York Federal Savings & Loan Association

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York Federal Savings & Loan Association

    York County

    Job Description

    Job Title: Senior Internal Auditor Revision Date: 12/18/07

    Full time Part time Hours of Work: 8:00 4:30

    Hours per week: 40 Shift: Day

Department No: 12 Department Name: Controller’s Office

Reports to (title only): Deputy Controller

To be completed by the Human Resources Department: FLSA Status: Exempt Non-Exempt


     Grade Level:

Please complete the following to ensure that the essential functions and requirements are accurate, clear

    and consistent with the needs of the position.


Performs audits on the county Row Offices (Treasurer, Recorder of Deeds, Clerk of Courts, Prothonotary,

    Sheriff, and Clerk of Orphans Court/Register of Wills), Tax Collectors and other departments or agencies

    as directed to assess effectiveness of controls, accuracy of financial records, and efficiency of operations.

    Performs duties as senior auditor for external auditing firm in preparation of the County Annual Financial

    Report and Single Audit.


    ? Bachelor Degree in Accounting

    ? Four years experience in auditing/accounting position

    ? Knowledge of accounting/auditing practices and procedures along with GASB’s and FASB’s

    ? Proficient with Microsoft Word and Excel

    ? Proficient with 10 Key calculator and computer keyboard

    ? Must demonstrate strong analytical skills

    ? Must demonstrate excellent customer service skills

    ? Must demonstrate a high level of confidentiality

    ? Must demonstrate excellent written and oral communication skills

    ? Must demonstrate attention to detail

    ? Must demonstrate excellent interpersonal skills

    ? Ability to perform advanced mathematical calculations

    Job Title: Senior Internal Auditor


? Responsible for audit functions of the County of York in accordance with Governmental

    Accounting and Financial Reporting Standards.

    ? Analyze data obtained for evidence of deficiencies in controls, duplication of effort, extravagance,

    fraud, or lack of compliance with laws, government regulations, and management policies or


    ? Review audit schedules to ensure that each area of the County is audited timely and initiate spot

    audits when necessary.

    ? Create appropriate audit programs and procedures, ensuring audit procedures for automated

    systems are developed, including internal computer checks and balances as required.

    ? Oversee the coordination of the internal audit program with outside examiners and auditors in

    the preparation of the county Annual financial Report and Single Audit.

    ? Test documentation and procedures of the client.

    ? Prepare letters of agreement and representation and letters of confirmation.

    ? Compile audit reports and findings.

    ? Assess the County’s possible risk.

    ? Audit financial reports of grants to ensure compliance.

    ? Other reasonable duties as assigned by supervisor.

Job Title: Senior Internal Auditor


Please check those items that apply to the essential job functions of the job title listed above. Each

    category must be completed.

1. Following Directions

     Full Understanding of Both Written and Verbal Instructions Required

     Understanding of Verbal Instructions Only Required

     Understanding of Written Instructions Only Required

2. Communication - English

     Excellent Verbal Communication Skills Necessary

     Basic Verbal Communication Skills Necessary

     Limited or No Verbal Communication Skills Necessary

3. Functional Reading - English

     Fluent Reading

     Recognition of Signs/Symbols

     Simple Reading

     No Reading Skills Required

4. Hearing

     Ability to Hear Required

     Limited Hearing

     Hearing Not Required

5. Seeing

     20/20 Vision with Corrective Eyewear

     Limited Vision

     Vision Not Required

6. Functional Math

     Complex Computational Skills (Accounting and Financial Skills)

     Simple Computational Skills (Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide, Percents)

     Simple Counting Skills

     No Mathematical Skills Needed

7. Time

     Must Tell Time to the Minute

     Must Recognize Specific Times (Arrival, Departure, Breaks, Lunch)

8. Orientation (Familiarity with Surroundings)

     Several Blocks From Building

     Building Only

     Work Area

     Room Only

9. Mobility Skills

     Mobility Within the Building

     Mobility Within a Four-Block Radius

     Driving Required

Job Title: Senior Internal Auditor

10. Sitting

     75% - 100%

     50% - 75%

     25% - 50%

     Less than 25%

11. Standing

     75% - 100%

     50% - 75%

     25% - 50%

     Less than 25%

    12. Bending

     Knees and Waist

     Waist Only

     Knees Only

     No Bending Required

13. Lifting

     Greater than 30 lbs.

     10 - 30 lbs.

     Less than 10 lbs.

     No Lifting Required

14. Reaching

     Greater than 6 Feet

     2 - 6 Feet

     Less than 2 Feet

     Reaching Required

    These statements are intended to describe the nature and level of work being performed by people assigned to this position. They are not intended to be an exhaustive list of all responsibilities and duties required of the job incumbents.

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