Is the IT Department delivering real Business Value

By Patricia Henderson,2014-11-13 14:30
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Is the IT Department delivering real Business Value

ITSM / ITIL Consulting Services ITSS IT Support Solutions Inc. Improving the Business Value of IT

    Is the IT Department delivering real Business Value?

    The industry trend in Business Transformation has identified the IT organization as a key enabler. The implications for IT are significant. It requires not only new interoperable applications and infrastructure, but mature IT Service Management to establish, deliver and support new IT Services and associated Infrastructure. Whether an organization is undergoing large scale change or simply wants more cost efficient IT services, new directives for IT demand accountability for business value in four key areas; Efficiency, Effectiveness, Customer Satisfaction and Enabling Business Change.

    Are you being asked to do more with less / Need to run IT like a business?

    Historically, IT organizations have been internally focused and organized around technology, sometimes duplicating capability across several IT departments. Existing services and practices may need to be aligned to business needs, made common across the IT organization or made more efficient. However, even the most capable of IT organizations may be challenged by the scale and pace of Business and IT Transformation.

    Being accountable for IT business value requires a balanced approach to running the IT organization. Strategic, tactical and operational needs must be managed if IT Services are to; be aligned with the business, satisfy business demand, and support of users on a day-to-day basis. Achieving the right balance across the four key areas of accountability requires the coordination of all delivery and support teams as part of an end-to-end Service Supply Chain.

    Best Practices for IT Service Management

    Addressing these needs are industry best practices for IT Service Management (ITSM), including the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL). These provide a framework for improving the alignment and operation of IT service organizations, making accountability for business value a realistic goal. Not a rigid standard, ITIL encourages IT organizations to adapt the framework to suit business needs.

    In the mid 1990s, ITIL was introduced to North America and has seen wide acceptance by both private and public sectors. ITIL is now the worldwide de facto standard for IT Service Management and has had a major impact on IT Service Management and the integration of processes, organization and tools. The ITSS Inc. approach to ITSM

    Since 1994, ITSS Inc. has been implementing ITSM / ITIL Best Practice solutions for our clients. As a seasoned implementer, we are a recognized leader in the development and optimization of IT Service Management capability. We even got a rating for “one of the Top 5 ITIL implementations in the USA”.

    Our Services

    ITSS Inc. provides mature ITSM Consulting Services, drawing from our experience in ITSM / ITIL Implementation, Enterprise Systems Management and IT Managed Services. To ensure that each project succeeds, we adapt our SLIM and PDM Methods to the specific needs of each situation and establish close working level relationships that combine the best capabilities, experience and resources of ITSS and our Clients.

    Just some of the services and solutions we provide:

    ; Executive awareness

    ; Business aligned strategies for ITSM transformation

    ; ITSM Assessments and Implementation Roadmaps Relationship

    ; Service Improvement Programs

    ; Establish and Mentor ITSM Programs & Workgroups Method Resource; ITSM / ITIL practice development / improvement

    ; IT Efficiency Analysis and Recommendations

    ; Service Intelligence solutions Experience

    ; Leveraging your existing capabilities and technologies

    ; Business Service Management (BSM)

    ; ITSM / ESM Tools evaluation, architecture & implementation

    ; Business and IT Integration

     ; Training for ITIL certification and Implementation

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ITSM / ITIL Consulting Services ITSS IT Support Solutions Inc. Improving the Business Value of IT

    ITSM Business Advisory: Establish executive ITSM / ITIL awareness and ongoing sponsorship.

    Assist in establishing an effective ITSM Program Office and Working Model. Deliver ITSM

    Roadmaps in line with client priorities, define and sell the Business Case and manage program

    performance to assure the timely achievement of business and IT outcomes.

    ITIL Training: Accredited Training & Certification

    ; ITSM Executive Overview

    ; ITIL Foundation

    ; ITIL Practitioner

    ; ITIL IT Service Manager (Master’s)

    ; ITSM / ITIL / ESM Implementation and Program Management (various)

    ITSM Best Practices: Establish / Improve ITSM / ITIL practices using proven methods in partnership

    with our clients. Assist in team building, mentoring and detailed development of practices, always in

    the context of each client’s environment and situation.

    ITSM / Business Integration: Establish and Improve Business / IT synergy through the integration

    of their respective processes, people, information and systems. Continually improve IT Business

    Value by providing IT Service Intelligence and Business Value metrics, thereby creating the linkage

    necessary for Business / IT Alignment, improved IT investment decisions and support for Business

    Service Management.

    ITSM / ESM Tools: Establish an ITSM Framework & Architecture to promote an IT-wide

    understanding of inter-related tools and to facilitate the coordination of tool procurement and

    integration. Develop tool requirements and rapid evaluation approaches that identify and validate

    best-fit solutions. Work with ITIL process development streams to converge on achievable goals.

    Install, configure, integrate, and customize tools for each IT environment.

Why ITSS Inc.?

    We have excellent client references and a growing number of ITIL Master’s certified consultants. More

    importantly, we understand how to implement ITSM practices according to our clients’ needs.

    We are not simply an ITIL consultancy. We add value through our expertise in overall IT Service Management and know what it takes to develop and improve IT Services and ITSM Practices…. integrating services, people, process, information and tools.

    Thought Leadership is crucial to our success and ITSS Inc. leverages its associates and partnerships in the ongoing evolution of its practices and methodologies.

    We continually evolve our delivery methods and techniques in all areas of our ITSM Consulting service. This benefits our clients by reducing risk and time to business value. We understand that needs may vary, that all improvements are not big projects and that IT organizations need control over their own approach. As a result, we are flexible enough to manage large-scale implementations or simply mentor our client’s IT staff. In addition, we can leverage partnerships and our vendor certified consultants to reduce risk and cost. ; Reduced risk of adopting ITSM best practices and accelerated time to IT Business Value ; Our focus and commitment in the business of ITSM, ITIL and Enterprise Systems Management ; Seasoned Implementers, including a Top 5 ITIL Implementation in the USA (according to Gartner) ; Proven ITSM / ITIL Methodologies for Program / Project Managers and Practice Developers ; A background in IT Managed Services Outsourcing

Want to Know More?

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