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Report of F ...

    Report of F.S.L.I.PETROM ROMANIA

    The changes in the Romanian society brought by the 1989 Revolution made the oil-workers to gather their powers under the “Petrom” Federation of Free and Independent Trade Unions aegis. thOn March 27 1990, in Bucharest, took place the Setting –up Congress of the “Petrom”

    Federation, non-profit and non-governmental organization. At the moment, after the dismissals which occurred after restructure process, our Federation numbers at about 90.000 members in 150 affiliated trade unions in the Romanian Oil Industry. The main “Petrom” Headquarters is in Ploiesti, 21th Independentei Blvd. The entire activity of “Petrom” Federation is coordinated by the President Liviu LUCA and a Leading Board.

    Our members’ activities cover the sectors of: drilling, extraction, oil construction,

    special operations, oil-equipment repairing, crude’s refining and processing, oil-

    products distribution, petrochemistry, in units belonging to the “Petrom” National Oil Company and to 52 commercial-units with State or Private ownership which are performing services to “Petrom” SA Company- Group OMV.

    All the trade unions affiliated to ”Petrom” were born after 1990 and they all have new Statutes and democratic elections as fundamentals. The aim and the object of “Petrom”

    Federation activity are trade unions’ organizing process and defending the unionists’ rights in the field of labour and social life. The final goal is the improvement of work conditions, the work hygiene, reducing the risk of professional diseases and of accidents at work.

    Here are the means of achieving these objectives:

    ; Elaboration and negotiation of Labour Collective Contracts at the branch level,

    group of commercial units level, National Oil Company level;

    ; Juridical assistance through qualified personnel;

    ; Own trainings or common educational-programmes with partners from Romania

    or from abroad.

    In order to enforce the trade union organization and to increase the cohesion between our members with the aim to defend the statutory rights, ”Petrom” Federation integrated

    in the National Trade Union movement, being (till 1993) affiliated to the National Confederation Cartel ”Alfa”.

    In June 1993 “Petrom” merges with ICTU “Fratia”, with CNSLR and with “Univers” Confederation and so it was born the National Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Romania-Fratia (CNSLR-“Fratia”). Starting with 1993 (the year of setting-up “Fratia”),

    trade union activity was remarked through union movement which as fundamentals a well-built strategy; this strategy has in view social goals of a major importance. ”Petrom” Federation proves itself to be an opened Trade Union Alliance not only for internal requests, but also for the connections with all levels of the Romanian Society (Government, Ministries).

    Another step is the setting-up of “Atlas” Alliance.

    The “Atlas” Alliance numbers 200.000 members and its goals are:

    ; Defending the rights we’ve won;

    ; Obtaining new rights in the future.

    “Petrom” Federation is involved in CNSLR-“Fratia” activities through its active

    participation in the frame of Confederation’s organizational structure, being recognised


    as a strong partner and a promoter of the unity and solidarity in the union fight. This representation of the “Petrom” Federation meant a gain for the cohesion of the unions which are parts of some Leagues and also for the Confederation’s territorial representation, our Representatives represented many times a balance and a stability factor when split tendencies appeared. The presence of our Federation can be felt at the top of CNSLR-“Fratia” by Liviu Luca’s appointment as the First-Vicepresident.


    Introduce themselves

    Through its organizing structure and its unional map, ” Petrom” Federation consists of Trade Unions and apolitical Leagues, all over Romania. For the rapidity of the news from and to the affiliates, for the operativity in common actions and for covering the problems and the common programmes between the Council’s meetings, our Federation divided the unional map in 7 zones, leaded by ZONE COUNSELLORS, named by Liviu Luca, the ”Petrom” President.

Synthesis of main labour conflicts, as well as, international activities carried on by

    F.S.L.I.” PETROM”

1990 - 1993

    ; On the 8th of June 1990, at the initiative of F.S.L.I.”PETROM”, the

    Cartel ”ALFA” Confederation was established;

    ; May 1991, F.S.L.I. “PETROM” negotiated , signed and registered the first

    Collective Labour Agreement , at the level of “Petrom” branch;

    ; March 1992, rally in order to stop the reduction of subsidiaries without having

    the assurance of a social protection;

    ; In the year 1992, beside the Collective Labour Agreement, at the “Petrom”

    branch level, it was concluded an agreement at the level of groups of units;

    ; In November 1992, F.S.L.I. “Petrom” affiliated to I.C.E.F.

    ; February 1993, rally for assuring the social protection, real privatisation, the

    admissible fund to be banished and no retroactive taxation;

    ; In 1993, beside the two types of collective labour agreements , an other one

    will be added, at the branch level;

    ; May 1993, with the occasion of a protesting action, the Federation received

    the support of I.C.E.F., by the Protest-Letter addressed to Romanian

    Government, respectively, the Prime Minister Nicolae Vacaroiu;

    ; November 1993 a rally together with C.N.S.L.R.-“Fratia”


    ; February 1994, General Strike;

    ; The trade unions obtained: the Law of Collective Labour Agreements, the

    Law of Labour Conflicts and Strike, the Unemployment Law, the Payment

    Law, and, least, but not last, the Trade Union Law

    th; As a result of the strike from December, the 15, 1994, F.S.L.I. ”Petrom”

    participated to the negotiations with the Government, in order to modify the


    budget on 1994 , as a result of the impossibility to pay the wages for the months of November and December 1994;

    ; It was negotiated the wages fund for 1995, within the costs and the incomes budget;

    ; It was discussed the financial blockage and the application of the Order no.13/1994, as well as the fact that the Christmas gifts for children not to be subject of taxation;

    ; It was discussed the Strategy of the Government in the oil industry field; ; F.S.L.I. “Petrom” participated to the amendments of some drafts of laws: the draft of the Law of Oil, the set-up and the functioning of the Romanian Oil Company, there were some amendments to the Law of the Trade Unions and the Labour conflicts; there were discussions, through the Confederation regarding the draft of the Collective Labour Agreements;

    th; On 28 of March 1995, FSLI “Petrom” participated to the Congress of the Federation of Chemical, Oil and Gas Trade Unions, organized in Chisinau; Also, meetings with Hungarian trade unions were taking place;

    ; During the period 08 18 of May 1995, the leaders of the federation thtook part to the proceedings of the 11 Session of the Commission of

    Chemistry and Oil Industry of ILO, in Geneva, Liviu Luca was elected

    as vice president of workers group;

    1995 1996

    ; F.S.L.I. “Petrom” participated to the negotiation with the Government thbefore and after the warning strike from 19 of March 1996, obtaining

    the increase of the crude-oil price, which led to the increase of the

    Company’s incomes;

    ; F.S.L.I. ”Petrom” took part to the debate of the Oil Law which was

    promulgated and which offered a legal framework for carrying on the

    oil workers activities;

    ; During the month of February 1996, for the first time, in Romania was

    organized, similar to the German pattern, a referendum within the oil

    industry, by which the employees expressed their option for their

    participation to the strike;

    th; On 19 of March 1996, a two hours warning strike was started, and as a

    result of this event, it was obtained an increase of the crude-oil price,

    without affecting the price of oil products and an increase of the wages;

    ; At the request of the Serbian trade unions it was organized a Balkan

    Conference of the Trade Unions;

    ; In November 1995, in Washington took place the Merger Congress

    between ICEF and the International Miners Federation; so, it was

    established the new International Trade Union Confederation: ICEM.

    During this Congress, FSLI”Petrom” was designated to be part of the

    Executive Committee of ICEM.



    ; FSLI ”Petrom” was designated to participate, as representative of

    CNSLR-Fratia, to the Congress of Bulgarian Trade Unions

    “PODKREPA” and the Congress of Norwegian Trade Unions

    Confederation LO;

    ; The decision of suspending the activity of CNSLR-Fratia within the

    European Trade Unions Confederation was banned and Liviu Luca was

    nominated as representative of CNSLR-Fratia in the structure of ETUC,

    and also, he was elected as Deputy Member of the Executive Committee

    of ETUC.


    ; In the fall of 1997, the Federation affiliated to EMCEF, in order to have

    access to the trade union structures of the European Union;

    ; In November 1997, FSLI “Petrom” cooperated with the newly created

    body of ICFTU for women from Centre and South-East Europe.

    1999 2000

    th; On 24 of March 1999, the oil workers proved, during the most

    important protest action organized commonly by the four biggest

    confederations of Romania: CNSLR-Fratia, BNS, Cartel”ALFA”, and

    CSDR, that they have the best potential for organizing; more than

    500.000 people from all over the country took part to this meeting.

    ; During the National Conference of FSLI ”Petrom” in June 1999, it was

    presented the initiative to establish the Trade Union Federative

    Association ”ATLAS”, which would bring together all trade union

    members from the energy sectors.

    ; 26th- 29th of March 2000 it was celebrated 10 years of existence of

    F.S.L.I. “PETROM”.

    2000 2002

    ; The separation of Oil Service Groups within the National Romanian Oil

    Company “PETROM” meant an important event in the lives of the employees

    working in this sector, and FSLI ”Petrom” intervened in their support by

    proposing that the privatisation to be done through the Employees Association; ; The set-up , at FSLI ”Petrom” level of the Health and Safety Service;

    ; Gathering the signatures in order to start the labour conflict December 2001;

    ; According trade union assistance to the Trade Union NEZAVISNOST of


    ; The visit of the trade unions from Poland, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Turkey, Norway; ; The participation of FSLI “Petrom” to the meetings of Sector Committees of

    EMCEF and ICEM

    ; In March 2000 at the National Congress of FSLI ”Petrom”, organized in Slanic

    Moldova, Liviu Luca was re-elected as President;



    ; The representatives of FSLI “Petrom” sustained within the Tripartite

    Commission the trade union members point of view regarding the labour

    relations and the social domain;

    ; The involvement of FSLI ”Petrom” in the alignment of the Collective

    Labour Agreements to the new Labour Code;

    ; The visit of some trade union delegations from Slovakia, Hungary, Poland,

    Egypt, Norway, Serbia, Republic of Moldavia;

    ; The participation of FSLI ”Petrom” to the World Energy Conference of


    ; The participation of FSLI “Petrom” to EMCEF Congress in June, 08 – 10,

    Stockholm, elections : Liviu Luca vice president, Florin Bercea member

    of the Executive Committee;

    ; The privatisation of Romanian Oil Company PETROM - OMV Austria


    ; The conclusion of the first Labour Agreement with the representative of

    OMV for the employees of SC PETROM SA, member of OMV Group;

    ; The conclusion of the Collective Labour Agreement at branch level,

    group of units and SC PETROMSERVICE SA;

    ; The participation of president Liviu Luca at EMCEF plenary meetings as

    vice president

    This represents a synthesis of the main labour problems with which the Federation Petrom is confronted in our country.

    Regarding the strategies and the main actions related to the promotion of the fundamental rights of workers, these are connected to the negotiation and conclusion of the Collective Labour Agreements at all levels, main tool for solving the employees problems. The present cooperation between PETROM and ICEM is also underlined by the educational activities (ICEM coordinator: Mato Lalic is carrying on a very

    important educational program in Romania in order to train the trainers). Also, at any request of FSLI “Petrom” regarding the promotion of workers’ rights, ICEM supported us.

    In the end, we appreciate the activity and the relationships with this big confederation as being very good.

Gabriel Stanescu

    Nicolae Lazar Roman Marius


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