Getting Paid to Surf the Web

By Ernest Harper,2014-06-24 15:48
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Getting Paid to Surf the Webto,To,Paid,Surf,the,Web,surf,web,paid,The

    Getting Paid to Surf the Web

Words And Expressions 词汇提示冲浪?作冲浪运动


    3.profitable??a.有利可线? 5.refer??v.提到?涉及


    7.referral??n.提名?被推的人 8.release??v.放? 9.favorite??a.




    14.autograph??n.亲笔签 15.celebrity??n.?名人 16.slim??a.的?不足取的合法的

Questions After Listening 听后答

1.For a teen who needs some extra cash _________.

    A. working for a computer company is profitable

    B. selling lemonade on the street corner is a good idea

     C. World Wide Web is your friend in need

    D. getting a job is the best way

    2.All Advantage is _________.

     A. to pay the common web surfer to use their software

     B. an advertising company with a new concept

     C. a company which had only10?000members at the very beginning

     D. a company with over5million members around the world 3.The new concept works as follows:

     A. All Advantage pays you ? 20 a month if you surf the web over 40


     B. All Advantage pays you 15 cents an hour if you surf the web within 25 hours.

     C. All Advantage pays you 10 cents an hour to limit the surfing hours. D. You earn 50 cents per hour from All Advantage while you surf the web. 4.For each person you refer ________.

     A. all Advantage pays you 10 cents an hour when you surf

     B. you will get paid only if he/she surfs the web

    C. you will get paid only if he/she refers other people

     D. all Advantage pays you 5 cents extra an hour if he/she is your good

friend or family member

    5.According to the speaker,________.

     A. some teens have been caught because they don’t have a parent consent

     B. only teens have been attracted to the new concept

     C. for those under 18 they cannot join All Advantage if their parents disagree

     D. the speaker is not satisfied with making ?50 a month with All


    6.Which of the following statements is true?

     A. All Advantage is the only company which pays you when you surf the web.

     B. Besides All Advantage Getpaid4and Go to world have also paid the speaker.

     C. You are allowed to get paid by only one company when you surf the web.

     D. A ton of new companies are established online.

    7.Another way to make extra cash on line is________.

    A. send e-mail every few days to certain companies

     B. get your friends to send your e-mail as often as possible

     C. get 35 cents for each e-mail some companies send you

     D. run your own web page

8.When you create a site________.

     A. an ad provider may be interested in displaying ads on your site

     B. it is easy to do it with the web provider, for you can receive payments

     C. you’ll get paid if anyone clicks on your web site

     D. you must pay hosting providers such as AOL and Homestead 9.Besides a little cash teens can ________ when they tell the sites what they think is hot.

    A. buy things at a discount online

    B. play games and do surveys free

     C. receive gifts like posters?key chains or CDs

    D. have many chances to win great prizes

    10.In the speaker’s opinion __________.

     A. it is illegal for teens to cash a bit online

     B. playing games for some free stuff is morally wrong

     C. you’ll have a chance to win a great prize unless you are slim

     D. the best to do is have fun while online and make a buck or two at the same time

Getting Paid to Surf the Web

So you need some extra cash and youre not old enough to get a job, but

    selling lemonade on your street corner isn’t exactly very profitable. So now

    youre stuck with no money, no new clothes, no new CDs, nothing. So what now? Well if you have a computer, then the World Wide Web is your new best friend. I am going to go over some ways teens can make some cash online.

    This past summer a company called All Advantage would start a whole new concept in advertising that would change the industry. Their idea: pay you, the common web surfer, money to run their software which displays ads while you surf the web. You surf, they pay. Simple as that. They were expecting only around 10,000 members to join; now today they have close to five million members around the world.

    Let me explain to you this whole concept. All Advantage will pay you an hourly rate of 50 cents an hour to surf the web. They have a 40-hour limit, so thats 20 a month, however they are currently limiting the hours to 25 for some reason or another .You may think this is not a lot, but let me explain some more. They also pay you for each person you refer 10 cents an hour for each hour they surf and each person they in turn refer five cents an hour

    for each hour they surf all the way down to four or five levels. This is very profitable just think about all the people you can refer your friends and family, who will also refer other people who will be included in your downline of referrals. Some people with tens of thousands of referrals are making 3000-5000 a month, while many are making over a 100 a month. However, there is a catch for teens. If you are under 18 you will be asked to send in a parent consent form. I personally make around 50 a month with them. Once again not a lot, but money is money especially if you are just surfing the web.

    Now after the All Advantage release there are a ton of new companies that pay you to surf the web. Ive dealt with the following and have received

    pay-ments from them: Epipo, Utopiad, GetPaid, and Gotoworld.

    Have you ever received payments? Well why not get paid for it? There are companies that pay you 25 cents or so for each e-mail you receive from them. However I do not recommend them because you only receive an e-mail every few weeks and they are not worth a lot. Another way of getting cash online is to start up your own web site.

    You can get free hosting from AOL, Tripod, Homestead, or any other free web hosting provider. You can make a site on anything you like:

    like your favorite game or music group and join a web ring and bring in some visitors. Then you can get an ad provider which will display ads on your site and you will receive payments if anyone clicks on them. Some providers are,, and a site is easy with the web provider. They usually provide a tutorial to go along.

    Finally you may not get a lot of cash online but what about free stuff? There are sites that let you buy stuff for free just for playing games or doing surveys and such. I especially like This site offers a ton of stuff you can get online simply by telling them what you think is hot or not. Its hard to explain, but trust me this site delivers. Ive

    received numerous posters, key chains, toys, and even some CDs from them. Another site is Here you play games and win ; I-coins; where you use them to enter in raffles. They have great prizes like new computers and autographs by your favorite celebrity. However, there are a ton of people there so your chances of winning are slim, but if you got nothing else to do then you might as well try. I feel those are the best legal ways of getting cash online, and I hope all you out there have fun while online and perhaps make a buck or two while youre out there.

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