151009 Thursday Yr 10-11 6-8

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151009 Thursday Yr 10-11 6-8

    15/10/09 Thursday Yr 10-11 6-8

    Leader: Tid

    Assistant: Kerry

    Attendance: 21

News and Reminders

    ? BRAVE is BACK!! We are looking to remount the show in May next year.

    Rehearsals are likely to be intensive during the Easter holidays plus some

    intensive weeknight rehearsals as the show approaches. Think about your

    availability and whether you want be involved. Anyone is welcome. ? Hoodies! We are excited to confirm that we are trying to sort out some Bristol

    Old Vic Young Company hoodies and we invite you to design the Young

    Company part of the logo to go on them. The „Bristol Old Vic‟ part must stay

    the same as the company logo but the „Young Company‟ part is up for grabs.

    You have until 26

    th October to design yours and either email it to us or bring

    it to your session!

    ? The spring show in March will be TWO! Although it may not be called Two

    once it starts to be created. The Pied Piper will happen at some point, its too

    good an idea to not do!

    ? Bristol Jam! You‟ve got your Jam Packs, read them, and attend! The Jam is

    running this week all the way until next Saturday and there are loads of really

    exciting performances and shows you should get down and check out!

Warm up

    Killer Tick

    See Session 1 notes for details. This is a game of honesty, and quick reactions.

    Honing skills in spatial awareness, memory, concentration and energy.

    Great vocals Sam and Orla

    Ella and Harriet win!

Using Writing as a Stimulus to Create.

    Write down whatever Two means to you. Don‟t copy what has already been said. We

    want your own thoughts, and it could be anything!

    Now write something that is a much more personal connection to Two.

Use what you‟ve written as the basis of a piece of theatre. Some of your text must

    appear at some point in the piece but you can use as little or as much as you like. It

    could be an evolution of the text but it must be a clear theatrical piece of theatre.

    Have one clear image. For example Two in flipping a coin, Two In Tug of war, Two a

    person making a decision.

    Sophisticated but simple.

    Be disciplined.

    Think theatrically, we do not want docudrama! Think about the techniques you‟ve

    learnt this term and beyond that.

Performance Sharing

    Orla, Toby, Matt, Simone.

    Not sharp enough with your movements. Try again. Need to be sharper, where is the

    precision and detail?

    “Its like watching blamange set, it never does!” (Tidbury, 2009)

    Great idea, nice text. 2 people in front and other 2 people controlling their actions

    and preventing them from being together. Need to be louder Matt and Simone, speak out and over the music.

    Matt- Your voice has massively improved. The clarity is better and its much stronger, keep building on that.

    Text Used -

    I lost you too

    I hated you, on paper.

    I loved you when you were there.

    You are the other one.

    You look back at me, I look at you too.

Bob, Martha, Ella C, Billie

    People are like magnets.

    Good but crap. Someone says something, do it, someone says something, do it. Try it with the 2 people speaking first on chairs, and the other 2 doing the movement behind them but don‟t try to keep in time.

    To the audience!!

    Ella and Martha should have just said the text and not had pauses for no reasons, don‟t try to keep in time!

Charlotte, Georgia, Sam, Leonie, Ella G.

    Wasn‟t sure about the „decide‟ at the end.

    Good commitment Charlotte, keep it up.

    The beginning worked, nice physicality but it could have been made more of. Push it further, make it a more strenuous effort.

Katie, Ed, Ellie, Harriet.


    It was like issue based drama in GCSE land. Bad to the core!

    The performances were bad, the content was dreadful and it was like a docudrama (the one thing we said not to do!)


Emma, Mia, Annie, Max, Rachael

    Very short.

    What was there was good but there was less than 30 seconds of material from 30 minutes work!

    Good effort today people. Lets all remember its important to get things wrong so that we know what not to do!

    Lets get on the Blog and Facebook and get the ideas flowing for TWO! Images, poems, writing, videos, choreography.

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