Wilfrid Jean-Baptiste

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Wilfrid Jean-Baptiste

     Finance, Accounting, and Management Professional

     Wilfrid JEAN-BAPTISTE

     P.O.B 15693, Pétion- Ville- Haiti

     Phone: 509-406-8553

     E-mail address:

    Competence Domains:

    Financial Management:

- Financial strategic management

    - Budgeting and forecasting,

    - Monitoring reports

    - Financial reporting and analysis

    - Investment and risk management

    - Financial operations management


- General accounting

    - Accounting for projects and funds accounting systems

    - Financial audit

    - Internal control risk assessment

    - Internal control system designing and implementation

    - Management system evaluation

    - Cost accounting

Other Competences

- Market analysis

    - Institutional evaluation

    - Economic studies

    - Project evaluation

Professional Experiences:

CDS, 4 Impasse Stéphen Alexis

     Financial and Administrative Consultant

- Advise the Executive Manager in non-current financial and administrative affairs

    - Prepare or participate in ad hoc report preparation

    - Design and implement organizational and administrative restructuring

    - Help in planning and follow -up on financial audits

    - Provide financial and administrative training to finance and administrative staff

CEGEC, 4 Impasse Giraud Bourdon. Por-0au-Prince, Haiti

Technical Manager, July 2004- Now

Team leadership for:

- Financial audits,

- Institutional evaluations,

    - Financial reporting and analysis,

    - Project evaluations

    - The training of the technical staff

Haitian Environmental Foundation (HEF), 3 Rue Marcel Toureau, Pétion-Ville, Haiti

Financial Analyst, July 2003 July 2004

     Work on systems and methods, assure procedure implementation, and project financial

     evaluation and control:

- Evaluate and up-date management systems and methods

    - Consolidate and up-date procedures

    - Ensure procedure implementation and follow-up

    - Prepare budget, and budget amendments when necessary

    - Prepare monthly and annual financial reports

    - Participate in meetings with donors

    - Prepare audits and follow- up on audit recommendations

    - Control the financial operations

    - Analyze costs of projects submitted by external institutions or individuals for financing and

     make recommendations

    - Prepare ad hoc reports and projects

    - Evaluate the managerial capacity of potential grantees

    - Conduct organizational and operational audit on grantees

Management Office PL-480Title III, Boulevard Harry Truman, Port-au-Prince

Finance & Administrative Manager, February June 2003

Manage personnel, finance, and logistics:

- Planning: budget preparation, job design and review

    - Supervise financial operations: funds collection and allocation, certificate deposits, and

     checking accounts, payables and payroll management

    - Assure job description and performance evaluation

    - Supervise inventory and equipment management: ensure that the procedures in place relating

     to materials and equipments maintenance, utilization, data gathering are observed; obtain and

     follow-up on monthly reports, etc

    - Prepare quarterly reports

    - Manage information system

    - Review annual financial reports, prepare financial audits, and follow-up on audit


    - Participate in ad hoc work committees

PAGS CPA FIRM, Pétion-Ville, Port-au-Prince

Technical Manager, April December 2002

    Elaborate and implement accounting procedures, plan, supervise, and finalize financial audits:

- Provide technical assistance for USAID FUNDED PROJECT

    - Elaboration of administrative and financial procedures

    - Audit evaluation and planning

    - Business Environment evaluation and audit strategy determination


- Ensure audit leadership and personnel training

    - Working papers revision and audit report preparation

    - Lead entry conference and participate in exit conference

    - Creating accounting and financial structures

    - Ensure financial revision and follow up on findings for micro projects

    - Participate in administrative and operational diagnosis of Government Organization

    - Create structure for personnel recruitment and evaluation

     Jawonio, Inc. New City, New York

Accounting Specialist; January 2000 July 2000

Assist comptroller in all accounting tasks, processing payroll and account payables:

- Invoice auditing

    - Payroll control and processing

    - Disbursement Report

    - Account payables control and follow up

    - All Accounting entries

Other Temporary Work Experiences



    SEARS, Nanuet, NY

    REGIS, Nanuet, NY

Haitian National Police 13 Pacot, Port-au-Prince

    Financial Coordinator; November 1994 June 1997

    - Provide assistance for budget preparation and follow up

    - Provide assistance for financial management

    - Ensure external cooperation coordination

    - Participate in long term planning and ad hoc report

     EDH, Boulevard Harry Truman, Port-au-Prince

Financial Coordinator; January 1992- November 1994

Assist Director of Finance in all technical aspects of his management tasks:

- Ensure forecasting and planning: pattern monitoring and trend analysis

    - Ensure liaison between the Finance Department and the other managerial areas for financial

     planning and follow -up

    - Supervise data consolidation and budget preparation

    - Perform financial analysis and prepare ad hoc reports

     Controller Assistant; July 1990 January 1992

- Assist the General Controller in financial control

    - Ensure that the financial procedures are observed with regard to cash disbursement and cash


    - Audit check request, petty cash replenishments, and bank deposit

    - Ensure bank accounts control: monitoring daily balance, ensuring reconciliation, and bank



Other Experiences

    Quisqueya University, Boulevard Harry Truman

Finance and Accounting Teacher; September 2002- Now

    INUQUA University: Street O, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Accounting and Finance Teacher: September 2002-Now


French: Excellent

    English: Excellent writing and intermediate speaking level

    Creole: Excellent speaking and intermediate writing level

Computer Literate


    Accounting and Statistics Software: Peach Tree, ACCPACC, SPSS


    State University of New York at New Paltz

    MBA, Major: Accounting and Finance, 2001

    Ramapo College of New Jersey, Mahwah, New Jersey

BS in Business, Major: Finance, 1999

State University of Haiti (INAGHEI)

BS in Business Administration, Dual Major: Management and Accounting (1988)

Personal: upon request


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