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    Antimetabolites (0) Prevention (0) For complete list (no sub-topics), click Browse by sub-topic Xerophthalmia (0) Treatment (0) here - Prevention (0) Surgical treatment (0) Eyes and Vision Group (144) Community based Optical iridectomy and corneal Conjunctival diseases (5) programmes for prevention of transplantation (0) Conjunctivitis, allergic (2) vitamin A deficiency, Autograft with rotation (0) Prevention (0) supplementation and dietary Fuchs endothelial dystrophy (1) Treatment (2) modification (0) Endothelial keratoplasty versus Sublingual immunotherapy for Treatment (0) penetrating keratoplasty for Fuchs treating allergic conjunctivitis Corneal diseases (14) endothelial dystrophy (protocol

    (protocol stage) Band keratopathy (0) stage) Topical steroids versus placebo for Prevention (0) Keratitis (0) giant papillary conjunctivitis (protocol Treatment (0) Prevention (0) stage) Photo-ablative treatment (0) Treatment (0) Conjunctivitis, bacterial (2) Sodium versinate (0) Keratitis, acanthamoeba (0) Prevention (0) Lubricants (0) Prevention (0) Treatment (1) Bullous keratopathy (0) Antiseptic agents (0) Antibiotics (1) Prevention (0) Contact lens solutions (0) Antibiotics versus placebo for acute Visco-elastics during Education for contact lens wearers bacterial conjunctivitis intraocular procedures (0) (0) Ophthalmia neonatorum (1) Treatment (0) Treatment (0) Prevention (1) Bandage soft contact lenses Antiseptic agents (0) Interventions for preventing (0) Keratitis, bacterial (1) ophthalmia neonatorum (protocol Hyperosmotic agents (0) Topical corticosteroids as adjunctive stage) Topical steroids (0) therapy for bacterial keratitis

    Treatment (0) Cycloplegics (0) Keratitis, dendritic (2) Topical antibiotics (0) Full thickness keratoplasty Prevention (1) Conjunctivitis, viral (0) (0) Oral antivirals for preventing Prevention (0) Photo-ablative treatment (0) recurrent herpes simplex keratitis in Immunisation to prevent epidemic Corneal dystrophy (1) people with corneal grafts (protocol

    adenoviral infection (0) Prevention (0) stage) Treatment (0) Treatment (1) Treatment (1) Other (0) Bowman's puncture versus Antiviral treatment and other Prevention of the harmful effects of lubricants and debridement therapeutic interventions for herpes traditional medicines in epidemics in (0) simplex virus epithelial keratitis

    developing countries (0) Management of recurrent Keratitis, fungal (1) Keratoconjunctivitis (0) erosion syndrome (1) Prevention (0) Prevention (0) Interventions for recurrent Prevention of corneal abcess using Treatment (0) corneal erosions antiseptic after trivial injury (0) Keratoconjunctivitis sicca (0) Corneal graft rejection (1) Treatment (1) Pterygium (1) Immunosuppressants for the Medical interventions for fungal Prevention (0) prophylaxis of corneal graft keratitis Treatment (1) rejection after penetrating Keratitis, scleral (0) Surgical management (1) keratoplasty (protocol stage) Prevention (0) Bare sclera excision for pterygium Corneal melt (0) Treatment (0) (protocol stage) Treatment (0) Keratitis, suppurative (0) Beta radiation (0) Corneal opacity (0) Prevention (0)

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    Treatment (0) vitrectomy for proliferative Prevention of recurrence in children Keratitis, ulcerative (1) diabetic retinopathy (protocol (0) Interventions for Mooren's ulcer stage) Systemic antibiotics (0) (protocol stage) Treatment (0) Topical antibiotics (0) Keratoconjuctivitis, infectious (0) Bed rest (0) Ectropion (0) Prevention (0) Vitrectomy (0) Prevention (0) Treatment (0) Eye injuries (3) Treatment (0) Keratitis, other (0) Prevention (1) Surgical correction of involutional Prevention (0) Educational interventions for ectropion (0) Prevention of arc eye in welders (0) the prevention of eye injuries Entropion (1) Treatment (0) Trauma (2) Prevention (0) Keratoconus (0) Corneal abrasion (1) Treatment (1) Prevention (0) Patching for corneal abrasion Surgical correction of cicatrical Treatment (0) Hyphaema (1) entropion in trachoma (0) Contact lenses (0) Medical interventions for Surgical correction of involutional Penetrating / lamellar keratoplasty (0) traumatic hyphema (protocol entropion (1) Trachoma (6) stage) Hordeolum (1) Prevention (2) Eye neoplasms [See also Prevention (0) Strategies for prevention and control Cochrane Cancer Network] Treatment (1) (2) (1) Management of acute Antibiotics for trachoma Orbital tumours (1) internal/external hordeolum (1) Face washing promotion for Mohs micrographic surgery Interventions for acute internal preventing active trachoma versus surgical excision for hordeolum (protocol stage)

    Treatment (4) periocular basal cell Lagophthalmos (0) Antibiotics (1) carcinoma Prevention (0) Antibiotics for trachoma Retinoblastoma (0) Treatment (0) Face washing (1) Screening (0) Prevention of corneal exposure from Face washing promotion for Treatment (0) lagophthalmos in facial palsy (0) preventing active trachoma Eyelid diseases (3) Prevention of corneal exposure from Surgical management (see entropion) Blepharitis (1) lagophthalmos in leprosy (0) (1) Prevention (0) Ptosis (0) Interventions for trachoma trichiasis Treatment (1) Prevention (0) Environmental strategies (1) Interventions for blepharitis Treatment (0) Environmental sanitary interventions (protocol stage) Anterior versus posterior levator for preventing active trachoma Blepharospasm [See also resection in acquired ptosis (0) Eye haemorrhage (1) Cochrane Movement Autologous versus donor material in Hyphaema (0) Disorders Group] (0) brow suspension for congenital ptosis Prevention (0) Prevention (0) (0) Treatment (0) Treatment (0) Iris diseases (0) Bed rest (0) Chalazion (chronic Neovasuclarisation of iris of ciliary Cycloplegia (0) hordeolum or eyelid cyst) (0) body (0) Fibronolytics (0) Prevention (0) Prevention (0) Vitreous haemorrhage (1) Treatment (0) Treatment (0) Prevention (1) Complementary treatments Other vascular disorders of the iris Anti-vascular endothelial growth (0) and ciliary body (0) factor for prevention of postoperative Incision and curettage (0) Prevention (0) vitreous cavity haemorrhage after Treatment (0)

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    Rubeosis of iris (0) progression of age-related Routine preoperative medical testing Prevention (0) cataract (protocol stage) for cataract surgery Treatment (0) Aspirin and other NSAID (0) Cataract, secondary (0) Cyclodestructive surgery (0) Hats, sunglasses and other Prevention (0) Lacrimal apparatus diseases (3) UV protection (0) Treatment (0) Eversion of lacrimal punctum (0) Cataract prevention remedies Cataract, uveitic (1) Prevention (0) (0) Comparison of intraocular lens types Treatment (0) Prevention of late aphakic for cataract surgery in eyes with Surgical correction (0) glaucoma, retinal detachment, uveitis (protocol stage) Dry eye syndrome (1) amblyopia and nystagmus (0) Posterior capsule opacification (after Prevention (0) Treatment (4) cataract) (1) Treatment (1) Age-related macular Prevention (1) Artificial tears (0) degeneration (1) Interventions for preventing posterior Punctal occlusion (1) Surgery for cataracts in capsule opacification Punctal occlusion for dry eye people with age-related Treatment (0) syndrome (protocol stage) macular degeneration Correction of aphakia (0) Sjogren's syndrome (0) Day case versus inpatient Contact lenses (0) Keratoconjunctivitis sicca (0) surgery (1) Epikeratophakia (0) Lacrimal drainage obstruction / Day care versus in-patient Intraocular lenses (0) epiphora (2) surgery for age-related Spectacles (0) Prevention (0) cataract Glaucoma (24) Treatment (2) Eye camps (0) Glaucoma, angle closure (6) Endonasal versus external Options for surgical Prevention (1) dacryocystorhinostomy for management in different Iridectomy or iridotomy for preventing nasolacrimal duct obstruction settings (1) angle-closure glaucoma (protocol (protocol stage) Surgical interventions for stage) Laser versus non-laser endonasal age-related cataract Treatment (5) dacryocystorhinostomy (protocol Prevention of cystoid macular Alternative or complementary therapy stage) oedema (0) (1) Lacrimal duct infection / acute Prevention of late aphakic Acupuncture for glaucoma dacryocystitis (0) glaucoma, retinal detachment, Iridotomy, iridoplasty or lensectomy Prevention (0) amblyopia and nystagmus (0) (2) Treatment (0) Topical agents (0) Laser peripheral iridoplasty for Lens diseases (10) Types of extraction (0) angle-closure Cataract, congenital (1) Types of implant (1) Lens extraction for chronic Prevention (0) Multifocal versus monofocal angle-closure glaucoma Treatment (1) intraocular lenses after Management of acute episode (0) Surgical interventions for bilateral cataract extraction Medical interventions (2) congenital cataract Types of incision (0) Medical interventions for treating Other (0) Types of suture (0) chronic primary angle-closure Genetic counselling (0) Types of viscoelastic (0) glaucoma (protocol stage) Cataract, age-related (5) Second eye surgery (0) Non-penetrating filtration surgery Prevention (1) Cataract, post-vitrectomy (1) versus trabeculectomy for open angle Antioxidant trace element and vitamin Surgery for post-vitrectomy glaucoma (protocol stage) supplementation (1) cataract Glaucoma, paediatric (0) Antioxidant vitamin supplementation Cataract, preoperative tests Prevention (0) for preventing and slowing the (1) Treatment (0)

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    Other (0) Topical therapy (4) Prevention (0) Genetic counselling (0) Interventions for improving Treatment (0) Glaucoma, open angle (16) adherence to ocular Surgical treatment (0) Screening (0) hypotensive therapy Esotropia (2) Prevention (0) Medical interventions for Prevention (0) Prevention of conversion of ocular primary open angle Treatment (2) hypertension to glaucoma with ocular glaucoma and ocular Cycloplegia or bifocals (0) hypotensive medications (0) hypertension Spectacles (0) Treatment (16) Medical versus surgical Surgical treatment (1) Alternative or complementary therapy interventions for open angle Interventions for infantile esotropia

    (1) glaucoma Botulinum toxin (1) Acupuncture for glaucoma Neuroprotection for treatment Interventions for infantile esotropia

    Surgical treatment (9) of glaucoma in adults Exotropia (1) Antimetabolites and other wound Glaucoma, normal tension Prevention (0) healing modifiers (5) (1) Treatment (1) 5-Fluorouracil for glaucoma surgery Prevention (0) Interventions for intermittent Beta radiation for glaucoma surgery Treatment (1) exotropia Intraoperative 5-Fluorouracil for Interventions for normal Nystagmus (0) glaucoma surgery (protocol stage) tension glaucoma Prevention (0) Intraoperative Mitomycin C for Glaucoma, secondary (1) Treatment (0) glaucoma surgery Prevention (0) Surgical manipulation of null point (0) Mitomycin C versus 5-Fluorouracil for Laser iridotomy in pigment Strabismus (3) wound healing in glaucoma surgery dispersion syndrome (0) Prevention (1) (protocol stage) Treatment (1) Spectacle correction versus no Combined procedures (1) Anti-vascular endothelial spectacles for prevention of One site versus two site growth factor for neovascular strabismus in hyperopic children

    phacotrabeculectomy for primary glaucoma (protocol stage) (protocol stage) open angle glaucoma (protocol Ocular motility disorders (12) Treatment (2) stage) Amblyopia (5) Botulinum toxin (1) Management of surgical Screening (1) Botulinum toxin for the treatment of complications including flat anterior Vision screening for strabismus chamber, malignant glaucoma, amblyopia in childhood Prisms (0) hypotony, persistent choroidal Prevention (0) Surgical correction (1) detachment, bleb failure (3) Treatment (4) Adjustable versus non-adjustable Aqueous shunts for glaucoma Correction and occlusion (4) sutures for strabismus

    Interventions for late trabeculectomy Conventional occlusion Third (oculomotor) nerve palsy (0) bleb leak (protocol stage) versus pharmacologic Prevention (0) Needling for encapsulated penalization for amblyopia Treatment (0) trabeculectomy filtering blebs Interventions for stimulus Emergency management (0) Prevention and treatment of late deprivation amblyopia Fourth (trochlear) nerve palsy (0) endophthalmitis from bleb infection Interventions for strabismic Prevention (0) (0) amblyopia Treatment (0) Laser treatment (2) Interventions for unilateral Sixth (abducent) nerve palsy (0) Laser trabeculoplasty for open angle and bilateral refractive Prevention (0) glaucoma amblyopia Treatment (0) Peripheral iridotomy for pigmentary Macular stimulation (0) Ophthalmoplegia, chronic glaucoma (protocol stage) Brown's sheath syndrome (0) progressive external (0)

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    Prevention (0) Surgical treatment (0) Treatment (4) Treatment (0) Systemic antibiotics (0) Contact lenses (1) Ophthalmoplegia, total (external) (0) Exophthalmos (2) Interventions to slow progression of Prevention (0) Prevention (0) myopia in children (protocol stage)

    Treatment (0) Treatment (0) Laser photocoagulation (1) Specific learning disorders (1) Radiotherapy (0) Laser photocoagulation for choroidal Ocular interventions excluding Systemic steroids (0) neovascularisation in pathologic refraction for reading difficulties in Surgical treatment (0) myopia children (protocol stage) (Dys)thyroid eye disease / Radial keratotomy, photorefractive Optic nerve diseases (5) Grave's disease (2) keratectomy and other corneal Compression of the optic nerve (0) Prevention (0) remodelling procedures (2) Prevention (0) Treatment (2) Excimer laser refractive surgery Treatment (0) Radiotherapy (1) versus phakic intraocular lenses for Steroids in reducing optic nerve Orbital radiotherapy for adult the correction of moderate to high contusion in head injury (0) thyroid eye disease (protocol myopia Disorders of the optic nerve (0) stage) Photorefractive keratectomy (PRK) Prevention (0) Systemic steroids (0) versus laser-assisted in-situ Treatment (0) Surgical treatment (1) keratomileusis (LASIK) for myopia

    Intracranial hypertension (1) Surgical orbital Scleral slings using donor dura or Interventions for idiopathic decompression for thyroid other material (0) intracranial hypertension eye disease (protocol stage) Presbyopia (0) Optic neuropathy (3) Refractive errors (5) Prevention (0) Traumatic (2) Astigmatism (0) Treatment (0) Steroids for traumatic optic Prevention (0) Retinal diseases (16) neuropathy Treatment (0) Acute retinal necrosis / CMV retinitis Surgery for traumatic optic Photorefractive keratectomy in AIDS (0) neuropathy (0) Prevention (0) Ischaemic (1) Surgical manipulation of Treatment (0) Nonarteritic (1) refractive error (0) Acute retinal necrosis / Herpes zoster Prevention (0) Hyperopia (1) (0) Treatment (1) Prevention (0) Prevention (0) Surgery for nonarteritic anterior Treatment (1) Treatment (0) ischemic optic neuropathy Photorefractive keratectomy Central serous chorioretinopathy (0) Arteritic (0) (1) Prevention (0) Prevention (0) Photorefractive keratectomy Treatment (0) Treatment (0) (PRK) versus laser assisted Cystoid macular oedema (2) Optic neuritis (1) in situ keratomileusis (LASIK) Prevention (1) Prevention (0) for hyperopia correction Prophylactic non-steroidal Treatment (1) Myopia (4) anti-inflammatory agents for the Corticosteroids (1) Prevention (0) prevention of cystoid macular Corticosteroids for treating optic Antimuscarinic agents (0) oedema after cataract surgery

    neuritis Behaviour modification (0) (protocol stage) Orbital diseases (2) Contact lenses (0) Treatment (1) Acute inflammation of the orbit / Relaxation exercises (0) Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory abcess / cellulitis (0) Relaxation of agents for treating cystoid macular Prevention (0) accommodation and bifocals oedema following cataract surgery

    Treatment (0) in children (0)

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    Detachment of retinal pigment Intravitreal steroids versus Prevention of recurrence (0) epithelium (0) observation for macular Retinal vascular occlusion (2) Prevention (0) edema secondary to central Central retinal artery occlusion (1) Treatment (0) retinal vein occlusion Prevention (0) Laser treatment (0) Proliferative sickle-cell Treatment (1) Diabetic macular oedema (4) retinopathy (0) Interventions for acute non-arteritic Antiangiogenic therapy with Prevention (0) central retinal artery occlusion

    anti-vascular endothelial growth Treatment (0) Retinal vein occlusion (1) factor modalities for diabetic macular Retinal break with Prevention (0) oedema detachment (1) Treatment (1) Intravitreal steroids for macular Pneumatic retinopexy versus Aspirin (0) edema in diabetes scleral buckle for repairing Haemodilution (1) Optical coherence tomography (OCT) simple rhegmatogenous Haemodilution for retinal vein for detection of macular oedema in retinal detachments (protocol occlusion (protocol stage)

    patients with diabetic retinopathy stage) Steroids (0) (protocol stage) Retinal breaks without Retinal degeneration (20) Pars plana vitrectomy for diabetic detachment (2) Hereditary retinal dystrophy (0) macular edema (protocol stage) Prevention (1) Prevention (0) Diabetic retinopathy (3) Interventions for prevention Treatment (0) Management (1) of giant retinal tear in the RPE transplantations (0) Anti-vascular endothelial growth fellow eye Other (0) factor (0) Treatment (1) Genetic counselling (0) Blood pressure control (1) Interventions for Macular degeneration (Age-related Blood pressure control for diabetic asymptomatic retinal breaks macular degeneration) (17) retinopathy (protocol stage) and lattice degeneration for Geographic (3) Calcium dobesilate (0) preventing retinal Prevention (1) Screening [See Cochrane Metabolic detachment Vitamins, mineral and plant extracts and Endocrine Disorders Group] (0) Retinal detachment (1) Prevention [See Cochrane Metabolic associated with proliferative Antioxidant vitamin and mineral and Endocrine Disorders Group] (0) vitreoretinopathy (1) supplements for preventing Background retinopathy (0) Tamponade in surgery for age-related macular degeneration

    Treatment (0) retinal detachment Treatment (2) Focal photocoagulation (0) associated with proliferative Alpha-interferon (0) Pre-proliferative and proliferative vitreoretinopathy Focal laser (0) retinopathy (2) Retinitis pigmentosa (1) Lasering drusen (0) Treatment (2) Vitamin A and fish oils for Radiotherapy (0) Herbal medicine for diabetic retinitis pigmentosa (protocol Surgical repositioning of the retina (0) retinopathy (protocol stage) stage) Vitamins, mineral and plant extracts Laser photocoagulation for diabetic Retinoschisis and cysts (0) (2) retinopathy (protocol stage) Prevention (0) Antioxidant vitamin and mineral Advanced diabetic eye disease (0) Treatment (0) supplements for slowing the Macular oedema (2) Solar retinopathy (0) progression of age-related macular Anti-vascular endothelial growth Prevention (0) degeneration factor for macular edema secondary Prevention during a solar Ginkgo biloba extract for age-related to central retinal vein occlusion eclipse (0) macular degeneration

    (protocol stage) Treatment (0) Surgical removal of new vessels (0)

    Laser treatment (0) Neovascular (14)

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    Prevention (2) Macular translocation for Vitreoretinopathy, proliferative (1) Laser treatment (1) neovascular age-related Prevention (1) Laser treatment of drusen to prevent macular degeneration Intravitreal low molecular weight progression to advanced age-related Surgical removal of new heparin and 5-Fluorouracil for the macular degeneration vessels (1) prevention of proliferative Statins (0) Submacular surgery for vitreoretinopathy following retinal Vitamins, minerals and plant extracts choroidal neovascularisation reattachment surgery

    (1) secondary to age-related Treatment (0) Antioxidant vitamin and mineral macular degeneration Scleral diseases (0) supplements for preventing Vitamins, mineral and plant Episcleritis (0) age-related macular degeneration extracts (2) Prevention (0) Treatment (12) Antioxidant vitamin and Treatment (0) Overview (1) mineral supplements for Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory Interventions for neovascular slowing the progression of agents (0) age-related macular degeneration age-related macular Scleritis (0) (protocol stage) degeneration Prevention (0) Alpha-interferon (1) Ginkgo biloba extract for Treatment (0) Antiangiogenic therapy with age-related macular Cytotoxics (0) interferon alfa for neovascular degeneration Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory age-related macular degeneration Macular degeneration agents (0) Antiangiogenic therapy (2) (macular hole) (1) Systemic steroids (0) Antiangiogenic therapy with Prevention (0) Uveal and choroid diseases (3) anti-vascular endothelial growth Treatment (1) Choroideremia (0) factor modalities for neovascular Surgical treatment (1) Prevention (0) age-related macular degeneration Face-down positioning or Treatment (0) Surgical implantation of steroids with posturing after macular hole Other (0) antiangiogenic characteristics for surgery (protocol stage) Genetic counselling (0) treating neovascular age-related Growth factors or autologous Histoplasmosis (0) macular degeneration serum (0) Prevention (0) Focal laser (1) Retinal detachment (1) Treatment (0) Laser photocoagulation for Serous detachment (0) Onchocerciasis (1) neovascular age-related macular Prevention (0) Prevention (0) degeneration Treatment (0) Chemical control of the vector Lasering drusen (0) Rhegmatogenous retinal Simulium species (0) Photodynamic therapy (1) detachment (1) Treatment (1) Photodynamic therapy for Prevention (1) Diethylcarbamazine (0) neovascular age-related macular Interventions for Ivermectin (1) degeneration asymptomatic retinal breaks Ivermectin for onchocercal eye Radiotherapy (1) and lattice degeneration for disease (river blindness)

    Radiotherapy for neovascular preventing retinal Toxocariasis (0) age-related macular degeneration detachment Prevention (0) Statins (1) Treatment (0) Education (0) Statins for age-related macular Retinopathy of prematurity Treatment (0) degeneration [See Cochrane Neonatal Toxoplasmosis (2) Surgical repositioning of the macular Group] (0) Prevention (0) (1) Screening (0) Education for pregnant women (0)

    Treatment (2)

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    Antibiotics versus control for Non-surgical interventions for Community screening for visual toxoplasma retinochoroiditis convergence insufficiency impairment in the elderly Corticosteroids for ocular (protocol stage) Screening for prevention of optic toxoplasmosis (protocol stage) Endophthalmitis (2) nerve damage due to chronic open Other infectious chorioretinitis (0) Prevention (1) angle glaucoma Prevention (0) Perioperative antibiotics for Vision screening for amblyopia in Treatment (0) prevention of acute childhood Par planitis (0) endophthalmitis after cataract Vision screening for correctable Prevention (0) surgery. (protocol stage) visual acuity deficits in school-age Treatment (0) Treatment (1) children and adolescents Cytotoxic (0) Antibiotics for treating Vitreous abcess (0) Systemic steroids (0) postoperative Prevention (0) Iridocyclitis (0) endophthalmitis after cataract Treatment (0) Prevention (0) surgery (protocol stage) Management of post operative Treatment (0) Ocular pain (1) infection (0) Management of secondary glaucoma Management of chronic pain Rehabilitation (6) (0) (0) General (1) Steroid sparing treatment (0) Management of blind painful Multidisciplinary rehabilitation and Panuveitis (0) eye (0) monodisciplinary rehabilitation for Prevention (0) Enucleation (0) visually impaired adults (protocol Treatment (0) Evisceration (0) stage) Ophthalmia, sympathetic (0) Retrobulbar alcohol (0) Specific (5) Prevention (0) Management of Audible signage (0) Early enucleation of injured eye (0) postoperative pain (1) Braille and Moon (0) Treatment (0) Interventions for decreasing Canes (1) Management with systemic steroids postoperative pain following Orientation and mobility training for or cytotoxics (0) refractive excimer laser adults with low vision Uveitis, anterior (0) surface ablation of the cornea Electronic travel aids / mobility Prevention (0) (protocol stage) devices (1) Treatment (0) Panophthalmitis (0) Orientation and mobility training for Role of cycloplegics (0) Prevention (0) adults with low vision Steroid sparing treatment (0) Treatment (0) Guide dogs (1) Prevention of recurrence (0) Phthysis bulbi (0) Orientation and mobility training for Uveitis, intermediate (0) Prevention (0) adults with low vision Treatment (0) Treatment (0) Low vision aids (2) Prevention (0) Management of cosmesis Optical aids for visually impaired Uveitis, posterior (0) and prosthesis of a blind eye children (protocol stage) Prevention (0) (0) Reading aids for adults with low Treatment (0) Postoperative haze (1) vision Cytotoxic (0) Mitomycin C for prevention of Psychological adjustment (0) Systemic steroids (0) postoperative haze following Spatial orientation ( Uveitis syndromes (0) excimer laser surface

    Behcet's syndrome (0) ablation in moderate to high

    Reiter's syndrome (0) myopia (protocol stage)

     Various (9) Screening (4)

    Conjunctivitis artefacta (0)

    Convergence insufficiency (1)

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