Start with thanking everybody for coming

By Floyd Elliott,2014-06-24 14:33
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Start with thanking everybody for coming

    Start with thanking everybody for coming. Especially welcome the special guests. Be friendly, even cordially.

    2. Refer to the status of those being welcomed. Always try to:

    ; tell who, which person

    ; tell who they represent - what their organization stand for

    ; tell what their status is

    3. Refer in your welcome speech to the achievements of the individuals or group you pay attention to. Pay a tribute to their successes, career and works. 4. Refer to the occasion. Eg. a church service, a class reunion. Mention - of course if appropriate:

    ; The goal of the event

    ; The other speakers

    ; Related workshops

    ; Group or forum discussions

    ; Other relevant proceedings and reports of the event, conference, meeting or

    the afternoon or evening session.

    5. Make a link between the event and the accomplishments of the special guest or guests. Look for similarities, and describe them fully.

    6. Explain your vision, ideas, thoughts or plans about the topic of the day. Sometimes it is appropriate to preview the features or other speech topics of the meeting, event or symposium. One small paragraph of two or three sentences for each feature will do.

    7. And, in addition to the previous speech topics, avail yourself of the opportunity to briefly look back and to anticipate on the future. Tease a little bit, by quoting one of the upcoming speakers. Ask before if she or he agrees that you cite her or him in your welcome speech.

    8. Thank those who have helped to organize and host this day.

    9. Offer some kind of friendship by repeating your warm words. Say you hope they feel at home. Thank them for participating.

    10. End your speech by wishing all, and especially the guests, an interesting morning, afternoon or evening.

    My three rules of thumb for this kind of speech writing are actually my Golden Rules:

    1. Be short.

2. Keep it simple.

3. And be genuine in your welcome speech.

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