TX-YY18 and transparent demonstration system hydraulic transmission

By Walter Matthews,2014-06-26 20:46
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TX-YY18 and transparent demonstration system hydraulic transmission

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     .Transparent demonstration system hydraulic


; Introduction :

     In order to adapt as quickly as possible in all areas of development, cultivating a large hydraulic drive to master basic knowledge and practical skills, skilled workers, technicians, engineers, transportation to all fronts of socialist construction. My company under the "hydraulic transmission", "hydraulic principle", "mechanical basis", such as teaching

    materials requirements and characteristics of hydraulic components, with reference to overseas advanced technology, after years of efforts to explore, we take the theory based on an experimental means of using high-precision processing technology, to overcome a transparent organic plastic with a thermoplastic, easy to deformation, Mechanical strength, poor surface finish and the hydraulic components, structure, high precision a series of practical difficulties and eventually successfully developed transparent demonstration system hydraulic transmission. It has filled a technical, secondary, tertiary institutions of hydraulic transmission equipment, general-purpose teaching the national blank, and in 1995 won the national patent.

     The product is organized by the State Education Commission who have participated in a national teaching instrument display order will be, obtained at the State Education Commission of Zhejiang Education Committee leaders praise the teachers and the general favorite, is now available nationwide more than 200 schools in various provinces and cities Select and use my company's products, superior product performance, and honest management style, access to the majority of school leaders, professors, teachers trust, and to improve our products and the development of a large number of valuable comments and suggestions. C ompatiblity mode transparent presentation of hydraulic transmission system (paragraph 99) and transparent introduction of complete sets of

    equipment Hydraulic Laboratory of the occasion, special pay tribute to them.

     Various mechanical requirements of the hydraulic transmission is varied, and generally more by the direction control circuit, the pressure control loop, speed control loop, sequential control loop circuit composed of the basic functions. This demo system through the four basic functions of the above 18 kinds of basic control loop of the experimental demonstration (extended experiment up to 60 species), so that students are familiar with more than 20 kinds of commonly used hydraulic components of the structure, properties and uses, master more than a dozen kinds of basic circuit of the working process and principle, to enhance students troubleshooting and problem-solving ability to be inspired by the experimental demonstration, triggering interest in the use of this product it can offer a variety of components within the tolerance of other asphalt experiments ( Figure Design, graduation design).

; Main technical indicators:

     All hydraulic components of this product, presentation sets and accessories based on technical indicators Tianxiong Digital Technology Co., Ltd. "transparent demonstration system hydraulic transmission enterprise standard" Q / XDJY 01-95 design, production, testing. It is the original Q / XDJY 01-95 further improvement on the basis of the standard, improve, enhance and form, and its release, filing, implementation marks the company's products in terms of performance, quality, another forward to a new level . If the need to carefully read, please write, or can please check my company home page on Internet, enterprise standard part

     Key performance indicators:

     1. Power: 220V 50Hz (City)

     2. Demo Taiwan Dimensions: 120Cm (length) × 60Cm (W) × 180

    Cm (high).

     3. Pump motor: Z-400 DC motors, power: 400W and DC motor

    speed regulator equipped with special devices, speed range: 0-2000RMP

     4. Demonstration experiment of the pressure oil line flow required just 0.3-0.5Mpa (the maximum pump pressure: Pmax = 1.5Mpa) 5. Hydraulic pump hydraulic work platform 1.5m away from the noise ? 58dB

    ; 18 kinds of basic hydraulic transmission control circuit

     1. With the valve of the 10. Back to the oil throttle loop

    commutation circuit

     11. Speed gear pump speed control

     2. With the "O"-type function circuit

    valve latch circuit

     12. Speed gear pumps and control

     3. With liquid-controlled valve of the composite speed loop

    one-way valve latch circuit

     13. The rate of flow valve shorted

     4. Pressure settings loop loop for access

     5. 2 pressure loop 14. Secondary feed circuit

     6. To use the decompression 15. With the order of the sequence

    valve circuit valve action circuits

     7. With the pressurization 16. With the pressure of the order of cylinder booster circuit relay action loop

     8. With the unloading valve 17. Using electrical circuit trip switch circuit the order of moves

     9. Into the oil-throttle circuit 18. With the stroke order of the valve

    action circuits

    ; Quality assurance and after-sales service

     1. In order to ensure product quality, and excellent performance. According to the characteristics of our products, combined with the specific requirements of school laboratories and to solicit the views of users, has developed this product enterprise standards (Q/XDJY02-98).

     2. Product pursue life-long warranty.

     3. Free to experiment instruction and hands-on training.

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