Campus Superstitions

By Carolyn Lane,2014-10-28 21:36
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Campus Superstitions

    Campus Superstitions

    With the rapid development of science and technology in modern society, human knowledge, both in the span and the depth, is showing the scale of explosive growth. However, now and then, blind faith would arise among college students.

    As far as I am concerned, the following causes should be responsible for campus superstitions. On one hand, simply put, the morbid culture is the root of superstitions. On the other hand, the personal factors are students tendency to follow

    others like sheep. When confronted with frustrations or pressures, college students seem to be easier to get involved in superstitions for escapism.

    It goes without saying that superstitions influence students adversely. But how to eliminate or at least relieve students

    superstitions? To begin with, all sorts of media are supposed to promote the spirit of seeking truth from facts rather than blind faith without any authentic proof. Besides, inquiry learning should be advocated to develop students’ independent and

    critical thinking. It will be helpful if appropriate authorities can

    organize adequate academic or exploring activities. Finally, mental care and psychological guidance must be offered to college students. In this case, college students could be encouraged to hold optimistic attitudes

    In conclusion, we cannot turn a blind eye to campus superstitions and its high time that we took some measures upon the problem.

    There are a variety of superstitions on campus, such as make a fetish of authority, fashion and astrology.

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