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    Year 7&8

    6-8 Monday Group Leader- Tid

    Assistants-Ella & Jesse

    Space- The Studio

    Attendance- 25


    ? BOV young company hoodies! We are running a competition to design the young company

    part of the hoody, the winner getting their design to be the printed design! If you would like

    to get involved either e-mail the Bristol Old Vic your design or simply hand it in on a sheet of

    paper during your next session.

    Warm up

    -The birthday game- One person sits in the middle and we go around the circle and everyone says

    the best possible birthday present they would give to them. This is only a fun warm up but lets the

    imaginations begin flowing.

    -Name alliteration- Everybody went around the circle and said their names but before that they

    created a form of alliteration such as ‘elegant Ella’. This game is a fun way to remember names.

    -Killer Tic- * See session 3’s session notes for details.

    Main exercise- Animals Move into the space and slowly think of an animal. Slowly move your body creating the physicality of

    this animal without travelling. Once your animal’s shape has been created slowly start to move like

    your animal, thinking of every little detail being specific with every movement. We then went to

    sleep as our animal thinking of its environment, and how physically it would sleep.


    We looked at how to create a realistic Lion. Key features we talked about were:

    ? It doesn’t have hands, it has paws- so to get around this curl your fingers into the palm of

    your hand so you are left with stump like paws.

    ? Its on all 4’s but all their limbs are the same length. Obviously our limbs are not the same

    length so here you have to make a compromise and use your knees.

    ? The head is in a different position to a human head as the vertebra is straight and has little

    movement unlike humans.

    ? The personality of the lion: Where you look and how you look is essential, an intimidating

    stare straight ahead is very lion like!

    ? The length from the shoulder to hip as it stretches as the lion moves can be created when

    thought about carefully.

    ? The weight of the lion is important, putting the weight in your shoulders and hands.

    ? We looked at how if you turned the lion you created into a human it would have some of the

    same features, for example be quite powerful and intimidating.

    ? We learnt how to unfurl the arm in a way similar to that of a lion, making it a smoother


    ? The intensity is important- when have you seen a lion smiling? We then played with making the lion into a kitten/ cat simply by changing the weight, character and

    intensity. We also looked at transferring the voices as well as the physicality.

    We looked briefly at the physicality of dogs and talked about how they are more idiosyncratic- with

    more individual characteristics from breed to breed. For example a bull dog does not have the same

    qualities as a poodle. It is probably easier to create a dog’s stance rather than their movement.

    People then went off individually and created an animal of their choice thinking about all the

    specifics we had learnt today.

    Bus stop exercise We finished the session by looking at a bus stop set up. Six people at a time would go up and create

    their animals. One the number one was shouted the animals would go into their human form and

    interact with each other at a bus stop, keeping as many of the qualities the animal had as possible.

    We talked about everyone’s animal trying to guess what it was. If no one could guess we looked at

    what the actor was doing wrong in creating their animal.

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