let us improve our public awareness

    and make contribution to building harmonious society

    together. Thank you!

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