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     in 2008/in spring/


    n an hourhow soon/


    n February

    on on March

    5 /

    on Teachers Day / on Sunday

     on a cold evening

    at at 6 oclock/ at night/at noon

     at Lantern

Festival at Christmas

    for for 6 weeks(how long)


    since 6 oclock(how long)

    from to

     from 7 to 8


    () by 2001


    until last Friday


     during the whole night



    in in a room/in a playground

    at at the desk/ at the door

    (in at) On on the balcony/ceiling

     on a

    horse/a bicycle

    To go/walk/return to

    here,there,home come

home/get there

     fromto from Shanghai to Beijing

    next to



    in front of in

    反义 the front of



    (同 among in the middle (of) () on the left (of) ()

    on the right (of) ()

    opposite over



    under below

    into in

    反义 out of

    on / put on


    off / take off


    反义 turn up

    down turn down

    through go


    across walk

    across the road

    over over

the river

    past walk


    along walk






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