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6 Sep 2001Project Management Committee. Minutes of the 5th meeting of the Committee held on 25th April 2001 at 2pm at the Institute of Advanced Legal

    Project Management Committee

    thMinutes of the 5th meeting of the Committee held on 25 April 2001 at 2pm at

    the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, London


    Peter Clinch, Project Manager (Secretary)

    Richard Cheffins (British Library) deputising for Jennie Grimshaw Helen Cordell, SOAS

    Barbara Tearle, Bodleian Law Library

    David Wills, Squire Law Library

    Jules Winterton, IALS (Chair)

In attendance for Item 8 only: Steven Whittle (IALS)

Apologies: Jennie Grimshaw.

Minutes of the fourth meeting held on 6th September 2001

    Jennie Grimshaw’s name was added to the list of those attending. The

    minutes were then agreed as a correct record.

Matters arising

1 Item 2(2): Title of the project

    JW noted that as a result of the Committee’s comments further design

    drafts for the project logo had been prepared by Launton Press Ltd, and

    the Committee papers for the present meeting and the new project web

    site (in test version) bore versions finally agreed.

2 Item 2(3): Progress Report for March May 2000

    PC had received no reaction from Ronald Milne or Andy Powell to the

    statement on the project’s procedure for data storage and delivery, sent

    in June 2000. There was discussion of the recent approval by of a

    bid to

     It was


    That JW would write to Ronald Milne to ask how the FLAG project

    could feed its expertise on the development of metadata standards into


     Action: JW

    Item 2(5): MS Access / Web versions of FLAG database

    PC reported that owing to pressure of work to develop the database he

    believed neither he nor Steven Whittle would be able to compile an

    article describing the technical side of the database and the creation of

    the collection description template before the Autumn of 2001.

     PC & SW to note

     Item 4: Report of survey of research needs

    PC reported that he had received no response from Ronald Milne to

    either the Annual Monitoring Report or the report of the survey, sent to

    him in September 2000.

3 Progress report by the Project Manager

    PC introduced the report and tabled an update on the number of records now in the

    database: 4,093. The Committee received the report and it was


    That DW would contact Bill Noblett, Official Publications Librarian,

    Cambridge University, to discover if there was other relevant material

    in the Royal Commonwealth Society collection, other than in the small

    law collection already appraised.

     Action: DW

JW explained that Steven Whittle had devoted considerable time to the project since it

    had commenced. He had in fact undertaken work, such as developing the Web version

    of the database which, originally, it had been thought would be largely put out to an

    external organisation. JW noted that fund transfers between the project and IALS

    would have to be made. He also noted that it was likely that the project would under

    spend this year (mainly because it had been decided not to visit and appraise BLDSC

    at Boston Spa). The Committee advised that it would be advisable to carry over to

    next year any surplus funds. There were a number of large and un-quantifiable costs

    (travel etc to libraries across the UK; clerical assistance with the survey questionnaire)

    which would occur. It was


    That JW and PC would meet in the near future to discuss the budget


     Action: JW/PC

4 Draft survey questionnaire

    The Committee discussed the draft survey questionnaire to be sent to over 100

    academic law libraries in June 2001, asking for information about their holdings of

    foreign, comparative and international law materials. The Committee agreed the form

    and content of the questionnaire, subject to a number of presentational improvements.

    The Committee advised that some days before the despatch of the questionnaire a

    publicity announcement should be placed on the lis-law e-mail discussion list. A

    similar announcement might be made on the RSLP list.

     Action: PC

5 Evaluation Panel

    JW tabled terms of reference and a membership list. It was noted that although about

    25 people were mentioned, they came from many parts of the UK and four distinct

    backgrounds law librarianship, the SPTL Libraries Committee, the IALS Libraries

    Committee and what might be loosely termed ‘other interested academics’. The main

    function of the Panel would be to evaluate the usefulness and ease of searching of the

    database. It was thought that for some members this could be achieved remotely, from

    their place of work, using a structured feedback sheet. JW reported that a

    demonstration had been arranged for the IALS Library Committee on Tuesday 1st

    May. DW and BT were interested in demonstrations to interested staff at Cambridge

    and Oxford. It was also suggested that demonstrations to IALS LLM students in

    Autumn 2001 would provide valuable feedback. HC suggested representatives from

    the University of London subject panel would also be interested. It was


    That PC would suggest the names of some representatives based in


    Action: PC

    That all members of the Committee would e-mail JW with suggestions

    for further members or means of obtaining evaluations of the database.

     Action: All

    That the Evaluation Panel should meet twice by the end of the project:

    in Autumn 2001 and Summer 2002.

     Action: JW

    JW noted that IALS was beginning work to resurrect the Current Legal Research

    database last available in paper form in the 1980’s. Links between FLAG and an

    electronic CLR database would be valuable.

    6 Any other business

    JW noted that he would be spending most of June at the Max Planck Institute,

    Hamburg and would be assessing part of their collection using the FLAG


    JW said that on his return, he would discuss with PC a skeleton structure and content

    for the final report of the project. The Committee was keen that the report should

    indicate areas for further project work such as digitisation, access to materials and

    union lists.

    JW reported briefly on a SCONUL meeting addressed by Sir Michael Anderson, on

    the Collection Management Projects.

    7 Date and time of next meeting


    th August 2001, at 2pm, at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies.

    It was agreed that at this meeting the responses to the survey questionnaire would be discussed and a scheme of visits to libraries by the Project Manager determined. Also, a draft of the Annual Monitoring report should be discussed.

     Action: JW/PC

8 Demonstration of the web version of the database

    Steven Whittle introduced a demonstration of the web version of the database. The Committee were ‘very impressed’ with the progress made. They suggested a number of amendments and improvements to presentation and layout.

     Action: PC/SW

The meeting closed at 5.00pm.

Dr. Peter Clinch

    Project Manager

    April 2001

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