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Many moons written pincess

    Our story today called Many moons. It was written by James Bobble. Princess Lenore loves cakes. She once ate cakes so many that she became sick. Kings doctor could do nothing to help her.

    The king promises his little daughter any thing she wanted, if she just get well. Lenore said she want the moon. She would get well if she have the moon. The king called for important official, the lord high Bnboard. It was a big fat man who wore thick high glasses. The king asks him to get the moon for the young princess. The kings official took a long list from his pocket. your

    majesty, I have brought you many things, here is a list of them. Monkey, peacock, jewels pink elephant, little blue dogs, gold insects, and the feathers of angel, and I have brought you giant and little man, and women who live in the sea and singer and dancer, a kilo of butter, a bag of sugar, and twenty-four eggs, oh Im sorry, my wife wrote that. The king say he didnt not

    remember any little blue dog and don’t want to talk about little blue dog. he wanted the moon for

    his daughter and wanted it quickly. the lord high Tranblance said: I have gotten things from far

    off places like Africa and Asia, but I can not get the moon. Sixty thousand kilometer from the earth, it is bigger than Princess Lenore’s room. And it is made of hot copper, nobody can touch it.

    Little blue dogs, yes, but the moon, no. The king orders the lord high trinblance out of the

    room. Send for his mathematician, a little man with no hair round his head, he carried pencil behind his ear. The said to him: Dont tell me all the problems you have settled for me in the last forty years. I am not interested in them. I want the moon for Princess Lenore. Now, get it. The

    mathematician said: thank you, thank you for asking me. On this paper I have written all the problems I have answered for you in the forty years. How far up it is and how far down it is. I show you the distance between the letter a and z, between day and night, the king got high with

    anger, he said didnt want to talk. he want the moon for his daughter. But the mathematician said he could not get the moon. The moon is five hundred kilometers away, it is almost as big as kings country, it is made of asbestos, and it is nailed to the sky, nobody can get it. The king

    pushes the mathematician out of the room. The king called for his jester man the only man who makes him laugh. The jester came running into the room. he wore his funny clothes covered with bell. The king said my daughter would stay sick until she gets the moon. All my officials said they can not get it. The jester thought for a minute, and said well, they are all wise man, but

    have different idea about the moon. Why dont we ask Princess Lenore what idea she has

    about the moon. The king agreed. And the jester went to Lenore’s room. The little girl spoke with

    difficulty. She asked jester if he brought the moon. He said he would get it. But first he wanted to know how big the moon she thought was. It is as big as nail on my finger. I know this so. Because when I put my small finger in front of the moon, my finger nail covered it. The jester then ask her: how far away she thought the moon was. it is not as high as the tree near the

    window. She knew this because sometime the moon got caught in top of the tree. The jester had one more question: what do you think the moon is made of? the princess laugh and said of

    course, it is make of gold. Jester laughed Lenore and went to see kings jeweler. The jeweler

    made a round moon of gold, a little smaller than the fingernail of the princess. Then he put the moon on a gold chain so that Lenore could wear it on her neck. The jester took the gold chain to Lenore. She was so happy and quickly got well. The next day she get out of bed and play in garden/ the king was happy, but then he began to worry. He knew the moon that night would bright in the sky. if his daughter saw it, she would know the moon on her neck was no really the moon. Again he asked his official to see him. The lord high triblance walked first. The king asked: “What could be done so Lenore would not see the moon that night. The lord triblance thought

    for a long time. He said: if the princess wore black glasses, she could not see anything. The king said if his daughter could not see anything, she would walk into the furniture and hurt herself and be back in bed. He called for his mathematician. The mathematician walk around in a circle, he said he had answer. firework, every night in the garden, so many bright light shooting into the sky from the garden would keep the princess Lenore from seeing the moon. The king told him

    that he was stupid. So much light in the sky would not let his daughter sleep. The king looked out the window he saw the moon began to rise. The king quickly called for his jester. and told him his little daughter would the moon which made her sick again. None of his official know what to do about it. The jester said if these wiser men do not know how to hide the moon, then the moon could not be hidden. Again the king looked out his window and saw the moon was shining into Lenore’s room. The jester spoke to him: who knew what the moon was made of and how far away it was, I think the princess Lenore is wiser than you officials and knows more about the moon than they do. I would ask her to explain how the moon can be on her neck and in the sky. The king could not stop him. The jester went to Lenore’s room. She was in bed but not

    sleeping. She was looking out of the window at the moon in the sky. She held the little moon that the jester brought her. The jester asked her. How can the moon shining in the sky when is hanging around you neck. She look at him, laugh, that is a foolish question, when I loose a tooth,

    a new one grow in the place, doesnt is? the jester answer, of course, and when a deer loose its

    horns, new horns grow. thats right, and when we cut the flower in the garden, other flower grow in the places. that is right, as the night take place of the night, the day take place of the night. it is the same with the moon, and I think it is the same with everything. Her voice get

    lower and lower. The jester looked at her closely, saw that she was asleep, he cover her gently with a blanket. And walked quietly out of her room on his toes

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