IT Planning Policy

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IT Planning Policy


    TITLE: Information Technology Government Statewide Planning Information POLICY Technology Agency P136 Rev 4.0 Effective Date: June 12, 2008


    The Government Information Technology Agency (GITA) shall develop, implement and maintain a coordinated statewide plan for information technology (IT) (A.R.S. ? 41-3504(A (1))) including the formulation of IT policies to effectuate the purposes of the agency (A.R.S. ? 41-3504(A (13))).

    2. PURPOSE

    All Budget Units shall develop information technology strategic IT plans that describe a comprehensive framework for the deployment of information technologies throughout state government and in support of the Arizona Statewide Strategic IT Plan. Information technology planning is an effective and efficient method for achieving and implementing business initiatives, goals, and objectives in addition to statewide strategies and initiatives.

    3. SCOPE

    This applies to all Budget Units. A Budget Unit is defined as a department, commission, board, institution or other agency of the state receiving, expending, or disbursing state funds or incurring obligations of the state including the Arizona board of regents but excluding the universities under the jurisdiction of the Arizona board of regents, the community college districts and the legislative or judicial branches. A.R.S. ? 41-3501(2).

    The Budget Unit Chief Executive Officer (CEO), working in conjunction with the Budget Unit Chief Information Officer (CIO), shall be responsible for ensuring the effective implementation of Statewide Information Technology Policies, Standards, and Procedures (PSPs) within each Budget Unit.

    4. POLICY

    In accordance with A.R.S. ? 41-3504 (A (1(f))), GITA evaluates and approves or disapproves Budget Unit IT Strategic Plans. All Budget Units shall develop an stannual IT Strategic Plan beginning each fiscal year (July 1) and submit such plans to stGITA on or before September1 of each calendar year with the following


    4.1 Group 1 Budget Units shall complete the web-based Planning Application for

    Reporting Information Technology Strategy (PARIS) program located at for IT Strategic Planning (See Attachment A

    for a listing of Group 1 Budget Units.)

    a. The PARIS program for IT Strategic Planning shall follow the Governor’s

    Office of Strategic Planning and Budgeting (OSPB) Managing for

    Results - Strategic Planning and Performance Measurement Handbook

    Policy P136 Rev 4.0 Effective: June 12, 2008

    Information Technology Planning Page 2 of 8

    with respect to goals, objectives, IT trends and issues, and performance

    measures. The handbook is located at

    b. IT planning for Group 1 Budget Units shall extend over four years

    beginning with the previous fiscal year plus the next three fiscal years.

    c. IT Plans from the previous year shall be rolled over to the new fiscal year

    to allow Budget Units to modify and update previous plans with

    new/revised goals, objectives, actual target measures and update

    performance measures. At a minimum, agencies need to complete the

    actuals for the past fiscal year, then forecast performance measures for the

    upcoming three fiscal years.

    d. Revisions made to the format and content of PARIS by GITA shall be stcompleted and available to all Budget Units before July 1 of each current

    year. This allows time for Budget Units to prepare, complete and submit stIT strategic plans on or before September 1.

    e. All Group 1 Budget Units shall complete the online web-based

    Technology Infrastructure and Security Assessment (TISA) to finalize the

    annual planning process on or before September 1st. Refer to Statewide

    Standard P800-S805 IT Risk Management for the TISA requirements. 4.2 All other Budget Units, small agencies, boards and commissions identified in

    Group 2 (see Attachment B) shall complete their strategic IT Plans using the

    TISA program. Refer to for further details.

    4.3 A user name and password shall be issued by GITA to the respective Budget

    Unit upon approval of the Budget Unit’s CIO for access to either PARIS or

    TISA applications.

    4.4 GITA will review and approve or disapprove a budget unit’s IT Strategic Plan

    based upon the “IT Plan Evaluation Criteria” listed in Attachment C of this


    4.5 It is at the discretion of the State CIO to report IT trends related to

    infrastructure and security, as well as known vulnerabilities/gaps for the State

    as an enterprise, communities of interest, and/or budget units at risk to the

    appropriate state leadership.


    Refer to the PSP Glossary of Terms located at for definitions and abbreviations.


    6.1 A. R. S. ? 41-621 et seq., “Purchase of Insurance; coverage; limitations,

    exclusions; definitions.”

    6.2 A. R. S. ? 41-761 et seq., “Personnel Administration.”

    6.3 A. R. S. ? 41-1335 ((A (6 & 7))),“State Agency Information.”

    Policy P136 Rev 4.0 Effective: June 12, 2008

    Information Technology Planning Page 3 of 8

6.4 A. R. S. ? 41-1339 (A),“Depository of State Archives.”

    6.5 A. R. S. ? 41-2501 et seq., “Arizona Procurement Codes, Applicability.” 6.6 A. R. S. ? 41-3501, “Definitions.”

    6.7 A. R. S. ? 41-3504, “Powers and Duties of the Agency.”

    6.8 A. R. S. ? 41-3521, “Information Technology Authorization Committee;

    members; terms; duties; compensation; definition.”

    6.9 A. R. S. ? 44 -7041, “Governmental Electronic Records.”

    6.10 Arizona Administrative Code, Title 2, Chapter 5, Department of

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    6.12 Arizona Administrative Code, Title 2, Chapter 10, “Department of

    Administration Risk Management Section.”

    6.13 Arizona Administrative Code, Title 2, Chapter 18, Government Information

    Technology Agency.”

    6.14 Statewide Policy P100, Information Technology.

    6.15 Statewide Standard P800-S805, IT Risk Management.


    A. Group 1 Budget Units

    B. Group 2 Budget Units

    C. IT Plan Evaluation Criteria

    Policy P136 Rev 4.0 Effective: June 12, 2008

    Information Technology Planning Page 4 of 8

    ATTACHMENT A. Group 1 Budget Units*

    Administration, Arizona Department of

    Agriculture, Arizona Department of

    Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System

    Attorney General, Arizona Office of the

    Corporation Commission, Arizona

    Corrections, Arizona Department of

    Economic Security, Arizona Department of

    Education, Arizona Department of

    Emergency and Military Affairs, Arizona Department of

    Environmental Quality, Arizona Department of

    Game & Fish Department, Arizona

    Gaming, Arizona Department of

    Governor, Office of the

    Health Services, Arizona Department of

    Homeland Security, Department of

    Industrial Commission, Arizona

    Juvenile Corrections, Arizona Department of

    Land, Arizona Department of

    Liquor Licenses and Control, Arizona Department of

    Lottery, Arizona

    Parks, Arizona State

    Public Safety, Arizona Department of

    Radiation Regulatory Agency

    Revenue, Arizona Department of

    Registrar of Contractors, Arizona

    Retirement System, Arizona State

    Secretary of State, Arizona

    Tourism Office, Arizona

    Transportation, Arizona Department of

    Veterans' Services, Arizona Department of

    Water Resources, Arizona Department of

    *Group 1 budget units are defined as having mission critical services that pertain to health and life

    safety, critical public services, and/or legal mandates in addition to infrastructure and IT budget


    Policy P136 Rev 4.0 Effective: June 12, 2008

    Information Technology Planning Page 5 of 8

    ATTACHMENT B. Group 2 Budget Units

Accountancy Board, Arizona

    Acupuncture Examiners Board

    Administrative Hearings, Office of Appraisal, Arizona Board of

    Arts, Arizona Commission on the

    Auto Theft Authority, Arizona

    Barbers, Arizona Board of

    Behavioral Health Examiners, Arizona Biomedical Research Commission

    Building, Life, & Fire Safety, Arizona Department of

    Charter Schools, Arizona State Board for Chiropractic Examiners, Arizona Board of Citizens Clean Election Commission Commerce, Arizona Department of

    Cosmetology, Arizona Board of

    Criminal Justice Commission, Arizona Deaf and Blind, Arizona School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Arizona Commission for the

    Dental Examiners, Arizona Board of Dispensing Opticians Board

    Early Childhood Development & Health Board Equalization, Arizona Board of

    Executive Clemency, Arizona Board of Exposition and State Fair, Arizona Financial Institutions Department, Arizona Funeral Directors & Embalmers Board Geological Survey, Arizona

    Government Information Technology Agency Historical Society, Arizona

    Homeopathic Medical Examiners Board Housing, Department of

    Indian Affairs, Arizona Commission of Insurance, Arizona Department of Medical Board, Arizona

    Mine Inspector

    Mines & Mineral Resources

    Naturopathic Physicians Examiners Board Navigable Stream Adjudication Commission Nursing, Arizona Board of

    Nursing Care Examiners Board

    Occupational Therapy Examiners Board Optometry, Arizona Board of

    Osteopathic Examiners, Arizona Board of Personnel Board

    Pharmacy Board, Arizona

    Physical Therapy Examiners Board Pioneers Home, Arizona

    Podiatry Examiners Board

    Policy P136 Rev 4.0 Effective: June 12, 2008

    Information Technology Planning Page 6 of 8

Postsecondary Education

    Postsecondary Education, Private

    Psychologist Examiners Board

    Racing, Arizona Department of

    Real Estate, Arizona Department of

    Regents, Arizona Board of

    Residential Utility Consumers Office Respiratory Care Examiners Board

    School Facilities Board

    Structural Pest Control Commission, Arizona Tax Appeals Board, Arizona

    Technical Registration, Arizona Board of Treasurer, Arizona State

    Veterinary Medical Examiners Board, Arizona Water Infrastructure Finance Authority Weights and Measures, Arizona Department of

    Policy P136 Rev 4.0 Effective: June 12, 2008

    Information Technology Planning Page 7 of 8

    ATTACHMENT C. IT Plan Evaluation Criteria

    GITA shall use the criteria below for evaluation and acceptance of the budget unit’s IT

    Strategic Plan. If the plan is found not to fully articulate the budget unit’s IT direction,

    GITA shall be in communication with the budget unit’s contact to further clarify its IT


    Goals Does the goal support at least one of the following?

    ; Does it support the budget unit IT vision and mission?

    ; Does it deal with just one issue?

    ; Is it clear about what you want to accomplish?

    ; Is it stated in business terms? (i.e., talks about how it will help the

    budget unit business and not about IT implementation)

    ; A budget unit business goal?

    ; A Statewide IT initiative?

    ; Sustainability of an essential business function that is identified in

    the State’s Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP)?


     Is there at least one objective for each IT goal? ;

    ; Does the objective support the IT goal?

    ; Does it represent an intermediate achievement?

    ; Does it specify a result rather than an activity?

    ; Is it quantifiable?

    ; Does it provide a specific time frame?

    Performance Measures

    ; Does the performance measure relate to the objective it represents?

    ; Is the performance measure quantifiable?

    ; Is there a specific time frame, when applicable, for taking the


    ; Taken together will the performance measures accurately reflect

    key results?

    ; Were targets set for the budget unit’s performance measures?

    Statewide Strategic IT Goals

    ; Are the statewide strategic IT goals addressed by the budget unit?

    Additional Factors for Evaluation

    ; Does the IT strategic plan reflect the depth and breadth of the

    budget unit (e.g., more than one goal, objective and performance

    measure is required for a budget unit with IT expenditure of over

    $1 million)?

    ; Does the IT strategic plan address the large IT initiatives in the

    budget unit?

Policy P136 Rev 4.0 Effective: June 12, 2008

    Information Technology Planning Page 8 of 8

    ; Does the IT strategic plan address the large statewide IT initiatives

    in which the budget unit is participating?

    ; Does the IT strategic plan address any security or other compliance


    ; Does the IT strategic plan address those areas in which GITA

    requested coverage?

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