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eletronic marketing as a new era market strategy to be used to B2b b2c and others in the huge market

    E-marketing can give our product to access to the mass market by affordable price, because it allows truly personalised marketing. We use this media as our creative strategy is about that are extremely low cost. Another way, our customers can find out about our information as their in 24 hours. E-marketing is one to one marketing to reach people who want to know about our products and services instantly. That will be personalization when the respondents

    database is linked to our forum or blogs, whoever visits the sites, so we will greet them with target offers, then refine their profile and market effectively to them. E-marketing as a interactive media by using music, graphics and videos. Therefore, we send to customers a game or a quiz by the video which will interest them to build awareness for our product..

2.2.6 E-Marketing

    This is wide range advertising, which will pull on the huge communication ways to our customer to share and get their opinions and information by Facebook.

    The strategies that we used are blogs & forums and viral marketing with facebook. By

    blogs and forums, we decide that facebook as a opportunity to interact with our target

    customers. Through the facebook, our consumers can create awareness about our products and services. It serves as platforms for discussions, whereby we wiil interact with our potential customers directly. Otherwise, even if our customers like our advertisement and product, they can share out the link with their friends and families to joy with us by the one to other marketing communication, this kind of communication process will increase our potential and improvement in the selling.

    Otherwise, Viral marketing is to generate an infection of thought among the internet users, who also like the advertisement which have been uploaded in the website, will share their link to everyone; such as youtube, youku, facebook link, and more. So, we create a fitness body road show will totally upload on the facebook link to make convenience to the consumers to recognize our message effectively. These enable to generate more customer awareness by the involvement of product benefits and attractiveness of video clip to make interest to the consumer who will be influenced by the actual revenue from our products. Therefore, we use facebook as e-media strategy also to identify people who can contribute to our sales potential and positioning by sharing, comment, and mesages. Finally, it helps to increase the probability of the product or service remaining within the community for a longer time.

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