Highly efficient Rheology Modifier for improved Storage Stability and better Color Acceptance

By Robin Gardner,2014-06-24 16:09
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Highly efficient Rheology Modifier for improved Storage Stability and better Color Acceptance

    Highly efficient Rheology Modifier for improved Storage Stability and

    better Color Acceptance

    One challenge for paint formulators is to find the right thickener to

    ensure a good pigment compatibility and a better viscosity

    stability overtime in order to be able to apply the paint even after

    several month of no use.

    Based on a proprietary technology, Rheotech? 2800, a Coatex VOC-free and APEO-free associative thickener, contributes:

    ; Avoiding color float

    ; Increasing tinting strength

    ; Limiting viscosity drop

Less viscosity drop when adding pigment

    The following tests are performed on a solvent-free semi gloss dispersion paint, incorporating EVA binder (used in graphs 2 and 3):

    The thickener demand using Rheotech? 2800 and a typical benchmark of the market is

    compared on the following graph:

    Graph 1: Rheotech? 2800 allows a huge gap in term of

    dosage to reach similar viscosity profile with an ICI viscosity of 1.7 P.

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    Addition of 5 % of Blue pigment in order to check the evolution of viscosity upon tinting.

    Graph 2: Lower drop of viscosity after tinting with Rheotech? 2800

    In the graph above the quantity of Rheotech? 2800 used is 50% less than the typical

    benchmark while achieving the same ICI viscosity and similar rheological profile. It allows formulators to realize significant cost savings.

    Thanks to the creation of a highly dense hydrophobic network, Rheotech? 2800 with reduced dosage is able to prevent viscosity drop.

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Improved storage stability

    Graph 3: Rheotech? 2800 thickener enables a better storage stability,

    with a viscosity level stable through time

    Even with 50% less, the associative network developed by Rheotech? 2800 is efficient to improve storage stability as the viscosity barely increases after one month of storage. Your paint will keep its properties through time and you will not sacrifice on flow and leveling.

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    Your paint formulated with Rheotech? 2800 will have:

    ; a better in-can appearance compared to PU thickener,

    ; no gel like appearance provided by standard HASE.

    Rheotech? 2800 is a perfectly adapted thickener for:

    ; formulating solvent-free and APEO-free paints with less viscosity drop when adding

    a pigment

    ; improving storage stability

    ; making cost saving in your formulation in using two times less product compared to

    a standard thickener

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