Workshop Leaders Guide

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Workshop Leaders Guide



    PART I Organizing the Workshop


     1. Overview 2

     2. Workshop Planning Checklist 3-4

     3. One Week before Workshop Guide 5

     4. Day of Workshop Guide 5

     5. After Workshop Guide 6

     6. Suggested Follow Up with Participants 6

     7. Sample Workshop Flyer 7

     8. Sample Confirmation Letter 8

     9. Workshop Participant Form 9

     10. Alternate Individual Attendance Form 10

     11. Financing Your Future Workshop Evaluation Form 11

     12. Sample Picture Release Form 12

     13. Sample Letter to Principal 13

     14. Information for Press Releases 14


*Financing Your Future is a program developed by the National Council on Economic

Education with funding from the Citigroup Foundation.



Use the information in this section of the Workshop Leader’s Guide to plan and market your

    workshop. It is important to begin as early as possible to give teachers, schools and school districts time to plan for teachers to attend. Check local school calendars to avoid conflicts, such as holidays, parent-teacher conferences, and testing conflicts. If possible, work with curriculum coordinators, staff development coordinators, administrators, principals and classroom teachers to select the best day and time and to avoid conflicts.

    Contact a Citigroup representative in your city, state or region. Councils and Centers receiving workshop funding will be provided the name of the key Citigroup representative to contact. Invite the representative to attend your workshop and speak about the Citigroup Foundation’s

    commitment to financial education. Talk with the representative about possible follow-up activities.

    Once a date, time and location for the workshop have been chosen, let teachers know. The earlier they know, the more likely they are to attend. It is best to announce the program in multiple formats as often as possible. For example, mail announcements to curriculum coordinators and staff development personnel and request that they share the information with teachers in their district. Place an announcement on your website and mail flyers to your target audience. Ask state regional education offices to post an announcement of the program on their websites.


Workshop Planning Checklist for Financing Your Future

1. Identify the Logistics


    ___day of the week

    ___time of day

    ___specific time


    ___availability of instructional technology

2. Identify the audience

     ___high school economics teachers

     ___high school business teachers

    ___high school social studies teachers

     ___high school family and consumer science teachers

     ___high school math teachers

     ___curriculum coordinators

     ___community based organizations

3. What organizations/individuals in your area could provide assistance?

     ___regional education offices or service agencies

     ___curriculum coordinators

     ___staff development professionals

     ___high school principals/assistant principals

     ___social studies department chair

    ___family and consumer science department chair

    ___business education department chairs

    ___college/university professors

    ___state department of education officials


4. What type of assistance can these organizations/individuals provide?

     ___provide lists of interested teachers

     ___endorse the program or topic

     ___encourage teacher participation

     ___co-sponsor the workshop

     ___provide a facility

    ___advertise the program by distributing flyers or including the program on their


    ___send electronic or print invitations to teachers

5. Organizations with which you might partner

    ___Citigroup branches or services in your area

    ___local banks

    ___certified financial planner associations

    ___local credit unions



    6. What type of assistance might partners provide?

    ___a facility



    ___small incentives or awards for teachers

    ___print and/or mail flyers

    7. Things to consider in your budget

    ___facility fees

    ___parking fees if applicable

    ___printing and mailing of brochures or flyers

    ___copying and mailing (confirmation letters and other information for participants)

    ___workshop materials and supplies

    ___fees for equipment (LCD projector, overhead, laptop, DVD player and monitor)


    ___set-up and clean-up costs if applicable

    ___fees for participation

    ___cost of DVD *

    ___prizes/awards/incentives for participants

    ___honoraria for workshop leaders

    ___stipends for teachers

    ___substitute pay for school districts

    ___fee for technology assistant

    * Up to 30 free DVDs will be made available to Centers and Councils conducting a funding workshop.


One week before the workshop:

    ? Have you sent confirmation letters or emails along with directions, parking stickers or other

    needed materials to those who have registered?

    ? Have you organized the logistics for the workshop such as room set up including check-in

    table, refreshments, seating, placement of overhead and other technology? ? Have you prepared nametags and sign-in sheets so that you have contact information for


    ? Have you thoroughly reviewed the video program and associated lessons from the teachers


    ? Have you gathered supplies and materials?

    ? Have you reviewed and selected the PowerPoint slides you will use and made notes on the

    “thumbnails” in this guide?

    ? Have you prepared a backup set of transparencies in case technology fails? ? Have you made copies of

    - the Teachers Handouts

    - the Workshop Evaluation Form

    - the Picture Release Forms for the participants to sign

    - the Workshop Participant Form or Alternate Individual Attendance Form ? Have you confirmed arrangements for facility and food?

    ? Have you arranged to have a technology person available at the site to assist you in case of


    ? Have you sent an email or made a phone call to remind participants they are registered for

    the workshop?

Day of the workshop:

? Arrive at the workshop site early.

    ? Test the DVD in the DVD player

    ? Test the PowerPoint presentation on the LCD projector

    ? Make sure refreshments, name tags, sign-in sheets and other items related to registration are


    ? Make sure participants sign-in using the forms you have made available ? Start the program on time.

    ? Don’t overwhelm your participants with “everything that you know.”

    ? Don’t read to your audience. Involve them in activities.

    ? Be sensitive to participants needs. Plan breaks at appropriate intervals. ? Take pictures to document the success of the workshop.

    ? Obtain signed release forms from participants

    ? Finish on time.


After the workshop

    ? Send thank-you letters to co-hosts/sponsors, district or school personnel who assisted with

    recruitment and planning, financial supporters, and co-presenters. Include copies of

    workshop evaluations.

    ? Send notes to the principals of teachers who attended. Thank the principals for providing the

    opportunity for teacher(s) to attend.

    ? Add the workshop statistics to your productivity report.

    ? Complete written reports required by the National Council on Economic Education or

    funders of the workshop.

    ? Process any payments that you have agreed to provide.

Suggested Follow-Up with Participants

    ? Work with a Citigroup representative in your city, state or region to develop a follow-up

    activity that might be used by Citigroup volunteers who visit high school classrooms. ? Several weeks after the workshop follow-up with workshop participants via email and ask if

    they have had the opportunity to use the program in their classes. ? Offer those who respond an opportunity to have someone from Citigroup visit and speak with

    students about financial literacy. Suggested topics are student loans, car loans, banking

    services, budgeting, credit, and saving.

    ? Host an after school, follow-up meeting. Serve light refreshments. Collect feedback from

    teachers regarding the DVD series and the lessons in the teacher’s guide. Invite a speaker to

    discuss a financial topic of interest to teachers, such as obtaining your credit report,

    understanding your credit report, or how do credit agencies determine FICO scores.


Sample Workshop Flyer

    The Center for Economic Education at


    in collaboration with the

    National Council on Economic Education and The Citigroup Foundation


    Financing Your Future

    A workshop for high school economics, social studies, personal finance, family and

    consumer science, and business teachers

    Introducing a new video series resource for teaching personal finance

    Date: Time: Location: Fee:

    For more information or to register, WORKSHOP HIGHLIGHTS contact: ? Free copy of Financing Your Future with lessons that meet state standards

    ? Breakfast/lunch/snacks provided Telephone, Fax, and Email>

    ? Hands-on lesson demonstrations

    ? Certificate for renewal credits/inservice

    credit available

    To register for the Financing Your Future workshop, complete the form below and mail to:





    Or register online


    Space is limitedenroll today! Registration due by Deadline>




    School Phone: Home Phone: E-mail:


Sample Confirmation Letter

    The Center for Economic Education at





Dear :

This letter confirms your registration for the Financing Your Future* workshop made possible

    by a grant from the Citigroup Foundation. The workshop is being offered by the

    name> on in of the at . Please

    note that the workshop is from . Participants will receive the Financing Your

    Future DVD, schedule and refreshments.

Please note that reservations are required for participation. We order food and materials based

    on registration. If for some reason you are unable to attend, please give us 24-hour notice so that

    we can reduce the amount of food ordered.

Included with this letter are a map, parking information, and parking sticker. Thank you for your

    interest in this program.


, Director

    Center for Economic Education

    *Financing Your Future is a program developed by the National Council on Economic

    Education with funding from the Citigroup Foundation.


Workshop Participant Form

A web-based workshop participant form is currently being developed by NCEE to streamline

    reporting of grant-funded workshops. This form will be available at

Councils and Centers may also submit the required information in a spreadsheet (.xls) file similar

    to the one pictured below or in some cases available online.

In order to collect the required information from participants, workshop leaders may choose to

    print and distribute the form on the next page to participants at the workshop. Many organizers

    find it convenient to collect most of the information while they are recruiting participants.


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