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By Jimmy Cox,2014-08-13 14:01
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CWANETT - CWA Local 2222 ...

    Now is the time. Are you ready?

    ; Networking skills are in demand and in short supply

    ; Take the next step to stay ahead of the curve

    ; Through 2010 CWA will pay your exam fees

    Networking skills are in demand and in short supply

    CWA's Speed Matters campaign has been promoting public and corporate policies to stimulate broadband build-out and adoption. Telecom carriers are spending billions of dollars to fund broadband networks all over the country, creating new jobs that will require networking knowledge. Add to that $4 billion in Federal stimulus, and the future is clear.

    Just as the U.S. highway system helped spark growth generations ago, broadband is the infrastructure for the 21st century. That infrastructure is growing, and is expected to accelerate. Networking skills are necessary to make it all run. In other words, it's The

    Next Big Thing.

    Take the next step to stay ahead of the curve

    CWA members are encouraged to take advantage of this chance for career growth through the CWA/NETT Academy. CWA/NETT offers CCENT and CCNA certification through the world's most successful networking program: Cisco Discovery. Download the CCNA Discovery course brochure.

    CWA will pay your exam fees

    For a limited time, CWA will pay certification exam fees for CCENT, CCNA Discovery or any class that is part of a certification taken through CWA/NETT, as part of the 2,010 students in 2010 campaign to commemorate the 10th anniversary of CWA/NETT Academy. Those who become certified in any of our programs also are eligible for a drawing to win one of 10 Dell netbook computers. The highest participating Local also will receive two Dell computers.

Look for the four-page supplement in this month's CWA News for more details. You can

also call CWA/NETT Academy at 877-676-4553; or visit

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