Love Me If You Dare Script

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Love Me If You Dare Script

Love Me If You Dare Script

Love Me If You Dare

    I like this game very much.

    Housing game, when the the banker lost.

    I like bead game, I win; Jumping game is for fools. Unless girls.

    I don't play guessing game; the house-jumping is quite good for two persons.

    Hide-and-seek is quite good too.

    But you can't play one game.

    I say, never.

    Even your best friend suggests.

    It's a game that bury yourself into a heap of concrete. This game started with a beautiful house. A bus without driver.

    A beautiful box.

    A beautiful friend.

    In fact, I made a mistake. This game started long long ago. It started with a sick word.

    Like: Transfer.

    Why not mammouth?

    This made mother crys.

    In all, doctor, thay don't like anything. Your situation is very urgent...They all talk nonsense. Their trousers are too bad.

    Look! Imagine that what they know about mothers. Also some unlovely word, Like Kowalsky.

    Don't search anymore. I don't want to refer it. Kowalsky.

    Polish! And.

    Don't forget the disgusting faces.

    All this is the same thing.

    That is "I don't feel well".

    "No one feels so bad like me on the Earth and Mars." You love her. Wei?

    Me too. I think she is very pretty. Give it to me. This is really cowry, right?

    Oh! I have never seen a beautiful rounded playground like this.

    Never, never.

    No. I have seen it, but not on Earth.

    Me too.

    Where? Is it real? Does it really exit?

    Yes. My angel, here.

    And here.

And here.

    Julien, you go by bus tomorrow morning. I will stay with mother for some time. Let's go.

    Go, go, My Juju, go.

    Mother! You forget your cowry. Keep it. My only cowry is you.



    Oh! Dirty Polish.

    Oh! Dirty Polish.

    Sophie? No. I am a dirty Polish. Oh! dirty Polish.

    There isn't any precious things that day with Sophie.

    So I will share with her.

    Will you pay me back?

    If you really want it, please prove it. Dare you?

    This is the start.

    All the things begin.

    My bus! Oh, no.


    What did you do? Please answer me. Nothing.

    I don't want to be hurt! Stop.

    Stop! Shut up!

    Julien! I don't want to be hurt. He will not. He dare not..

    Don't beat him.

    You don't have the right to beat him. Shut up! Think twice.

    Father doesn't like Sophie.

    He doesn't like her from the beginning. The game started successfully.

    If the box is in her hand, she asks me to prove it.

    I do it to win the box back.

    So I give Sophie a guaranty. It is absurd, isn't it?

    Foolish game? Perhaps.

    But this is our game.

    X ?

    Please show me some common nouns begin with "A".




    Any else? Sylvie?

Abricot.Very good.

    The common nouns begin with "B", Sophie? "Brouter".

    "Braguette", "Bistouquette".

    Shut up! "Bigleux".

    Go away.

    The short fat ugly girl.

    Do you feel interesting, miss?

    I signed you zero, zero begin eith Z. Go to the headmaster's office.

    I'll see weather you laugh or not. Julien, what are you doing? Go with Sophie. Go to the headmaster's office.


    What? Bander begins with "B".


    Discipline is the basic of respect. Without respect, it's the end of civilization. Most residents.

    Came down.

    Corrupt politics! Whose contribution is it? Miss Kowalsky and Mr. Janvier!

    Dare. Say it again, Mr. Janvier. Let me share it.

    What do your poor brain think of? Dare you interrupt me?

    Imagine it, sir.

    It's really a great game, but no one laughs. Detach them.

    Detach them, miss.

    We are detached.

    They never dare to do so.

    Mr. Janvier, please meet with miss Kowalsky. Great spirits meets.

    Do you know what the word "punish" means? You have comsidered.

    Is it the future prepared for her? Ok. I am not her mother.

    Vulgarity is not in the lessons. Miss Kowalsky!

    I will meet your parents.

    They don't speak French. "Bite" in Polish. Called hammer. Anything else?

    Please wait, there must be your profits.

Don't go out or watch TV.

    Don't eat sweets.

    DOn't use light in the aisle.

    Go to get your coat.

    No. It's enough. Cool.

    Did you do the same thing like me? Go to your room! Don't disturb mother. Julien!


    We have a good meal! You are in bed that time. You are lucky.

    You know, My Julien...A doctor came to see me. I made five mistakes. Do you know? Juju...I made ten mistakes in the elocnte. Do you want to lister?

    I also did a very silly thing.

    Friends are like glasses.

    it looks smart, but hard to disapeaer. And it is fatiguesome. But luckily, It is cool glasses!

    I, I have Sophie.


    Animals begin with "A". Anticot.

    Autruche, abruti.

    Altaire. Four...Dare or not?

    Dare. Zero.

    Zero. Go to the headmaster's office. Discipline.

    Forever discipline.

    I have told you early.

    From now on.

    It's an end, Eden.

    Things get serious.

    My daughter, your childbirth will be in misery. You must waer high-heel shoe and bear banting. desquamate operation, and wrinkle-dispel operation.


    You will go kitchen.

    it's not the end. You.

    My son, I leave something more grisliness. crucifixion.

    Disaster, dinosuar, atom-war.

    Oil tanker wrecking, misfortune. BUt especially. Especially! The beautiful mother is ill. "There lived a male hare."

"They are bedlamites.""I don't want to go to see bedlamites."

    "You have on choice."

    "Here are all bedlamites."

    mother, will you die?

    Do I read well? Will you die?

    I will, just like everyone.

    Because I do the silly things?


    let me do some clever things.

    I will do it. Don't say it any more. Dare not.

    Close your ears, close your ears hardly. Can you hear how I love you?

    It's most important.

    ok. What do you talk about?

    Sophie writes with teeth. It is important, isn't it?

    Now one can attract you like Sophie. Alice can not, your mother can not. Ok. Use teeth.

    How does she deal with ears?

    Can you? Climb alone rops with your eyes shut out?

    Cup on head.

    I don't believe you.

    Do you think you are the first playing "Dare or not"?

    Ok. Good night.


    What is the most crazy thing you have done? Fly? Fly? How to fly?

    Fly in the sky.

    Let me see! Be quick.

    Fly! Dare.

    Later. When?


    I guarantee.

    Tell him the story. What a bad idea! It's you should lie on bed in this case. Mother.

    Will I be punished seriously or lightly? I want to say.

    Sophie invited me to attend a wedding...No. Silence.

    Her skirt is so ugly.

    So does her lover.

    If I get married...You will not tell the Abba, dare?

Dare, of course.

    What will you do when you grown up? Despot.

    Despot? All are enslaved by one? yes. A own palace, and many slaves. I torture them every Thursday, what about you? Yes...I...No, it's idiotic.

    Say it! No.

    Say it quickly!

    I want to make a flan,a flan with abricots. Or crude, a little hot, in a bread-room. flan like cakes?

    Sure! Do you think something else? flan...flan.

    Yes, a piece of flan.

    Excellent! Dare or not?

    Yes, dare.

    It's ok.

    Is this why your pay is better?

    The best worker uses the best tool. It's your turn! Look!

    This is my guarantee! You have no right to copy. Dare or not?


    Only this? BUt I can't see anything. Women are more finished than men. It's easier to be friend like this. Remove the spread! Dare.

    It's your turn, try hard! Dare.

    Julien! I am looking for you everywhere. The violin teacher is ill...We will discuss it later. Please come.


    Ny Julien.

    Good child...You can get better, yes? You can get better, dare or not? You haven't box. It's not you to give the guarantee.

    I will go and get it.

    Hold your mother in the arm please. I will go at once. Then please show me how to fly.

    What will you do coming here?

    Julien, I...

    Please leave. Father doesn't like. Sure, I am only a partner to play with. Next is draging feet. Dare or not?

I do two, and mother will be ok.

    I do three, and she will come back home to celebrate my birthday.


    I do four, and she will come back home tonight healthily.



    "Auroral life."

    I am Julien's father, are you Sophie's mother? Her sister.

    I want...

    It is or not?

    Can Sophie come my home tonight?

    Are you sllep? Formally, yes.

    there is some hearsay say that you are pretending. I saw some slanderous gossip on <巴黎比赛>.

    I will sleep for a while.

    Can I go to your house and sleep tomorrow? No. You should never come to my home. Please guarantee it.


    Guarantee it.


    Good night.

    Bad habit is just tarined like this... I don't mean the broken cup.

    But sleep.

    Sophie and me, from this night on, have slept together for ten years.

    On the morning, something serious happened. Right! On the morning, something serious happened. Oh. blamed, blamed.

    What's the time?

    My examination!

    What examination?

    Mathematic examination.

    You need not to take the examination. I don't like that.

    Ill, yes?

    You are ill.



    What are these noisy things?


    Open the door.

    Blamed! blamed!

    Julien! Open the door, or I will barge in.


    Give it back to me.

    Dare or not?

    No. This morning can't. I am too whiny. No, this morning.

    This morning, Sophie will wear her bra. Game starts again.

    Miss Kowalsky.

    Kowalsky, Sophie.Kowalsky.

    The game's rule is silly.

    Someone fooled before changed opposite now. Do you know what is changing opposite? Only something about taste.

    I am Julien. I am "Go away."

    Make my life significative.

    Just like play Beethoven on the blackboard by fingers.

    Miss Kowalsky.

    Function vectorielle...

    V xV gets the same result as modules. multiple by the cosine of the angle which forms them

    You seem good at Function vectorielle. Tell me weather I make a mistake or not. Miss Kowalsky.

    Tell me whether I was wrong.

    Your vector begins with a point,

    And defined by a fixed amount,

    Which is more attractive than others. Do you think you can do some research on this theory with me?

    This will be an index number.

    Do you usually review by yourself? En? This makes me deaf.

    The answer to intrinsic function

    The answer to intrinsic function


    The square to ? En?



    I didn’t allow you

    To leave here.

    f(x) has two different roots.

    If m is between - and /

    I’ll go, this is my sister.

    What a pity man.

    Be louder, I can’t hear.

It works, isn’t it? I did it; don’t keep such a straight face.

    What can you do except seduce women?

    The chief examiner didn’t have a good name.

    She thought you are Kawasaky

    It's the result to chew up

    No result, you get no mark!

    I have faced those executioners for minutes. See how comfortable you are! I never know her that bitch. And she knows nothing about math.

    Aurelie Miller, a taint.

    To her there’s only two things:

    She had had sex with the teacher of PE,

    And she had awful earrings.

    Do you envy her?

    Me? Yes.

    Go to get a whore, as you like.

    So?you are envying. Forgive me!

    If you want to know my opinion of Aurelie, OK, I wish you success. You two seems like a pair to death.

    Stop. To give her up would be a fault.

    Bring me her earrings.

    Miss Miller! AurelieMiller

    Do you have boyfriend? Yes.

    Now, you have two.

    And you? Is that really your sister?

    It’s she who asked me to come. Get out!

    If I scream, the school will be here.


    What are you doing?

    You are so coquettish, just like my car.

    That why I like you.

    Miller Aurelie

    Is she still not here?

    When will we meet again? The third semester, partly. Give me your earrings.

    Reflect your golden hair on it.

    Let your frozen stiff slave wallow in your earrings. You are crazy.

    You are crazy. Ok, let me go, Ok?

    Forget about those vectors and functions, OK?

    -Do you believe love at first sight?

    -En, yes.


    AurelieMiller?You failed the exam.

Did my wage make you ill?

    How is it? I don’t like blond woman.

    You did it! You this son of a bitch!


    That’s enough! She has nothing at all!

    You have forget that PE teacher; the one with a strong biceps.

    I’ve had sex with him.

    His leg? It’s just like your QI. -You like him, this snowman?

    -As the second choice, yes.

    What do you mean by “as the second choice”? What’s the first one?

    It’s your turn! Hurry up! Go away! Be calm!

    Do you know the Easter bet?

    it seems he doesn’t know it. You are all crazy! No!Igor

    Let’s talk something else. Kick his ass.

    Say you regret!

    That’s funny.

    Say it!

    You should not go.

    Look at me carefully, jerk! I dare do anything; beg me for forgiveness!

    You would get nothing.

    Bitch, give me the box.

    Kiss me, can you?

    I can.

    I said: kiss me.

    Anything wrong with you? You are all crazy!

    Get off my car, and I’ll tell you.

    Do you hear me? Get off and I tell you.

    Do you hear me?!

    Get off!!

    You are both louts! Idiots!

    Hold me

    Love me

    I can.

    Is this a game to you?

    No, I bet. You started it.

    If I started it, you would not hold it at once.

    Poor taint! You are going to miss the bus.

    He must be older.

    As a child, we think it’s a slow process.

    But it beats you like a branch.

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