IT Briefing

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IT Briefing

    October 21, 2003

    9:00am 11:00am IT Briefing

    North Decatur Building, nd 2 Floor Kennesaw room Meeting called by: Karen Jenkins Type of meeting: Information Sharing / Gathering Attendees: Representatives from Distributed Local Support and Central ITD


     Agenda item: Reviewed action items from September Presenter: Karen Jenkins Discussion:

    Follow-up on action items and outstanding items from September’s meeting.


    POP list of users with significant POP server storage sent to local support representatives affected. CS received a new list and will distribute to specific affected local support contacts.

    Port Disable Procedure NetCom currently not actively scanning ports.

    Virus Containment Web tool to clean XP workstations successful. Approximately 2,000 users have selected the

    tool to assist with checking and repairing their system.

    Outbound Scanning Jay Flanagan setting up meetings with email server owners.

    Managed Updates Taskforce convened, currently examining products and defining requirements.

     Agenda item: eMail Alias Service Presenter: Olya Jerschkowsky Discussion:

    General overview of the email alias service offering.


    This is an administrative directive with the goal to present Emory as a unified entity. Each user is permitted one

    alias which can be chosen from a list of standard formulas. The formulas promote a set of standards and options to

    utilize if the user’s first alias selection is already reserved for another user. For example, John Smith may wish to use but there is a conflict due to another user already using that alias so John Smith is

    presented with other options that may include a nickname of middle initial, All aliases will have the “” extension.

     Agenda item: Electronic Support Request (ESR) Presenter: Karen Jenkins Discussion:

    Provided an overview and demonstration of the Electronic Support Request service. This service will eventually replace


    This service will be easily accepted and utilized by the user community.

    Action items Person responsible Deadline ; Can the system support pop-up descriptions for the subject types? Karen Jenkins 11/3/03


    ; Expand Student selection to “Residential” or “Non-Residential” Karen Jenkins 11/3/03

    Karen Jenkins 11/3/03 ; Eliminate or move the subject “General” to the end of the subject list to

    promote users to select the appropriate subject.

     Agenda item: NetCom Open Discussion Presenter: none


    General discussion stressing the importance of having NetCom present at the monthly IT Briefing to respond to network questions and provide an update.


    ITD will request NetCom to provide a standing “Network Update” discussion to each briefing.

    Action items Person responsible Deadline ; Request NetCom’s participation Karen Jenkins TBD


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