24 delegates attended the workshop which was led by Karen Evans

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24 delegates attended the workshop which was led by Karen Evans

    NEFF ‘Making It Happen’ Conference 08.05.08

    Intergenerational Workshop

    24 delegates attended the workshop

    which was led by Karen Evans (Age Concern North East Region), Peta

    Cockburn (Age Concern Durham County and assisted by Christine Wood

    (Age Concern Durham County)

    Ice breaker: Stereotypical images of older and younger people

    (not the views held personally by the participants)

    Young people Older people Hoodies All of those describing younger

    Trouble people, plus: Lazy Infirm

    Irresponsible Grumpy Anti-social behaviour / crime Intolerant Intimidating Always talking about the war No respect / manners Stinky

    IT Literate: e.g. I-Pods ‘Coffin dodgers’ Lively Frightened ASBOs Isolated Confused Intimidated



    Past it

    Stuck in their ways

    Justify their existence

    Burden / need help

    Fit / independent


The majority of images were found to be negative and the similarities

    between the images of older and younger people were remarked upon.

The power point presentation that followed aimed to dispel those images

    through the experiences of older and younger generations working

    alongside each other, learning together, supporting each other and working

    for the benefit of others and their communities.

An example of one of the projects, which has been ongoing since 2002, that

    addresses art and environmental issues in a large village demonstrated the

    impact that intergenerational working can have on whole communities.

    Petty crime and vandalism has been reduced, the appearance of the natural

    environment has been enhanced, the community at large has been involved

    in the development and success of the project, the community as a whole is


    NEFF ‘Making It Happen’ Conference 08.05.08

    Intergenerational Workshop

more involved in maintaining the improvements and communication

    amongst neighbours has improved.

Identifying and overcoming the barriers to engaging whole and diverse

    communities in activities

Following the presentation a participative workshop divided the group into

    three to address the following, fictional scenario which focussed on training

    and awareness-raising by discussing three specific areas:

    1. Organisational barriers

    2. Barriers experienced by workers, both paid and unpaid

    3. Personal barriers perceived and/or experienced by potential


Case Study Scenario

    Intergenerational Dance Workshops

    A recent community appraisal performed in a small city has identified that

    there are issues of disconnection between the multi-cultural and faith

    communities that make up the population of the city. The majority of

    children and young people of school age attend non-denominational schools

    and a small minority attend faith schools. Public transport links and facilities

    are good and there is a thriving and established voluntary and community

    sector that is providing valuable support to particular communities in almost

    every area geographical and topical - within the city.

As part of an ongoing programme of activities that has been designed to

    respond to the issue of disconnection, a series of Intergenerational Dance

    Workshops are planned.

What training and awareness-raising issues would need to be addressed, so

    that all members of this multi-ethnicity and multi-faith community would feel

    welcome and able to participate?


    NEFF ‘Making It Happen’ Conference 08.05.08

    Intergenerational Workshop

    Barriers Solutions


    ? Personal commitments ? Provide interpreter or translator ? Cultural barriers ? Fun and laughter ? Preconceptions ? Involvement in steering group ? Mobility ? Food Halal, Kosher, Vegetarian ? Disabilities ? Posters [publicity] in different formats ? Language (x2) ? Publicity appropriate to younger and

    older people ? Time (x2)

    ? Easy going environment ? Don’t like dance

    ? Creche facilities for young mums ? Feel intimidated by other cultures

    / ages / communities ? Common/ shared forms of dance ? Physical barriers (disability etc) ? Raffle

    ? Sensory impairments ? Adapt and change in response to

    feedback ? Isolation

    ? Working with support workers ? Ignorance

    ? Tolerance ? Health issues

    ? ‘Journeys of Learning’ ? Knowledge of other cultures

    ? Training / awareness raising ? Embarrassed to take part (maybe

    ? Curriculum topics male participants in particular)

    ? Personal prejudices ? Whole community involvement ? Cultural differences ? Cross-generation: elders teaching

    younger people dance - and vice versa ? Access requirements

    ? Learning new skills ? Lack of interest

    ? New experiences

    ? Demonstrations of different cultural


    ? Interpretation skills for cultural groups

    ? Children invite grandparents

    ? Grandparents invite children

    ? Encourage family / generational


    ? Listening to the needs of each group

    ? Good opportunity to value people and

    involve (multi-cultural)

    ? Value participation

    ? Everyone has something to offer


    NEFF ‘Making It Happen’ Conference 08.05.08

    Intergenerational Workshop

    Barriers Solutions

    Staff and Workers - paid and unpaid

    ? Not CRB cleared ? Appropriate training for staff and

    volunteers ? Lack of experience

    ? Shared vision and clarity of’ positive ? Health and Safety

    outcomes to ‘sell it’ ? Training needs (x2)

    ? Appropriate rewards / pay ? Lack of Culture / Faith awareness

    ? Talking and listening ? Time

    ? Work in partnership with other ? Confidence

    organisations and their contacts ? Can’t dance

    ? Equality and Diversity awareness ? Lack of cultural knowledge

    training ? Access to participants

    ? Open (café) sessions of Intergen ? Lack of resources

    ? Use existing networks and ? Poor communication between

    relationships and; cultures

    ? Forge new ones ? Accessing communities in order

    ? Valuing people to invite them ? contacts on the

    ? Learning new skills and experiences ground / community gatekeepers

    ? Diversity of skills and experience ? Access requirements

    ? Personal prejudices

    ? Capacity and time constraints

    ? Other commitments


    ? No Child Protection policy ? Create strong links

    ? Venue ? Secure funding

    ? Lack of experience ? Appoint multi-cultural management

    committee ? Doesn’t fit organisation’s remit

    ? Mixed age / Faith / Culture steering ? Lack of shared facilities

    group ? Suitability of venues available

    ? All ages and organisations: Focus ? Lack of: Staff / Resources (x2);

    groups; steering group Money (x 2) / Time / Budgets

    ? Create and commit to: Child Protection ? Funding streams

    and Vulnerable Adults policies ? Marketing

    ? Making best use of all the facilities that ? Adverts

    exist ? Funding

    ? Sharing good practice / toolkits etc ? Engagement from relevant

    ? Citizenship curriculum / activity agencies and schools

    ? Maximising use of funding and ? Understanding diversity

    resources through: ? Access requirements

    ? Partnership working ? Getting the ‘right’ people involved

    ? Good leadership to plan and implement

    ? Learning new skills and experiences ? Publicity

    ? People feeling valued ? Funds

    ? Consult and involve ? Arrange date and time

    ? Correct team with required skills ? Dance choice

    ? Raising the profile


NEFF ‘Making It Happen’ Conference 08.05.08

Intergenerational Workshop


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