2006 Indoor Drumline

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2006 Indoor Drumline

    2008 Indoor Drumline

    So what is the “Indoor Drumline” thing anyway?

    Indoor Drumline is basically the same percussion section you see on the field during the fall marching shows, but we take things inside to perform our own show with our own props, costumes, and show design. The activity has been described by some as “percussion theatre”. Drumline productions can range from simply good music and good movement, to elaborate story-telling productions. We have 10 minutes to set up, perform a 4 to 7 minute show, and exit the floor. It is hectic but it is very fun!! As of this writing the Bob Jones 2008 program is still in the works, and will be announced when concept and music selection is confirmed.

    An Overview of the Semester

    We begin indoor rehearsals as soon as we return after the holiday break. Rehearsals will be on Monday evenings from 6:30 to 9 and also on the Friday before a competition from 3:30 to 5. Our first competition is the first weekend of February and our last competition is April 17-19 (more on that later). We will also perform for the Fine Arts Festival and spring concert later in the semester. All of our competitions are in Alabama or Tennessee this year with the exception of World Finals in Dayton, OH.

    So how much will it cost for my student?

    The costume cost that the performers will have should be approximately $130-$150. This estimate is based on

    previous years’ costuming costs. The students will also be required to purchase either a “hoodie” or jacket. Hoodies are $20 and jackets are $54. The per-student fee will depend on lodging cost for Finals in Dayton.

    How much will it cost the drumline as a whole?

    We are estimating a minimum budget of $10,000 needed

    to fund our 2008 competition season. This includes travel expenses, a new floor covering, props, and needed instruments. We are feverishly searching for possible fundraisers and business sponsors. We’ve

    already raised almost $3000 just this year!!

Is there anything I can do?

    YES!!!! There are so many ways in which help is

    needed throughout the season. Parent volunteers are

    needed to chaperone as well as help getting on and off

    the floor in the time allowed. There is also help

    needed with costumes, props, and FUNDRAISING!! The

    goal of the Indoor Drumline is to be a self-sufficient

    organization, and with everyone involved we can make

    this goal a reality.

And don’t forget…

    BE THERE! There is nothing better than to take the

    floor with a huge ovation from parents and fans in the


    Where is all that Money Going?

Registration Fees

     Circuit Membership and Contest Fees $400

     WGI Membership and Contest Fees $775


Travel (Circuit Shows)

     School Buses to five competitions

     Estimated 900 miles at $1/mile $900

     Estimated 12 hour shift for drivers

     At $9.42/hour times 5

     $565.20 Enterprise Truck Rental for 5

    Competitions ~$850

     TOTAL TRAVEL $2315.2

Floor Covering ~$1400

    Props ~$300


     Charter Bus Rental ~$5000

GRAND TOTAL $10,190.20

Please notice that this does not include instrument needs

    (sticks, mallets, heads, etc.)

    Are We There Yet?

    ndFebruary 2 Brooks HS, Killen, AL

     stMarch 1 Hoover HS, Hoover, AL

     thMarch 15 Centennial HS, Franklin, TN

     thMarch 29 WGI Percussion Regional, Independence High School, Franklin, TN

     thApril 5 SCGC Championships, UTC Arena, Chattanooga, TN

     ththApril 16-20 WGI Finals, Dayton, OH


    April 16-20, 2008

For the first time in Bob Jones Drumline history, the Bob

    Jones Indoor Drumline will be competing at WGI Finals in

    Dayton, OH. Drumlines from all over the country will be

    attending and competing in all classes of competitions.

    The competition series begins on Thursday April 17, and

    concludes on Saturday April 19. In Scholastic Open Class,

    there are three rounds: Preliminary, Semi-Finals, and

    Finals. Last year, 35 drumlines began in Prelims, 25 of

    which advanced to Semi-Finals, and only 12 of those

    advanced to Finals. In short, one-third of the Open Class

    drumlines attending will make it to Finals. Our goal this

    year: WGI Finalist.

What happens if we don’t make Finals? We buy a ticket and


    The tentative plan is to leave mid-day on Wednesday April 16 and arrive at our hotel that night. We will spend the

    next three days moving our equipment up and down and all

    around, with a performance or two or three somewhere in

    between. ? Sunday morning the students will have the option of attending a worship service of their choice

    (there are plenty of churches in the area) and then leave

    for home around mid-day on Sunday. We should arrive before thmidnight on Sunday the 20. And yes, the kids have to go

    to school the next day. ?

We’ll need chaperones, and it would be great to have as

    many people in the audience cheering us on!

    EXTRA: On Saturday, December 1 the Bob Jones Drumline will be

    performing on stage with Keith Urban.

DRUMLINE Hoodie: Money due Monday, Nov. 5

    Check made out to BJHS Band



New Hoodie---$20 Size:_______


    Graduating Year:__________


Add a Line to Hoodie-$5



DRUMLINE Jacket: Money due Monday, Nov. 5

    Check made out to BJHS Band

New Jacket---$51 Size:_______



Add a Line to Jacket---$5



**If you will be adding a line to your Hoodie or Jacket you must bring it

    to the Band Room by 8AM on Monday, November 5.

Drumline Polo: $20 Check made out to Julee Martin


    (Men’s sizes)

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