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    Zen Resort Bali : AYURVEDA

Ayurveda, the “science of life and the art of healing”, is the world’s most ancient holistic

    health philosophy and system that covers every aspect of wellbeing: health, beauty, food, spirit, sex and living in harmony with each other and with nature. For over 5000 years in India, Ayurveda has been the practical basis of treating the root causes of many health disorders and diseases, often giving a real cure rather than temporary relief. Life based on the principles of Ayurveda resist ill health, arrests premature aging and retains youthfulness.

    The core objective of Ayurveda is to keep a healthy person healthy, not only physically but also mentally, morally and spiritually. Health begins with the fitness and the strength of the body, deepens to emotional stability, leading to intellectual clarity and wisdom, and through this to spirituality.


    The philosophy of Ayurveda treats the body, mind, and soul as inter-related and in doing so harmonizes the biological, physical, and neurological systems. The understanding that each one of us is a unique individual is important in targeting Ayurveda treatments to address specific health conditions. Ayurvedic massage is a core component of the treatment. Massage opens the body’s energy paths; stimulates and enhances circulation of

    body fluids, activating the lymphatic system; regulates the digestive systems; strengthens muscles, bones, and blood vessels; improves skin and body tone, and revitalizes the body’s self healing mechanisms.

    Ayurvedic massage treatments with oil, ghee, milk, steam etc remove the debris and toxins from the skin and cells become receptive to the absorption of medicated herbal paste treatments inducing healing mechanisms. It is important to repeatedly saturate the body’s receptive cells and ideally a two to three week program of ayurveda treatments annually brings lasting benefits.

    Kerala, in southern India, is recognized as the home of modern ayurveda. Our Ayurveda and Yoga practitioners, formally qualified from the College of Ayurveda in Kerala and with many years of practical experience, together with our trained Balinese therapists will assess your Ayurvedic body type and lifestyle, and any ailments and imbalances. Based on this evaluation and your constitution, various Ayurvedic therapies and dietary regimes will be discussed and advised towards designing your own individual health and beauty plan.

    Ayurveda is increasingly recognized as a highly beneficial system to complement modern medical practices to treat and cure the causes and symptoms of poor health, for example fatigue, sleeplessness, anxiety, stress, obesity, early aging, many diseases and other physical and mental disorders that affect an increasing number of people due to the stresses and pressures of “modern” lifestyles.

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1. Jarahar (Anti aging): Daily massage to the spine soles of the feet and head, with

    almond oil increases virility and semen. The human body made up seven

    components:, namely, Rasa Hormones, fluids and lymph, Rakta Blood, Mamsa

    Flesh, Medha Tendon of nerves, Asthi Bones, teeth, and nails, Majja Marrow,

    and Shukra Semen or ovum. The massaging of all these seven components is

    effective for body, mind and soul balancing and important for anti ageing, vitality and

     maintaining good health.

    2. Shramahar (Reduction of Fatigue). Fatigue is caused by physical and mental strain.

    In turn fatigue affects the muscles and causes tension. Rubbing, patting, and

    squeezing the muscles gently removes fatigue.

    3. Vatahar (Reduction of the Humor of Vata). Humour consists of four chief fluids in

    the body, namely, blood, phlegm, black bile, and yellow bile. These determine the

    physical and mental qualities of a person.

4. Darsanakar (Improves Eyesight). Massage improves eyesight and keeps blindness

    and other diseases of the eyes away. Massage of the feet, especially under the big toe,

    spine, neck and head will eliminate eye problems and improve vision.

5. Pushtikar (Body Strengthener). Rubbing, pressing, kneading, and so on increase

    and improve the circulation of vital life fluids and strengthen the body on the whole.

6. Ayushkar (Longevity). With regular massage, one can increase the longevity of

    one’s life.

7. Swapnakar (Sleep Induction). Ordinarily massage induces sleep but massage of the

    head and feet before going to bed can bring deep, peaceful sleep.

    8. Twakdahritakar (Skin Strengthener ). Massage makes the skin smooth, shining,

    and strong. Dryness is a sign of the vata element in the body being disturbed.

    Sometimes dryness is also caused due to anxieties and worries, though people in cold

    regions develop dry skin due to the chilly weather.

    9. Klesha Sahatwa (Tolerance against Diseases) A certain resistance against diseases

    increases with massage because it stimulates the production of antibodies and

    strengthens the seven components of the body mentioned in Jarahar.

    10. Abhihat Sahatwa (Tolerance against Injuries) A person who receives massage

    regularly recovers from injuries faster than a person who does not receive massage.

11. Kapha/ Vata Nirodhaka (Protection against Phlegm and Wind Ailments)

    Massage protects the person from all ailment caused by kapha and vata.

12. Mriga Varna Balaprada (Skin strengthener and healthy color enhancing) The

    color, complexion, texture, and strength of the skin improve with massage.

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(1) ABHYANGAM Oil (Full Body Medicated Oil Massage, 1 Hour, 2 Therapists)

    Abhyangam is ayurveda’s principal healing tool and the mother of all massages. This is a powerful massage regime in which medicated oils customized to your individual body

    type, are applied liberally over the entire body and deeply massaged into the skin. This

    treatment is very effective in detoxifying, nourishing, and revitalizing the whole body.

    Abhyangam achieves healing effects by naturally harmonizing mind, body, and spirit

    BENEFITS: Increases tissue strength and improves general fitness. It simulates blood circulation, rejuvenates the whole body, removes cellulite, anti aging, helps sleep better,

    promotes vitality, reduces vata imbalances and stress. Recommended for stiffness, stress,

    arthritis backache.

(2) ABHYANGAM Ghee (Full Body Medicated Ghee Massage, 1 Hour, 2


    The same treatment as for Abhyangam oil (see above) is given with medicated ghee.

    BENEFITS: Improves blood circulation, removes dead cells, skin is more soft and shiny, reduces stiffness and increases organs flexibility.

(3) ABHYANGAM Fruit (Full Body Fruit Massage, 1 Hour, 2 Therapists)

    The same treatment as for Abhayangam oil is given first and then fruit juices are applied

    all over the body massage is repeated

    BENEFITS: This is very effective for all type skin diseases, beautifies and enhances skin complexion, revitalizes the sense of touch and feeling.

(4) UDWARTANA (Weight loss herbal powder full body massage, 1 Hour, 2


    Udwartana means to energies and elevate the whole body. A special mix medicated

    powders is applied all over the body and deeply massaged with specific palm and finger


    BENEFITS: Highly recommended for weight loss, toning the skin & muscles. Improves blood circulation and removes cellulite. Imparts good complexion, revitalizes the skin as

    well as the sense of touch, and enhances youthfulness.


(5) MARMA Energy (Ginger herbal oil compressor body massage 1 Hour, 2


    This Ayurvedic treatment focuses on rejuvenating and revitalizing the body’s energy

    points. It begins with warm ginger compresses all over the body followed by a powerful

    energy balancing massage achieved through gentle and firm circular motion with

    herbalized oils. The treatment ends with a cleansing and relaxing facial mask that uses

    customized herbal ingredients to your ayurvedic body type.

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BENEFITS: A very effective treatment for revitalizing the body and mind. Enhances well

    being and feeling of confidence and helps relieve hemiplegia, paralysis, and rheumatoid ailments.

(6) PATRASWEDA ELAKIZHI (Herb and medicated oil body compressor massage,

    1 Hour, 2 Therapists)

    Patra and ela mean leaf, Kizhi means linen bundle. Elakizhi or Patrasweda is a kind of sudation therapy using a mixture of herbal leaves, grated coconut, mustartd and rock salt. The proportion of these ingrecients varies according to the symptom of disease and ailments.. The leaves are fried with several other herbal ingredients and tied in linen and dipped into warm medicated oil and skillfully massaged over the whole body. BENEFITS: This is highly effective treatment for various muscular pains and nervous

    problems such as backache, slip disc, Spondylitis, Sciatica, Rheumatism, Arthritis, sprains, cramps, and swelling of the joints, etc.

(7) SHASTIKA PINDA SWEDA NJAVARA KIZHI (Rice-milk compressor body

    massage, 1 Hour, 2 Therapists)

    NJAVARA is a special kind of rice widely used in Ayurveda treatments. The rice is cooked in milk and an herbal medicated decoction made of kuramthotti. Two to four bowls are made of this specially prepared rice and tied up in linen kizhi. This kizhi is cooked in herbal warm milk is skillfully massaged all over the body.

    BENEFITS: This treatment is effective for strengthening and toning skin, tissues and

    muscles, debility monoplegia, weakness and rheumatism, and joint pains, osteo arthritis, cholesteramia. This treatment also softens the skin and enhances the complexion.

(8) CHOORNASWEDA PODIKIZHI (Herbal Powder mix compressor body

    massage, 1 Hour, 2 Therapists)

    Podkizhi is another method of therapeutic sweating by fermenting the body thoroughly with linen bundles (Kizhi) compressors containing a powder mix including various herbs. The Kizhi are heated in a pan smeared with castor or neem oil and subsequently applied all over the body to induce sweating.

    BENEFITS: Effective in relieving ailments involving vitiated vata and kapha doshas, for

    example rheumatism and joint pains.

(9) PIZHICHIL (or “royal treatment” herbal oil compressor body massage, 1 Hour,

    2 Therapists)

    Pizhichil means an oil bath. Luke warm medicated oil is soaked in a palm-sized linen bundle and squeezed briskly and kneaded all over the whole body. This is followed by a gentle massage.

    BENEFITS: This is an effective treatment of muscular skeletal disease and chronic

    fatigue syndrome. Increases body immunity through renewal of the skin and removal of toxins. Recommended for rheumatoid arthritis, joint pains, lumbago, sciatica, hemiplegics, paralysis, sexual disorders, tiredness and nervous disorders.

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(10) PADAGHATA (Body massage with feet, 1 Hour, 2 Therapists)

    In this treatment the therapist skillfully massages using soles of feet instead of hands. The therapist balances by holding on a long and strong rope tied to the ceiling and holds the lower end of the rope while using the feet to massage.

    BENEFITS: Removes deep seated pain in the joints and bones, deeply relaxing, helps in

    removing toxins from deeper tissues and helps remove excess fat.

(11) SHIROABHYANGAM (Head - face - neck Herbal Oil Massage, ? Hour)

    A soothing massage of the head, neck and shoulder is given with warm herbal oils. This massage increases the oxygen supply to the brain along with the improved blood circulation. Massage of the eyebrows relaxes the whole body and is therapeutic for eyes and nerves.

    BENEFITS: The increased flow of brospinal fluid increases the level of life energy. The

    scalp massage cures dryness, reduces hair loss and risks of premature baldness. Massage of the forehead improves sight and power of concentration, facilitates sound sleep, cools the eyes, and reduces headache. The treatment is profoundly soothing and relaxing.

(12) TALAPOTICHIL (Medicinal paste head treatment, 1 Hour, 2 Therapists)

    Wrapping up the head with medicinal paste is known a Talapotichil. It is a recommended treatment for a range of ailments that afflict the head. The paste is applied on the crown and built up to 3 cm thickness and the whole area is then wrapped over with leaves. The paste is removed after some 30 minutes.

    BENEFITS: This form of treatment is effective for mental stress relief, insomnia,

    headache, migraine, depression, and hyper active conditions.

    (13) SHIROVASTI (Stress reliving herbal oil head treatment, 1 hour, 2 Therapists) In this ayurvedic treatment a leather sleeve about six to eight inches high is placed on the head and a band tied around the forehead to secure it in place. The inside bottom edge of this sleeve remains on the crown. The sleeve is filled with luke warm herbal medicated oils and kept in place and followed by a gentle massage.

    BENEFITS: This treatment is prescribed for cases of facial paralysis, dryness of nostrils,

    mouth, and throat, deafness and earache, insomnia and dizziness, migraine, neurological disorders, psychological stress, and skin disorders such as eczema and psoriasis.

    (14) SHIROPICHU (Forehead & scalp herbal oil massage, 1 Hour, 2 Therapists) Shiropichu is similar to Shirovasti except for the modes of application which varies. You will sit with head upright or lie down, face up in a comfortable position. To begin with oil is applied to the crown and a head band (varti) tied just above the ear level. A piece of cloth about nine inches square, folded to palm size and known as the fichu is then dipped herbal oil and placed gently on the fore head.

    BENEFITS: This treatment is effective for facial paralysis, headache, insomnia,

    dermatitis of the scalp, dandruff, eczema, and some neurological disorders.

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(15) PADA ABHYANGAM (Leg & feet medicated oil massage, ? Hour, 2


    A very stimulating acupressure points activating medicated oil massage of the lower legs

    and feet.

    BENEFITS: This treatment soothes and cools the eyes. Induces deep sleep. Improves luster of the skin, smoothens cracked skin of the feet, reduces hyper tension and relieves

    tiredness of the feet and legs

(16) KATIVASTI (Medicated oil treatment for body aches, 1 Hour, 2 Therapists)

    The waist area of the body is called kati. A rectangular leak proof reservoir made of black

    gram dough is built up on the lower back, around the lumbo-sacral area. Lukewarm

    medicated oil is gently poured in. The oil and the receptacle are kept on for about 30

    minutes and after removal the affected are is gently massaged with the same oil. This

    treatment also applies for knee joint (Janu Vasti) and the neck (Greeva Vasti).

    BENEFITS: This ayurvedic treatment is beneficial for spinal ailments, muscular pain, back pain, lumbar sponylosis, and spinal disorders such degenerative inter-vertebral dis-

    prolapse sciatica etc.

(17) UPANAHA SWEDA (Medicated and herbal paste pain relieving massage, 1

    Hour, 2 Therapists) An upanaha Sweda or poultice is the local application of a medicinal paste to alleviate

    pain associated with swelling. The specially prepared paste comprises selected anti-

    inflationary and pain relieving crushed seeds mixed with heated herbal oils and herbs

    leaves together with wheat and rice flour. A moderately thick layer of the warm paste is

    built upon the affected parts. The layer is then gently pressed over with herbal leaves and

    subsequently wiped off.

    BENEFITS: This ayurvedic treatment helps remove muscle and tissue swelling and it is very effective for all type of spot pains.

(18) UROVASTI (Heart and cardiac medicated oil massage, 1 Hour, 2 Therapists)

    Urovasti is administered to the auras of the chest to treat pain in the sternum area. As in

    kativasti a reservoir is built up on the chest with black gram paste. Medicinal oil is

    poured in and retained there for some 30 minutes, followed by gentle relaxing massage

    all over the body.

    BENEFITS: Strengthening of the heart, Relieves deep seated anxiety, anger and sadness. Beneficial for cardio myopathy


(19) SHIRODHARA and KSHEERDHARA (Forehead flow with medicated

    oils/butter milk/herbal milk, 1 Hour, 2 Therapists)

    Dhara means flow. This treatment involves a continuous flow of warm heated herbal oils

    from an earthen vessel on the forehead. When medicated butter milk replaces oil the

    therapy is called Takkadhara. And if herbalized milk then it is called Ksheeradhara.

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    BENEFITS: This treatment profoundly relaxes the nervous system, relieves stress and strain and is highly effective in improving memory, treating migraine, E.N.T disorders,

    enhances deep sleep and reduces tension, etc

(20) SARVANGADHARA (Full body flow with herbal oil/ butter milk/ herbal milk,

    1 Hour, 2 Therapists)

    An Ayurveda treatment in which herbal oil, medicated milk, or butter milk etc. are

    poured in a continuous stream all over the body.

    BENEFITS: This treatment helps to sooth the frayed herpes ends, promotes blood circulation, relaxes muscles and induces sleep. Recommended for neurological problems,

    spondylitis and paraplegia.


(21) NETRADHARA (Herbal milk eye cleansing, ? Hour, 2 Therapists)

    In this Ayurvedic treatment the eyes are bathed in a cooling stream of herbal extracts

    mixed in milk and water.

    BENEFITS: This treatment soothes, cools, and relaxes strained and sore eyes. It removes toxins and eye impurities and contributes to reduced risk of cataract formation. It also

    helps in treating chronic conjunctivitis, improves eye sight and makes the eyes sparkle.

(22) NETRA TARPANA (Medicated ghee eye treatment, ? Hour)

    Netra Tarpana is a treatment for the eyes. Leak proof receptacles are built around the eyes

    about 1.5 inches high. Refined and medicated ghee is applied with the eyes closed. You

    will be asked to slowly open your eyes for some 3 minutes and then close them again.

    The ghee is gently removed. Exposure to strong sunlight must be avoided for a few hours

    after this treatment.

    BENEFITS: Relieves eye strain often caused by long hours of glaring of computer and TV screens which leads to refractive errors of the eyes, chronic conjunctivitis, and

    corneal ulcer. This treatment is recommended for dry eye syndrome, glaucoma, poor eye

    co-ordination, burning sensation in the eyes and also night blindness.

(23) KARNA POORANAM (Herbal oil ear treatment, ? Hour)

    Karma panorama literally means filling the ears. The ear lobes are gently massaged with

    herbal oil. Lukewarm purified medicated oil is gently poured into each ear facing up.

    BENEFITS: This ayurvedic treatment cleanses the ears, improves hearing and is beneficial for a range of ear infections and hearing disorders.

(24) NASYAM (Herbal oil nasal treatment, ? Hour, 2 Therapists)

    Your shoulders, neck and face are first vigorously massaged with special herbal oils. This

    is followed by sudation; firstly face steam is applied and also inhaled; secondly a towel

    dipped in a hot herbal liquid is applied to work up a sweat. Natural oils of certain herbs

    are given as nasal drops. After a few minutes gentle massage is applied to the nose,

    cheeks, neck, shoulders, palm and feet. This shortly results in mucus oozing down from

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the nasal region to the throat. This is spitted out followed by a warm water gargle to

    cleanse the throat.

    BENEFITS: This ayurvedic treatment unblocks congested sinuses and helps relieve headaches, psychological stress, and contributes to cleansing of the whole nasal and

    throat system and other ailments, signa sigties, catarrh epilepsy, etc


(25) AVAGAHA SWEDA (Herbal steam water bath, ? Hour)

    Avagaha means immersion and Sweda is sweating. You will be seated in a large tub

    filled up to the navel with steaming and warm water prepare with anti-vata herbs. This

    process will induce body perspiration, thus releasing impurities and toxins. This

    treatment is particularly effective when taken after Abhyangam.

    BENEFITS: This treatment is effective for stomach and digestion problems, urinary complaints, hernia, rheumatism, and other disorders of the Vata and Doshas. It is highly

    effective for aching and sore muscles and painful joints, and removing cellulite.

(26) BASHPASWEDA (Herbal steam weight loss bath, ? Hour)

    Bashpa means steam. This is also a type of sudation therapy. Here herbal steam is applied

    evenly to the entire body. Before starting therapy you will be given cool liquids to

    prevent dehydration and then made to sit down in your individual steam box. In this

    position the entire body except the head is exposed to the medicated herbal steam built up

    within the enclosed wooden box compartment.

    BENEFITS: This ayurveda treatment is recommended for all types of body pains and aches. It opens the pores and flushes toxins and impurities and cleanses the whole body

    system. Excellent to improve the blood circulation, fat removal and weight loss.

(27) SNANA (Therapeutic herbal bath, ? Hour)

    Snana is an ayurvedic bathing treatment. A daily bath after an abhyangam or self

    administered body oil massage is prescribed as part of the dinacharya ( daily routine ) in

    ayurvedic texts. The bath is filled with warm water that has been previously boiled with

    various roots, tree barks, and herb leaves selected individually for each person’s prakruti

    (constitution) and any specific ailments. Cleaning agents like green gram powder are

    applied all over the body and an herbal shampoo for the hair.

    BENEFITS: A highly cleansing and toning treatment that removes toxins of the body through sweating, reduces body pains, and acts as an energizer, and enhances complexion

    and feeling of health and well-being.

(28) SUNDARARYA VARDDHINI (Ayurveda Facial, 1 Hour, 2 Therapists)

    This Ayurvedic treatment regime helps firming and shaping up the facial features and

    improves skin complexion. Herbal face packs, herbal cream and herbal oil massage are

    gently massaged all over the face, head and neck.

    BENEFITS: This ayurvedic beauty therapy works well for pimples, black specks, wrinkles, sagging of the skin, loss of eyelashes, etc.


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    AYUR3 RELAXATION (3 Nights/ 4 Days) Double Occupancy Euro 144 per night per person;

    Single Supplement Euro 22 per Night

    Special Offer: Book via internet & get 10% rebate!

    Day 1: Afternoon Arrival; Mandi Lulur- Traditional massage and Floral Bath

    Day 2: Yoga; Abhyanga Oil; Shirodhara; Avagaha Sweda

    Day 3: Yoga; Njavarakhizi; Ksheeradhara; Bashpasweda

    Day 4: Sunrise Dolphin Sail; Ayurevdic Facial or Hair Cream Bath; Departure

    AYUR5 REJUVENATION (5 Nights/ 6 Days) Double Occupancy Euro 141 per night per person;

    Single Supplement Euro 22 per Night

    Special Offer: Book via internet & get 10% rebate!

    Day 1: Afternoon Arrival; Mandi Lulur- Traditional massage and Floral Bath

    Day 2: Yoga; Udwartana; Sarvangadhara; Avagaha Sweda

    Day 3: Yoga; Abhyanga Oil; Shirodhara; Snana

    Day 4: Yoga; Visit Banjar Hot Natural Springs, Forest walk, Vihara

    Buddhist Temple

    Day 5: Yoga; Podikizhi; Ksheeradhara; Bashpaswedaa

    Day 6: Sunrise Dolphin Sail; Facial or Pedicure/Manicure; Departure

    AYUR7 PURIFICATION (7 Nights/ 8 Days) Double Occupancy Euro 137 per night per person;

    Single Supplement Euro 22 per Night

    Special Offer: Book via internet & get 10% rebate!

    Day 1: Afternoon Arrival; Mandi Lulur- Traditional massage and Floral Bath

    Day 2: Yoga; Udwartana; Sarvangadhara; Avagaha Sweda

    Day 3: Yoga; Podikizhi;Ksheeradhara; Bashpasweda

    Day 4: Yoga; Visit Banjar Hotsprings, Rainforest walk, Vihara BuddhistTemple

    Day 5: Yoga; Abhyanga Oil; Shirodhara; Snana

    Day 6: Yoga; Rice field Trekking and Visit to Munduk Waterfalls

    Day 7: Yoga; Marma; Netradhara; Karnapooranam; Bashpaswedaa

    Day 8: Sunrise Dolphin Sail; Facial or Hair Cream Bath; Departure

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AYUR13 HOLISTIC HEALTH (13 Nights/ 14 Days)

    Double Occupancy Euro 133 per night per person;

    Single Supplement Euro 22 per Night

    Special Offer: Book via internet & get 10% rebate!

    Day 1: Afternoon Arrival; Mandi Lulur- Traditional massage and Floral Bath Day 2: Yoga; Abhyanga Oil; Shirodhara; Snana

    Day 3: Yoga; Udwartana; Sarvangadhara; Avagaha Sweda

    Day 4: Yoga; Banjar Hot Natural Springs, Rain forest walk, Vihara Temple Day 5: Yoga; Marma; Shiroabhyanga; Bashpasweda

    Day 6: Yoga; Abhyanga Fruit; Snana

    Day 7: Yoga; PizchiliI; Avagaha Sweda

    Day 8: Yoga; Rice field Trekking and Visit to Munduk Waterfalls Day 09: Yoga; Podikizhi; Shirodhara, Bashpasweda

    Day 10: Yoga; ElaKizhi, Talapotichil, Snana

    Day 11: Yoga; Udwartana, Karna Pooranam; Snana

    Day 12: Yoga; Snorkeling and Scuba Diving at Menjagan Island Day 13: Yoga; Shiro Abhyangam, Netradhara, Baspasweda

    Day 14: Sunrise Dolphin Sail; Facial or Hair Cream Bath; Departure


    Double Occupancy Euro 130 per night per person; Single Supplement Euro 22 per Night

    Special Offer: Book via internet & get 10% rebate!

    Day 1: Afternoon Arrival; Mandi Lulur- Traditional massage and Floral Bath Day 2: Yoga; Abhyanga Oil; Shirodhara; Snana

    Day 3: Yoga; Udwartana; Sarvangadhara; Avagaha Sweda

    Day 4: Yoga; Marma; Shiroabhyanga; Bashpasweda

    Day 5: Yoga; Abhyanga Fruit; Snana

    Day 6: Yoga; Natural hot Springs,Rain Forest Walk, Vihara Temple Day 7: Yoga; PizchiliI; Avagaha Sweda

    Day 8: Yoga; Podikizhi; Shirodhara, Bashpasweda

    Day 9: Yoga; ElaKizhi, Talapotichil, Snana

    Day 10: Yoga; Rice field Trekking and Visit to Munduk Waterfalls Day 11: Yoga; Udwartana, Karna Pooranam; Snana

    Day 12: Yoga; Abhyanga Oil; Shirodhara; Bashpasveda

    Day 13: Yoga; Abhyanga Oil; Karnapoorama; Bashpasveda

    Day 14: Yoga; Snorkeling and Scuba Diving at Menjagan Island

    Day 15: Yoga; Udwartana, Shirodhara, Avagha Sweda

    Day 16: Yoga; Shiro Abhyangam, Netradhara, Bashpasweda

    Day 17: Yoga; Navarakizhi, Sundararya Varddhini, Snana

    Day 18: Yoga; Podikizhi; Netradhara; Bashpasweda

    Day 19: Yoga; Podikizhi; Nasyam; Bashpasweda

    Day 20: Yoga; Marma Energy, Shirdhara Buttermilk, Snana

    Day 21: Yoga; ElaKizhi, Shirodhara, Avagha Sweda

    Day 22: Sunrise Dolphin sail; Facial and Hair Cream Bath; Departure

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