Xx June 2009

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Xx June 2009

For immediate release 4 June 2009


    Industry experts predict that the Jaguar XF will be worth more than any of its competitors in the years to come.

EurotaxGlass's publish the car industry's residual value bible the Glass's Guide used by

    the trade to value cars of all ages. Their experts predict that a Jaguar XF will be worth 18 per cent more than the equivalent Audi in 12 months time and nine per cent more in three years time.

    Jason King, Head of Market Intelligence for EurotaxGlass's, said: "The XF has made a very impressive entry into the segment and has shaken up the established German players. A striking new look, luxurious and modern interiors and much improved build quality have all helped to make the XF one of last year's best sellers and this all has a positive impact on

    the value predicted for used models on garage forecourts.

    "With the introduction of the excellent new 3.0-litre diesel engine, we predict that residual values will become an even stronger proposition. For the customer, a strong residual value not only protects your investment, but it also means that car finance packages are more affordable."

    Research carried out by EurotaxGlass's suggests that the new 3.0-litre diesel XF will retain an impressive 80 per cent of its purchase price after 12 months or 14,000 miles, which makes it best in class, and an astonishing 45 per cent of its value after three years and 60,000 miles of motoring.

    Jason King, added: "These values make the Jaguar XF the best in its class and this is testament to this new era of Jaguar models. The XF is proving to be very desirable and prices have been buoyed up by strong new and used car sales since its launch last year.

    "The good news for Jaguar doesn't stop there values achieved for used examples of the outgoing 2.7 diesel model have achieved an impressive 77 per cent of the original list price."

In the UK the XF 3.0-litre diesel model is available from ?33,900. For more information go to


Notes for editors

    EurotaxGlass's estimates:

    Audi A6 SE. Estimated value in 12 months (with 14,000 miles) = ?21,425 (62 per cent of

    today's purchase price). Estimated value in 36 months with 60,000 miles = ?12,250 (36 per


Mercedes-Benz E250CDi Avantgarde Auto. Estimated value in 12 months (with 14,000

    miles) = ?24,000 (71 per cent of today's purchase price). Estimated value in 36 months with

    60,000 miles = ?13,750 (41 per cent).

BMW 530d SE Auto. Estimated value in 12 months (with 14,000 miles) = ?24,500 (77 per

    cent of today's purchase price). Estimated value in 36 months with 60,000 miles = ?17,000

    (44 per cent).

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