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    March 1, 2002 Present Compliance and Internal Audit Head

    Makati City John Hancock Life Insurance Corporation (Philippines)

    - Manages and operates the Compliance and Internal Audit Function - Determines all applicable laws and regulations affecting John Hancock’s


    - Ensures John Hancock is in compliance with all regulations imposed by

    government agencies particularly Insurance Commission, Philippine Life

    Insurance Association, Securities and Exchange Commission, and Bureau of

    Internal Revenues

    - Attends all meetings and seminars in relation to the imposition of regulations of

    such government agencies

    - Ensures life insurance agents of John Hancock are practicing their profession in

    accordance to established code of ethics

    - Conducts the overall audit activities of John Hancock - Prepares the annual audit program for the Company and presents the same to

    the Audit Committee

    - Reports to the audit committee every quarter on significant issues and risks

    affecting the overall operations of John Hancock - Prepares audit programs, audit working papers, and audit reports for all audit

    engagements approved by the audit committee - Provide audit recommendations for identified control weaknesses during audit

    and/or review engagements

    - Addresses control concerns of any requesting departments - Conducts quarterly review of internal controls in support to the quarterly

    certification made to John Hancock Boston in compliance to the Sabarney’s

    Oxley Act.

    - Conducts training and seminars to all employees and officers regarding internal

    control awareness

    August 2000 - Present External Auditor

    Independent Public Accounting Practitioner

- Practicing as an independent public accounting practitioner for audit and tax


    - Conducting external audit services to companies with industries such as export-

    import, retailing and wholesaling, trading, financing companies, and service

    oriented companies

    - Prepares financial statements, which includes balance sheet, income statement,

    and statement of cash flows and other financial reports as requested by


    - Provides management letter to all audit clients containing audit control findings

    and recommendations for control improvements - Prepares and files income tax returns for audit clients - Provides minimum tax compliance and consulting services for audit clients

    June 2001 April 2002 Lecturer & Resource Speaker

    Manila De La Salle University (DLSU) Manila

- Lectures junior and senior college students, with majors in Accountancy, on the

    subjects of Auditing Theory, Auditing Practice, and Advance Accounting

    - Prepares accounting manual studies and reviewers for senior accounting


    - Conducts seminars on topics such as Philippine Auditing Standards and

    Accounting Systems sponsored by the University - Represents DLSU as a Resource Speaker for the Philippine Institute of Certified

    Public Accountants (PICPA) regarding topics on Practicing Public Accounting

    or External Auditing basic and advance, and Internal Auditing Concepts and


     August 2001 April 2002 Internal Auditor

    Manila Lasallian Supervising School’s Office (LASSO)

- Conducts internal auditing activities to all schools being supervised by the De

    La Salle University

    - Prepares audit programs, audit working papers, and conduct audit field-works

    for all internal audit engagements

    - Ensures that all control systems are in place effectively and efficiently and that

    all affected employees and officers are in compliance to such controls

    - Attends quarterly board of meetings of all schools being audited and discuss all

    control findings and recommendations

    - Ensures all schools are in compliance to established LASSO regulations and


    July 1999 May 2001 Audit Field In-Charge

    Laya Mananghay CPA’s and Management Consultants A member firm of KPMG International

    - Conducts external audit services to audit clients - Prepares audit programs, audit working papers, audit reports, financial

    statements and income tax returns

    - Application of audit programs by performing established audit procedures and

    document all audit findings

    - Performs audit risk assessment as part of the overall audit planning activity

    - Finalization and wrap-up of audit working papers - Conducting other consulting services such as due diligence and special



? Capable of managing internal audit operations, corporate compliance functions,

    external audit services, taxation function, accounting and finance operations

    ? Knowledgeable in all accounting, auditing, and taxation aspects in terms of

    theory, standards, and application

    ? Knowledgeable in risk assessment process as part of the overall audit planning

    for the internal or external audit function or as part of the strategic planning

    conducted by corporate management

    ? Capable of conducting all types of audit such as operational audit, financial

    audit, compliance audit, information technology audit, due diligence, agreed-

    upon procedures audit, and review procedures ? Capable of doing research studies on different government and professional


    ? Capable of conducting tax compliance procedures


     2003 ? Imposition and Implementation of the Compliance Regulation Laws for Life Insurance Companies ? John Hancock Web Based Training on Internal Controls ? Information Technology Audit (Conducted by the Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants)

     ? Insurance Commission Law on Corporate Governance & Anti-Money Laundering 2002 ? Updates on the new Statements of Financial Accounting Standards

     ? Salt & Light Business Training ? Management Team Building

    2001 ? The New Philippine Standards on Auditing ? Teaching Methodologies ? KPMG Risk Based Management & Audit

     ? KPMG Audit Process 2000 ? Real Estate Examination Review


     2000 ? Real Estate Licensure Examination ? Certified Public Accountant Board Examination 1999


    2003 ? Masters in Business Administration De La Salle University

    Status: Currently Enrolled

     ? Bachelor of Science in Accountancy 1999

    Philippine School in Business Administration

     Status: Graduated in 1999 ? Certificate Course in Basic Microsoft Office

     CAL Computer School 1998 Status: Completed in 1998


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