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    1. TITLE:

    The club will be known as the “The Club Motor Car Club”. It

    will be referred to in this constitution as “the Club”.

    2. OBJECT:

    To promote the Amateur Circuit Racing in the The Club area.

    The club will facilitate and provide the Club’s members with

    opportunities to engage in Car Racing and enjoy the benefits and

    facilities provided by the Club.


    Membership of the Club shall be open to all without discrimination

    and will commence when the relevant membership documentation

    has been completed and the appropriate membership subscription


    The Club membership shall consist of the following categories:

    A Adult Members (From 16 years old upwards)

    B Junior Members (Up to l6 years old)

    C Family Membership (One or more adults with one or

    more juniors below 16-years old)

    D Full Associate Members (For the non-driving member)

    E Affiliated Members (For the occasional driver)


    Annual membership subscriptions for Adult, Junior and Family

    Membership are to be paid by monthly standing order.


    The administration of the Club and the enforcement of the Club

    rules and constitution shall be the sole responsibility of the Club

    Committee being the duly elected members provided for below.

    Eligibility for election onto the Club Committee is open to any category of Member provided their nomination is supported by two

    other Club Members in writing. However, no person with a

    commercial interest in Car Racing may be a member of the Club


The duly elected Club Committee shall consist of the following;







In addition to the duly elected members of the Club Committee, the

    following shall be Co-opted Members of the Club Committee as





    Each duly elected Club Committee Member shall be permitted to have, at his or her sole discretion, a sub-committee made up of

    other Club Members to assist in his or her duties.

In all decisions to be made by the duly elected Club Committee,

    including any decisions to expel any Members from the Club or

    refuse to permit any applicant to join the Club or to renew their

    Membership, the Chairman shall have the casting vote.

The Club Committee’s term of office shall be for one year with

    elections to take place at the AGM. All nominations for election to

    the Club Committee are to be in writing received by the Club

    Membership Secretary not later than 14-days before the AGM.

    Any Member of the Club committee may, if he or she so chooses,

    seek re-election to the same or any other post.

The Club Committee shall meet at regular intervals to be decided

    by the Committee.

    Any variation to the Club’s Rules or Constitution shall be decided

    upon by the duly elected Club Committee and any altered rules or

    amendments to the Constitution shall be published and forwarded

    to each Club Member by the Membership Secretary within 28 days.

    6. VOTING:

    Those eligible to vote at the AGM or any EGM called by the Club

    Committee are: -

    Every Adult member of the Club and any adults who are

    Family Members of the Club;

    Every Junior Member and any junior who is a Family

    Member whose vote shall be cast by their parent provided always

    that their parent is not already entitled to vote by reason of his or

    her Adult or Family Membership of the Club. In the event that

    both parents of a junior member of the Club are eligible to vote in

    their own right the junior will not have a vote in addition.

    7. FINANCE:

    All matters relating to spending within the Club shall be referred

    through the Treasurer to the Club Committee. The Treasurer shall

    provide monthly financial statements to the Club Committee and

    present an annual report at the AGM.

    There will be two signatories on the Club account cheque-book one

    of whom will be the Treasurer. No major expenditure in excess of

    ?200 will be possible without the prior approval of the Club

    Committee. The Clubs accounts will be audited yearly.

    All surplus income or profits are to be re-invested in the club. No

    surpluses or assets will be distributed to members or third parties.


    stThe financial year shall run from the 1 January.


    All members shall be informed of the date and agenda of the AGM

    by letter. This will be held in December. The following business

    shall be considered at the AGM:

    A Reports on the general workings of the club;

    B Presentation of the Club accounts;

    C. Election of Club officers/Committee Members,

    D. Review and approval of the annual membership-fees, and

    race fees;

    E. Discussion of any other business of which due notice has

    been given.

    F. Arranging a provisional date for the next AGM.


    It is the responsibility of the Treasurer to inform the Club

    Committee of any impending deficiency of funds. The duly elected

    Club Committee will then decide as to whether the auditor needs to

    be brought in to advise on raising capital from the Club

    membership or on closure of the Club.


    This is to be reviewed annually by the Club Committee.


    Each year the Club Committee will elect a member to be

    responsible for reviewing the document and ensuring adherence to

    current Health & Safety Legislation.


    Each Year the Club Committee shall review the current Child

    Protection Policy and the Committee shall elect a Club Member to

    be responsible for ensuring the Club’s Members adhere to the

    current policy.


    Each member’s address shall be recorded on the Club’s records and

    shall be deemed correct unless the Membership Secretary has been

    duly notified in writing. It is each individual member’s

    responsibility to ensure that the Club Membership Secretary is

    aware of their own current address.

    15. CLUB RULES:

    Every Club Member will abide by the rules as laid out by the

    Committee from time to time and, as a condition of Club

    Membership, sign a memorandum indicating receipt of and

    acceptance of the Club’s Constitution such memorandum to be

    retained and updated by the Club Membership Secretary.

     Any serious breach of the Club’s rules and or Constitution

    shall entitle the duly elected Club Committee in its discretion to

    end summarily any member’s membership of the Club.

    Any Member whose membership is terminated in accordance with

    the above provision shall not be entitled to any refund of the

    balance of the annual Membership subscription.

    16. TROPHIES:

    There will be NO money prizes awarded by the Club.


    Upon dissolution of the club any remaining assets shall be given or

    transferred to another registered CASC, a registered charity or the

    sport’s governing body.

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