2008 Dolphins Swim Team Parents Meeting

By Sara Simpson,2014-05-20 09:36
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2008 Dolphins Swim Team Parents Meeting

    2008 Dolphins Swim Team Parents Meeting thApril 20. 2008, 9am-11:00am, It’s A Grind on Del Paso Rd.

    (Agenda, minutes, developments since meeting)


    1. Sign in sheet circulating. In attendance: Diane Roberts, Laura Stannard, Amber Young,

    Mirvat Tannous, Penny Mullerleile, Bob and Jane Lorenz, Denise Richardson, Jennifer and Doug


    Received emails from parents showing interest: JoAnn and Raul Ramirez, Kate Margaris,

    Jennifer Blankenship, Wendy Mibach, Manazza Rizwan, Karen McEvoy, Dennis Reynolds.

    Amber Young regretfully announced that her family will be moving out of the area. Good

    Luck to Amber and family they will be missed.

    2. Schedule is out. For registration check online/pick-up booklet at Community Center. First practice June 16

    thth. First meet June 28. One meet at Doyle (Glenn Hall is home team), 2 home thmeets at Natomas High, Trials at Doyle, Championships at Pannell/Meadowview August 9 and

    10th. New age restriction 7-17!! If under 7 and already on team and can swim safely will be

    grandfathered onto team.

    3. Coaches have not been decided yet. Chris E. has resigned. Only possible returning

    coaches are Michael and Mandi. Diane discussed with Terri

    Matal Michael’s questionable coaching ability and that Mandi might be appropriate as an assistant.

    Semper and Whitney will not be coaching our team this season.

    4. Parent orientation meeting Wed. May 28th, 6:30pm @ Coloma Community Center 4623 T St.

    Recommended for new families. No one volunteered to attend. nd5. Will have parent meeting 2 week of practice at the night practice, Doyle pool. Hope to have swimsuit vendor the same night and PCA information for parents. Date TBD. thth6. Diane’s vacation – July 7 18.

    7. Summer Olympics this year keep in mind for spirit/social events.

    8. The swim team’s belongings will no longer be stored in The Roberts’ garage after this season.

    And, the Laura Stannard’s garage!! The Parsons also have a few spirit items at their house.

    No suggestions for storage space were made. No one objected to storing items at Doyle Pool

    and hoping they will remain safe.

    9. Suggestions for a better time for this meeting. 1:00 was agreed by most to be a better time.

    Next years preseason meeting will be at 1:00pm on a Sunday in April.

City of Sacramento

    1. Swim Team Coordinator Kiara Odame has been hired. She and Terri Matal will meet with

    Diane and Laura prior to practice starting.

    2. Selection of Coaches still waiting to hear how parents will be involved in the selection of

    coaches. Since meeting have been told that there is no practical way parents can be involved in

    this process.

    3. Coaches Training

    ? City sent 13 people to a rec. coaches training in Roseville. Was very good, offered lots

    of ideas of how to creatively breakdown and teach strokes

    ? Will have internal training with the entire coaching staff Memorial Day Weekend (Laura

    to attend). Since meeting have learned that training will be June 7

    th. Laura ok’d to


    ? Laura has been given ok to work with our swimmer’s on stroke’s – probably once a week

    at each practice. Specifics to be determined once it can be arranged with the coach.

    4. Positive Coaching Alliance nothing set-up, funding difficult, probably not going to happen.

    No one in attendance has been closely involved with this program before. Since meeting

    have learned that PCA training for coaches and 2 parents from each team will be held June

    7th. Diane and Laura to attend.

    st. Discussed dinner options to avoid leftover pizza. All agreed it is nice to have

    complimentary dinner for swimmers and families. Suggested to decrease amount, let

    swimmers eat first. Can always reorder and pick up more pizza that night if supplies run out. thth2. Snack Bars (3 this season) - Diane Roberts July 5 , July 19 , August 2nd Fundraising Muffins/Mimi’s Mirvat Tannous volunteered to arrange donation and pick up muffins from 1. Swimathon/team pictures - Laura Stannard Mimi’s. Since meeting she has already arranged with manager at Mimi’s. Date- July 1Ice no volunteers to arrange ice for snack bars. Since meeting have discussed with

    Dennis Reynold’s he will attempt to arrange 50#’s of ice for snack bars again this year.

    Pizza discussed type pizza for resale. Everyone agreed that Lil Ceasar’s is best deal and

    acceptable. Will have pizza for July 5thth and July 19.

    Burritos Doug Parson’s to look into breakfast burritos for Trials. Since meeting has

    confirmed a caterer to make and deliver breakfast burritos.

    It’s A Grind to furnish coffee. Diane to arrange Bruce - to pick it up.

    Sara Lee Bagel’s – Diane to contact Airyca Calloway regarding this donation.

    2. Jamba Juice Laura Stannard to arrange for meet against Clunie and Championships. Since meet has arranged for meet with Clunie.

    3. Others?

    Car Wash Doug Parsons expressed interest in working on a car wash, to discuss with Diane.

    Sam’s Club – Denise Richardson to work with Laura on Sam’s Club donation. 4. Misc. Donations - everyone to work on getting donations.


    Giftcards (stores for snack bar supplies)

    Snack Bar items see above

     Muffins, Ice, Pizza, Burritos

    Raffle Prizes/Fundraiser Reward Prizes

Events/Volunteer Opportunities

1. Medals (vs trophies) Committee - Group voted on issuing participation medals instead of

    trophies. Custom medals with unique design for out team. Mirvat Tannous will work on this

    project. Since meeting Mirvat is working with an artist to finalize the DJN dolphin medal. 2. Tshirt/Apparel Committee Laura has a company with good quality and prices wants to try

    to work with. Due to present large inventory of Tshirts Diane suggested we try tank tops,

    sweatpants and sweatshirts(hoodies) because they were so popular last season and some type of

    knapsack with logo printed on that can be used as fundraising reward and for sale. Laura will

    move forward with getting price estimates and Wendy will be contacted to price with previous

    vendor. We investigated the new company, but found that the prices were not as good as we

    anticipated. We will begin ordering process with Echo Shirts that has been our vendor the last 2


    Bob Lorenz can make DJN coffee mugs and they can be customized.

    3. Newsletter (see 14. website below) Was a great success last season. Diane will contact Airyca to see if see will be doing newsletter this season. Discussed making fewer copies and

    including newsletter on website.

    4. 4. Swimsuit Vendor Discussed choice of swimsuit. It was decided that we would stay

    with the same suit for this season as last Speedo Quantum Splice Superpro for the girls and

    Speedo Equinox Splice Jammer for the boys both in blue. Discussed that Sports Authority

    carries same suit and has discount coupons. Jane Lorenz is to gather info. regarding Sports

    Authorities best coupon deals and post the info. on website. Do to Sports Authorities limited

    supply we will also invite NorCal swimshop to sell the suit at our pool - probably the second week

    of practice(team pictures are scheduled for July 1

    st). Diane will contact NorCal swimshop.

    5. Flyers/banners to solicit swimmers, especially Middle and High School Age. Laura Stannard suggested Karen McEvoy be asked to make an official looking flyer to use at the local schools to

    increase awareness with older swimmer’s about our team. Diane will contact Karen. Since

    meeting Karen has designed a great flyer we are in the process of getting city and NUSD to

    approve and will disperse at middle and high schools. 6. Timers Raffle Decided to do timer’s raffle one more year to see if other teams adopt the

    idea. Need a volunteer to replace Amber - running timer’s raffle. Diane has a parent in mind will

    ask them.

    7. Parent volunteer to do check-in at each meet helps coaches, updates contact list, recruit

    volunteers Decided this is dependent on coaches, we will meet with coaches asap to decide this

    process, we will suggest card system for check- 8. BBQ/social events for team. Jennifer Blankenship organized last season, Diane received

    email from her that she may interested in doing this event again. Everyone agreed that ist was

    a success.

    9. Ribbons Received email from Kate that although she will be on vacation in Greece in June

    she will be available to do ribbons again this season.

    10. Coaches Liaison Laura Stannard

    11. Timers To get volunteers as meets approach 12. Snack Bar Workers to get vounteers as meets approach.

    13. Team Store Open on a designated night per week, with all items for sale…

    14. Website Bob and Jane Lorenz webmasters, address is - please let

    them know if you have any photos to be posted.

    15. Storage Space No one offered solution to storage problem, most likely will store items at

    Doyle and hope for the best.

    16. Spirit at Championships/all season/team song Have some supplies, suggested a need for

    a creative theme, swimmers to more involved and make some items.

    2007 Financial Summary

    Current account balance = $2063.44

    Just purchased:

    31” pace clock $318.95

    30 training paddles $201.25


    Ribbons - $212.39

    Trophies - $960.05

    T shirts $1,355.49

    Coaches Gifts - $48

    EOS pool rental - $150

    2007 Income

    Swim a thon $1,667.21

    Snack Bar $1322.46(4meets)

    T shirts/caps and misc. $145.26

    Estimated 2008 Budget (total $3,000)

    Ribbons $250

    Medals/awards $500

    Apparel $1200

    Equipment $500

    Coaches Gifts $150

    EOS pool rental - $150

    Social Events $250

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