Evaluate SWOT Analysis Tool - Evaluate SWOT Analysis Tool

By Todd Baker,2014-12-14 09:02
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Evaluate SWOT Analysis Tool - Evaluate SWOT Analysis Tool

    Evaluate: SWOT Analysis Tool


    Leaders of new and existing PHIN Communities of Practice (CoPs).


    A SWOT analysis will help you identify internal and external factors in the environment (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) that can help with the development of your CoP's goals and objectives.

To Use this Resource

    Complete the SWOT analysis for your CoP’s domain. Then use your results to help develop your SMART Objectives (via the SMART Objectives Template). You may also change the Header to include the name or logo of your Community.

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    PHIN CoPs Resource Kit

Evaluate: SWOT Analysis Tool

    State the idea/issue you are assessing: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    (Use this tool to identify Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) to the domain of your Community. This assessment of the domain will inform strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities for your Community. Many criteria can apply to more than one quadrant, and criteria can be altered as needed. The presence of weaknesses and threats are gaps to be addressed in planning, while the absence of strengths or opportunities clarifies the need for further planning or development before

    taking action. Identify criteria appropriate to your SWOT situation.

Criteria Examples: Strengths Weaknesses Criteria Examples: ; Enter your domain’s weaknesses here. ; Enter your domain’s strengths here. ; Disadvantages of proposition ; Aligned with PHIN priorities ; Gaps in capabilities ; Advantages of proposition ; Timescales, deadlines, and ; Capabilities pressures ; Competitive advantages ; Effects on core activities ; Resources, assets, people ; Morale, commitment, ; Experience, knowledge, data leadership ; Innovative aspects ; Accreditations, certification, ; Location and geography requirements, mandates ; Price, value, quality ; Processes and systems are not ; Accreditations, certification, in place requirements, mandates ; Management cover, ; Processes, systems, IT, and succession communications ; Cultural, attitudinal, behavioural impacts ; Management support ; Funding

    Criteria Examples: Opportunities Threats Criteria Examples: ; Enter your domain’s opportunities here. ; Enter your domain’s threats here. ; Synergistic use of human ; Political effects resources ; Legislative effects ; Synergistic use of resources ; Environmental effects ; Stakeholder involvement ; IT developments ; Technology development and ; New technologies, services, innovation ideas ; National influences ; Sustaining internal capabilities ; Increased quality of ; Obstacles faced partnerships ; Insurmountable weaknesses ; Development of knowledge ; Loss of CoP interest ; Sustainable financial support ; Dissemination of knowledge or best practices

    Adapted from Alan Chapman 1995-2006. 2/2

     PHIN CoPs Resource Kit

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