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Simona Vieru ...

     Simona Vieru

    Telephone: (+4) 0756624559


    Adress: Ionel Fernic Str, no 59, Bl A5, Sc. 1, apt 9, Galati, Romania

    Date of Birth: 22nd September 1982, Galati

    Marital Status: unmarried


    ; Finding an interesting and motivating job, either in the field of translation-

    interpretation or in other activity areas.

    ; The continuous improvement of the professional performance level and

    knowledge background both in the field of my specialisation and in any

    other area of specific interest.

    Professional Activities:

     June 2005-September 2005- Travel agent for QCNS Bucharest,


     The main responsibilities and tasks of the job: establishing contact with

    foreign clients so as to sell the products of the company; keeping a permanent

    contact with the hotels all over Europe in order to offer clients the best solutions;

    introducing all the new data in the data base, sending vouchers, faxes and

    newsletters to our clients as well as to the hotels we had contracts with.

     March 2006- March 2008 PC operator for Webhelp, Galati, ROMANIA

     The main responsibilities and tasks of the job: providing technical support to

    French clients, which imply a good knowledge of French and of technical terms. It is

    important to have a customer-oriented view, to be well-organized and able to

    distinguish the problems the client has.

     June 2008- September 2008- Customer Relations Representative for IMA

    Servizi, Sesto San Giovanni, ITALIA

     The main responsibilities and tasks of the job: providing the contractual support for the Italian and foreign clients of the company, assisting to their immediate need, solving their problems as foreseen by the contract signed, sending the necessary documents both to the clients and the suppliers, making sure that the situations are solved with accuracy, the translation from Italian into French or English of different documents.


     During high school I participated to French Olympiads and I have won several

    prizes and mentions.

     June 2001- I obtained the Professional Certificate for French Language,

    certificate recognized both by the French Embassy in Romania as well as by the

    Ministry of Education

     May 2002- PC Operation Course advanced level (Data base:


     May 2004- I participated to the Scientific Communication Session within

    the Dunarea de Jos University; the paper, “Points de vues sur la Communication

    ecrite mediee par ordinateur”, aimed to present the differences existing between the the oral and verbal communication and the Internet communication and focus on the newly born communication, that which is brought by the new technology.

     May 2005- I participated to the Scientific Communication Session within

    the “ Dunarea de Jos University; by the paper I presented, „The American Film

    as a Utopia”, I intended to see to which extent the American film is real or just an

    American Dream; I also to tackle the different cliches on the American life presented in these films.

     2005- member of the programme Readin Group, sponsored by the British

    Council; this program aimed at familiarising Romanian students with newly published English novels as well as with customs existing in the English society.

     October 2005- I obtained the Authorization of the Ministry of Justice to

    be an authorized translator for French and English.

     Decembre 2005- volunteer in the Éugene Ionesco foundation, the French Library in Galati; as a volunteer I am involved in both administrative field and cultural field, participating to different contests and cultural events organied here.

     January 2006 I translated into French the review Interactive, review

    coordinated by the Town Council of Galati.

     March 2006 Participation in granting the Robles prize for a newly published

    French novel; the French Library “Eugene Ionesco” was the organizer of this event.

     2006 I published my diploma paper, Issues in the American Film, in the

    volume New Approaches in Humanisitc Sciences, Lumen publishing house, Iasi

     July 2006- I participated to the French Speaking Summer School, in

    Brasov; the main purpose of this summer school was to gather university teachers

    as well as young people from all over the world under the same slogan, „Tous egaux,

    tous differents”, and to discuss the role played by the French-speaking countries nowadays; during one week, I participated to the workshop „Nouvelles

    technologies et révolution médiatiques”

     November 2006- interpretor-volunteer for a German guest at the V.A.Urechea library in Galati; I have also helped with the translation of some articles

    and sites for the youth organization JEF; for the same organization, I have translated a website from English into Romanian

     May 2007 participation to the awarding of Robles prizes 2007

     From 2007 I am a freelance translator for French and English- I translated different projects, including a Professional Sales Textbook, European e-learning documents, religious books. Tools I am working with: Microsoft Word, Quark Xpress, Power Point, Excel.


     October 2006-February 2008- Translation and Interpretation Master- English language within the Faculty of Letters and Theology, „Dunarea de Jos

    University of Galaţi

     June 2005- Graduated of the Faculty of Letters and Theology Galaţi,

    French-English specialisation

     November 2003-March 2004 Beneficiary of a Socrates-Erasmus grant,

    within the University of Trieste-Italy, Faculty „Scuola Superiore di Lingue Moderne per Interpreti e Traduttori”.

     1997-2001- graduate of „Alexandru I Cuza” highschool, bilingual section (French)

Professional Skills:

    ; Advanced knowledge in the Englishand French language, culture and

    civilization and in the specific vocabulary for fields such as: Economy,

    Technology, Culture, History, etc.;

    ; Ability in communication and socialisation;

    ; Perseverant, dynamic, serious and flexible;

    ; Self-possessed and tactful in critical moments of pressure;

    ; Analysis and assessment capacity;

    ; Initiative, creativity, responsibility;

    ; Concentration on results;

    ; Proficient talking and writing skills;

    ; Sociable and team work capacity;

Foreign Languages:

    English-proficency level, French-proficency level, Italian-intermediate, Spanish-beginner


Reading, travelling, music, foreign languages, sport, film

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