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I. Overseas Residencies

    Cité Internationale des Arts, France provides short or long stays (2 months to 1 year) for professional artists who want to develop artistic work in France. Since its opening in 1965, the arts complex has accommodated more than 18 000 artists from all over the world who are involved in various arts forms such as visual arts, performances, video and multi-media art.

Visual Arts

    The Künstlerhaus Bethanien international studio programme, Germany is a 12-month residency and training course which requires applicants to be fielded by their national arts and maintains a strict policy of selecting only artists with excellent portfolios. Previous Singapore artists who participated in this residency include Heman Chong and Ming Wong.

    The International Studio & Curatorial Programme (ISCP), USA is a microcosm of New York’s cultural diversity: multi-national, multi-lingual and multi-faceted. Unlike others, however, ISCP makes a concerted effort to connect its artists and curators to the local art community, while connecting the local art community with contemporary art practice from all over the world. The programme prides itself on providing an infrastructure, which accelerates integration and interaction with the host culture and in the course of its development, has become a catalyst for introduction, presentation, connection, exposure and dissemination. As a direct consequence of connections forged at ISCP, many of the over 500 artists and curators who have participated in the programme since its founding, are now represented by New York galleries and have been included in numerous group exhibitions and projects throughout the United States and abroad. Ana Prvacki was the first artist from Singapore to be accepted as an artist-in-residence in the ISCP.

    Arts Initiative Tokyo (AIT), Japan is a not for profit contemporary art platform which creates a range of programmes and events in Tokyo, Japan. It is the first initiative of its kind to be set up in Tokyo, where the situation for contemporary art is changing dramatically with new museum laws and increasing public interest. AIT was begun by six core members, all young curators and arts organisers. Artists who have stayed at AIT include Marit Lindberg (Sweden), Federico Herrero (Costa Rica), Kyungha Ham (South Korea), Johannes Wohnseifer (Germany) and Camilla Carlsson (Sweden).

    Fukuoka Asian Art Museum (FAAM) Artists and Researchers in Residence Programme, Japan invites Asian artists, researchers and curators for an extended period of time in order to present various interactive programmes. The programme aims at deepening an understanding and interest in Asian art among the people of Fukuoka, enriching the local culture as well as FAAM becoming a major centre for exchanging ideas and aesthetics through art.

    For the Artist-in-Residence Programme, four Asian artists are invited for three months each year to engage in making artworks, workshops and exhibitions. Two researchers and curators of Asian modern and contemporary art are invited to research and investigate on the field of their interest for three months each year under the Researchers/Curators-in-Residence Programme.

    FAAM supports their research activities and organises lectures for them. Singapore arts

    practitioners who have taken part in the programme include Tay Wei Leng and Irene Lim.

Literary Arts

The University of Iowa International Writer-in-Residence program, supported in part by the UI’s

    International Studies National Resource Center and the UI-Stanley Foundation, brings an established writer from another country to the University of Iowa to deliver public readings of his/her work, and to deliver presentations and conduct workshops at schools, senior citizen centers, libraries and other community organizations throughout eastern Iowa. Singapore artists who have attended the programme were Verena Tay, Robert Yeo, Chia Joo Ming, Anuar Othman, Heng Siok Tian.


    Arvon Foundation’s residential writing courses, provides the opportunity, the time and the space to write with the support of expert practical tuition by published writers. Participants will be actively encouraged to explore and develop their creative potential in words - whether they are a newcomer wanting to begin writing, or an existing writer intent on improving or experimenting. With 87 courses on offer, participants can spend a week on everything from writing poetry, plays and novels to food writing, journalism and creative non-fiction. Writers such as Esther Freud and Pat Barker, poets such as Carole Satyamurti, Lemn Sissay and Simon Armitage and the playwrights Tanika Gupta and Atar Hadari have all started their writing lives as students on its courses. Artists attended were Colin Lee Seng Hoe, Teng Zian Xi.


    The Prague Summer Program organised by the Western Michigan University (WMU/US), offers writers, photographers and students of culture from a variety of backgrounds the opportunity to be mentored by some of the biggest names in world photography or contemporary English-language literature, as well as by some of the luminaries of CentralEuropean culture. Past faculty and guests have included such literary talents as Ann Beattie, Marvin Bell, Mark Doty, Carolyn Forche, William Gass, Donald Hall, Edward Hirsch, Miroslav Holub, Mary Karr, Tracy Kidder, Carolyn Kizer, Ivan Klima, Sydney Lea, Philip Levine, Valery Martin, William Matthews, Christopher Merrill, Grace Paley, Jayne Anne Phillips, Francine Prose, Gerald Stern, Amy Tan, Jean Valentine, Michael Waters and many others.


Performing Arts

    The Royal Court International Residency for Emerging Playwrights offers international playwrights an opportunity to develop a new play of their own with the Royal Court Theatre for about a month. The Residency provides these playwrights with a forum to meet and work with leading British playwrights, directors and performers such as Harold Pinter, Tom Stoppard and David Hare.Artist Attended: Jean Tay

Lamama’s International Symposium for Directors, sponsored by La MaMa Umbria is a

    training program for professional directors, choreographers and actors.

    Internationally renowned theatre artists conduct workshops and lecture/demonstrations. During the Symposium, participants will travel to Umbrian towns such as Orvieto, Perugia or Assisi to get a taste of Umbrian art and culture. Performances at local arts festivals and community fairs

    are also included. In addition, participating directors may conduct their own workshops to share insights and techniques with their colleagues.

    Participants will be exposed to a variety of theatrical perspectives during the Symposium, from instructors who will expand their sense of what is possible in the theatre.

    Directors attending the Symposium see how prominent artists on the international scene create their unique productions. The workshops are participatory, and it is expected that all attendees will engage actively in the processes of the various teaching artists.

    Previous teaching artists include directors, playwrights, visual artists, poets such as director Anne Bogart, playwright Leigh Fondakowski, Jean-Claude van Itallie, Ong Keng Sen etc.

II. Singapore-based Residencies

    Chinese Language Theatre Residency Masterclass for Practitioners In consultation with the industry, NAC is discussing with potential partners in Chinese or bilingual theatre to establish a residency masterclass programme for practitioners. The masterclass programme aims to impart skills and raise the professionalism of industry


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