26022009 - Anglia Ruskin Students Union

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26022009 - Anglia Ruskin Students Union

    Sports & Society Council Meeting Minutes

     thThursday 26 February 2009; 3pm; Coslett 207 / 208

    Item Action


    1. 1.1 Attendance

    Pamela Clarke Student Experience Sabbatical Officer

    Alexis Mannion Student Activities Coordinator

    Martyn Blackford Gym & Sports Manager

    Men’s Rugby

    Women’s Rugby

    Forensics Science



    Women’s Football

    Men’s Football

    American Football

    Wing Chun

    Alternative Music

    Ultimate Frisbee





    Christian Union


    Film Production

    1.2 Apologies for Absence Michelle Hempstead Part Time Clubs & Societies Officer

    Animal Respect

    Animal Welfare










    Ski & Snowboard



1.3 Persons Absent

    Anime & Manga







    Pentecostal Christian

    Roots & Shoots





    Young Socialists


    Sub Aqua



    2. 2.1 Acceptance of Previous Minutes

    The minutes were accepted and agreed as accurate..

2.2 Matters Arising

    APEX & SU Website

    PC reminded clubs and societies to keep their page on the SU website up to date so to attract potential members, PC also

    asked clubs and societies to send LP articles for the APEX.

    Volunteer Forms

    PC reminded people to fill in the volunteer forms so that your club

    / society will get money.

    First Aid Course thMB said that there is a first aid course on Friday 13 March, if you are interested then please go and sign up at the gym.

Pink Party

    PC said thank you to everyone that helped out with the Pink

    Party, we raised over ?500 and pictures of the event will go on

    their website.

    3. 3.0 Club & Society Activity

Men’s Rugby

    Playing in BUCS and had a few issues, they have 4 games left and are hoping to finish mid table.

Women’s Rugby

    Have a few games left and are looking to keep improving as a

    team, and are preparing for tour.

Forensics Science

    Organised hoodies, and are looking at planning a sky dive trip

    and are going to organise a social before Easter.


    Dance have added and extra class, and have had a very good

    turn out and are planning an end of year show.


    Organising their trip to Edinburgh and are going to organise

    hoodies and a social.

Women’s Football

    Have lost a few matches due to weather and have a few matches

    left for the year.

Men’s Football nd team have not lost since Christmas Been training hard, 2


    Had a very successful law ball, but had to cancel their trip to

    Chelmsford, but are ordering hoodies soon.

American Football

    Won their first game in over 2 years, and have finished their


Film Production

    Had 2 socials and now have their own website.

Wing Chun

    Had a grading and everyone passed, and also did a demo at the Chinese New Year celebrations.

Christian Union

    Has an activity week with speakers and are looking to hold more

    events, as the semester continues.

Alternative Music

    Had their first night at the SU bar which was a big success, and

    are having another night in March. They have teamed up with Cambridge Rock Soc to promote events.

    Ultimate Frisbee thCame 15 in their outdoor regional.


    Mens and women’s teams are both doing well and have won all

    their matches this semester.


    Have lost their last 2 matches and have won their collegiate league and are going to Centre Parcs.


    Having socials at bars and film nights which are well attended.

    They are looking to hold a bowling night and are going to hold a

    donation not discrimination campaign.


    Did a demonstration fight at the varsity match and are entering a

    competition this weekend.

     4. 4.0 Elections

    PC said that the nominations have now closed and that there are

    2 people running for Student Experience Officer, and 1 person

    running for Part Time Clubs & Societies Officer.

    Kelly Sweeney and Phil Perren are running for Student

    Experience Officer and Chloe Brown is running for Part Time

    Clubs & Societies Officer.

    PC then invited them to speak to the room about why they would th be a good choice. PC said that voting opens on Monday 9

    March through e vision for online voting, and paper balloting ththstarts on Wednesday 11 March. The count is on Thursday 12

    March in Cambridge.

    5. 5.0 Grants

    PC said that the grants have been distributed and if you want to Clubs /

    know how much you have got then speak to either PC or AM. Societies

    6. 6.0 Code Of Conduct

    PC circulated the code of conduct and said that this is something

    the SU has been working on, and asked for comments about it,

    and said that this would be implemented as of September 2009.

    PC asked clubs and societies to have a look at it and bring any

    views back to the next meeting.

    7. 7.0 Clubs & Societies Ball ndPC said that the date of the event has changed to Saturday 2

    May 2009. Clubs /

    PC also handed out the nominations forms and asked for them to Societies thbe returned to AM by Friday 27 March 2009 at the very latest.

    8. 8.0 Handover

    PC spoke about handovers, and asked that all clubs and

    societies started to think about who to handover the control of

    their club / society to and said that it is important this is organised

    soon before everyone leaves for the summer. PC handed out the thforms and asked for them to be returned to AM by Friday 27 Clubs /

    March 2009 at the very latest. Societies

    9. 9.0 Fair Trade Football

    MB explained about Fair Trade Football which is going to be held thon Saturday 7 March at Howes Close, if you are interested then Clubs /

    pop into the gym to find out more information. Societies

    10. 10.0 Anglia Cup

    AM said that this years Anglia Cup is going to be held on Sunday th10 May at Howes Close. AM said that the entry packs will be Clubs /

    available online and from the gym office as of the early next Societies


    11. 11.0 Blood Donors

    PC explained about the blood service coming onto campus on

    th March 2009 and asked for clubs and societies to Friday 13

    encourage their members to attend the day. PC said that if Clubs /

    people wanted to give blood then they should make an Societies

    appointment beforehand.

    12. 12.0 Society AOB


    AM asked all clubs and societies to encourage all their members rdwho are in their 3 year to fill out the NSS. It can be done online

    and will only take a few minutes and you can be put in a prize Clubs /

    draw to win a ?250 holiday voucher. Societies

    13. 13.0 Easter Activities

    PC asked if any clubs were interested in doing some

    demonstrations to some local school groups. If you are interested

    then please contact PC and she will find out more information.

    14. 14.0 Varsity

    AM said that the Varsity tournament between ARU Cambridge thand ARU Chelmsford will take place on Wednesday 25 March

     2009 and will be held in Cambridge. The sports contested will be

    Clubs Men’s Football, Men’s Rugby and Netball.

    15. 15.0 Howes Close

    MB showed pictures of Howes Close and spoke about the poor

    state that Howes Close is left in. AM said that estates were

    willing to provide the materials if students were interested in re-

    decorating the pavilion. MB asked clubs to try and keep it tidy as

    the university may take it away from us.

    Rugby asked if an outside tap could be made available so that

    boots can be cleaned after the match, they also asked the boot

    brushes to be made available so the mud could be removed

    before its taken inside. Clubs

    16. 16.0 Clubs AOB

    N / A


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