407-Chandler confess to Joey about his affair with Kathy

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407-Chandler confess to Joey about his affair with Kathy

    407-Chandler confess to Joey about his affair with Kathy

    Chandler: Listen ah, Joe, I-I need to, I need to talk to you about something. Joey: What’s up?

    Chandler: It’s-it’s about Kathy. Umm, uh, I like her. I like her a lot actually. Joey: You do?

    Chandler: Yeah.

    Joey: Well, your timing couldn’t be better. She’s not my girlfriend anymore.

    Chandler: What?

    Joey: Yeah, she broke up with me.

    Chandler: Oh uh, when?

    Joey: Just now, after acting class. At first I thought she was doing some kind of scene, that’s why I let people


    Chandler: Oh man, I am so sorry. Are, are you okay?

    Joey: Well, I’ve been better. But, I’m all right. So you like her huh?

    Chandler: Yes, but I-I uh, don’t have too.

    Joey: No-no-no, no it’s uh, it’s okay.

    Chandler: Yeah?

    Joey: Yeah. You know why? `Cause you can to me first.

    Chandler: Well, I thought that would be the best thing to do. Joey: But hey, listen just so you know, you might have you’re work cut out for you. `Cause when I talked to her, I

    kinda got the feeling that she’s into some other guy. So...

    Chandler: See uh, that’s-thats actually what I wanted to talk to you about. I-I think I know who the other guy is.

    Joey: Who?

    Chandler: It’s me. Im the other guy.

    Joey: What?

    Chandler: Yeah, I mean when you were late last night, Kathy and I got to talking, and one thing to another and...

    Joey: And what?! Did you sleep with her?!

    Chandler: No! No! No! I just kissed her.

    Joey: What?!! That’s even worse!!

    Chandler: How is that worse?!

    Joey: I don’t know! But it’s the same!

    Chandler: Look, I’m sorry! But there’s nothing I can do, I think I’m in love with her!

    Joey: Who cares?! You went behind my back! I would never do that to you! Chandler: You’re right, I have no excuses! I was totally over the line. Joey: Over the line?! You-you’re-you’re so far past the line, that you-you can’t even see the line! The line is a dot

    to you!

    Chandler: Yes. Yes! Right! And I feel horrible. You have to believe me! Joey: Is that why you bought all this stuff?! (Chandler makes a face like "Well, kinda.") Well, y’know what I will

    not watch your TV, I will not listen to your stereo, and there’s a cinnamon raisin loaf in the new bread

    maker that I’m not gonna eat! You know why?!

    Chandler: Probably because....

    Joey: Because it’s all tainted with your betrayal. From now on this apartment is empty for me! And I’m not happy

    about you either. (The bread maker dings) Oh, and just so you know, I made that bread for you. (Joey

    walks into his bedroom and slams the door.)

Need to watch: (disk 11, about 10 minutes long)

    08:3813:48 Chandler and Kathyhaircutkiss

    15:2516:09 Chandler buys furniture

    20:3423:46 Chandler confesses to Joey about his affair with Kathy

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