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    Body / Hair Care Products

    1. Spa Energie Végétale Oligo-Elements

    2. Spa Energie Végétale Botanical Energy

    3. Spa Energie Végétale Firmimg & Toning

    4. Hands / Body

    5. Arnica Essentielle

    6. Lavande Esssentielle

    7. Hamamélis / Hamamélis bébé

    8. Phytum Hair Care

1. Spa Energie Vegetale Oligo Elements

Discover Botanical Oligo-Elements

    Get your body back in shape with Botanical Oligo-Elements! Oligo-Elements, like copper, iron, manganese and zinc, are found in the sap of Maple Trees. These elements are as essential as vitamins to stay in good shape. So “remineralize” by feeding your body these essential nutrients and allow it to recharge, refine, and unwind.

Massaging Body Refiner

    A high performance treatment that brings together the remineralizing powers of Botanical Oligo-Elements with the slimming power of caffeine to refine problem areas on hips, waist, and thighs. The massaging applicator was specially developed to reproduce a professional spa-inspired massage.

    5.0 fl.oz./150 ml tube

    Item #74392


    How to apply Massaging Body Refiner:

    Step 1: Turn the massaging applicator, lightly squeeze the tube to release a pearl-

    sized amount of gel, then close the massaging applicator.

    Step 2: Begin to massage using circular motions in a clockwise fashion.

    Step 3: From low to high, massage the product into targeted areas such as thighs,

    stomach, and waist.

Botanical Mud Body Polish

    This deep cleansing treatment, rich in white clay, purifies your skin while leaving it intensely clean and smooth. Also acts as a detoxifying treatment to liberate pores from impurities so skin breathes like new.

    5.0 fl.oz./150 ml jar

    Item #74864


    How to apply Botanical Mud Body Polish:

    In the shower or bath, spread the mud over entire body or target specific areas. Rub

    in to exfoliate, relax, then rinse well. Use 1 to 2 times per week.

    Your Questions Answered

    Q: “What is the difference between “slimming” and “losing weight”?

    A: Slimming treatments do not make you lose weight. They are merely a

    complementary routine to help you refine problem areas. Cosmetic treatments help

    refine the body and erase the appearance of cellulite.

    Q: “Am I obligated to use all 3 for effective results?”

    A: No. Each product may be used individually for a truly efficient remineralizing

    treatment. If you do not have the time, choose the treatment that you most desire or


Sauna Bath Concentrate

    Transform your bath into a true spa retreat! Soothe and recharge your body by pouring a capful into your bath in the evening to relax and release the tension that has built up throughout the day.

    5.0 fl.oz./150 ml bottle

    Item #74604


     2. Spa Energie Vegetale Botanical Energy

Discover the Power of Botanical Energy

    Looking to banish cellulite? Firm skin? Feel more confident? Spa Energie Vegetale offers high performance body care that complements a healthy lifestyle. This line captures a Botanical Energy found in the heart of plants with transforming and stimulating effectiveness to create unique and effective spa products for YOU!

Flat Abs

    Tone up to an inch from your stomach and refine your waist in 1 month! The innovative “cosmetic girdle” action instantly smoothes the stomach and restores tone and firmness as it redefines stomach contours. Rub this rich emollient on the stomach and hip areas morning and/or evening for 1 month. Fluid Texture. Non-oily, non-sticky texture penetrates skin quickly.

    5.0 fl.oz./150 ml jar

    Item #75071


Silky Smoothing Cream

    Massage your skin every day with this velvety, nourishing formula, and enjoy a smoother, more beautiful body with triple action care that firms, hydrates, and lifts! After 7 days, your skin feels smoother; after 1 month, your skin is visibly firmer and lifted. Silky, peach-colored texture glides onto the skin like a velvet glove.

    5.0 fl.oz./150 ml tube

    Item #40335


3D Body Definition Serum

    Transform the appearance of cellulite into ultra-smooth skin in just 28 days! This silky serum acts in 3 dimensions to improve your silhouette: slims, firms, and reduces the appearance of cellulite. Apply from the ankles to the waist every morning and/or evening for 28 days, as an intensive treatment 2 or 3 times a year, or when you feel the need. 5.0 fl.oz./150 ml pump-bottle

    Item #08658


    Proven Performance:

    ; After 7 days, smoother and firmer skin is observed

    ; After 14 days, a reduced appearance of cellulite as orange-peel look is smoothed


    ; After 28 days, a more refined silhouette is observed in 95% of cases

    Tested on 45 women.

3. Spa Energie Vegetale Firming & Toning

24 Hr. Hydra-Firming Body Lotion

    Experience a full 24 hours of intense firming & moisturizing with this expert double-action product. Instantly hydrates even your driest areas (knees, elbows, etc.) while the immediate firming effect helps skin regain its tone. Apply every day or as needed. 5.0 fl.oz./150 ml bottle

    Item #81622


    Proven Performance:

    ; 85% of women noted that their skin was supple and soft

    ; 78% of women observed that their skin regained its tone

    ; 70% said skin was firmer

    Tested on 27 women over a 4-week period.

    How to apply Hydra-Firming Body Lotion:

    Step 1: Shake before use.

    Step 2: Start with the ankles and massage upwards.

    Step 3: Massage the entire body.

Bust Beauty Concentrate

    Bring shapeliness and firmness back to your décolletage with this multi-action gel. Ginseng tones and promotes skin vitality, while wheat protein provides a tightening effect. The result is toned and delicately firmed bustline with a soft powdery finish. 1.7 fl.oz./50 ml pump-bottle

    Item #16890


Aqua Body Wash

    A creamy, invigorating body wash that cleanses away impurities and dirt while softening skin texture. Mini loofah-like beads gently exfoliate to refine your skin’s texture for a smoother, healthier, more radiant appearance. Smooth Silky Texture. An extremely

    refreshing cream with dark orange loofah-like beads leaves skin smooth and delicately scented.

    5.0 fl.oz./150 ml bottle

    Item #12023


Smoothing Body Polish

    With stimulating Ginseng that encourages cellular activity and Peppermint Oil, your body is energized and toned. Apply in a circular motion for a beneficial cleansing and polishing action that will leave you with a “new skin” softness. Refreshing gel infused

    with exfoliating beads reveals smooth, healthy skin.

    5.0 fl.oz./150 ml tube

    Item #17461


     4. Hands & Body

    ; Hands

Serum Vegetal Lift Effect Age Defying Hand Cream

    Discover complete anti-aging care to nourish, smooth, and preserve the youthful appearance of your hands. The non-oily texture of this cream will visibly minimize the appearance of wrinkles, restore elasticity and firmness, and improve skin density. Apply several times a day as needed.

    1.7 fl.oz./50 ml tube

    Item #64755


    Proven Performance

    ; 100% said skin is visibly smoother

    ; 100% said rough areas disappear

    ; 93% said the skin is visibly younger

    Tested on 27 women over a 1-month period.

    ; Body

Serum Vegetal Lift Effect Age Defying Body Lotion

    Visibly smooth, firm, and nourish your body with anti-aging triple-action body care to restore a youthful appearance. After 2 weeks your skin is firmer, and after 1 month your body is restructured and visibly younger as if "lifted". Apply all over your body, concentrating on areas prone to premature aging. Use twice a day.

    5.0 fl.oz./150 bottle

    Item #13996


Riche Crème Anti-Aging Body Treatment

    A pleasant, delicately-scented body lotion for all-over anti-aging body care. After 4 weeks, this ultra-nourishing formula leaves skin feeling smoother and greatly replenished. Preserve the youthfulness of your mature skin with 10 precious oils, carefully combined to nourish, replenish, and smooth your skin.

    6.7 fl.oz./200 ml pump-bottle

    Item #04461


    Your Questions Answered

    Q: “I love using an all-over body cream, but how should I focus on specific

    problem areas?”

    A: It is important to pay particular attention to the parts of your body more

    susceptible to the effects of aging, where the skin is thinner (between the thighs and

    under the arms for example). Use appropriate movements on these areas to heighten

    the smoothing, regenerating effect and always be sure to massage gently.

Bio Specific Hydra Body Splash

    Say goodbye to skin that’s always thirsty and lacking suppleness! This effective, long-

    lasting formula intensely replenishes your thirsty skin instantly. You’ll love the non-

    greasy milky mist that instantly penetrates skin.

    6.7 fl.oz./200 ml spray

    Item #27796


    How to apply Hydra Body Splash:

    ; Apply morning or evening to dehydrated skin, daily or every two days. ; Spray even works upside down for quick, easy application.

    ; Its non-sticky texture is quickly absorbed.

    ; Long-lasting formula lets you space the applications.

Bio Specific Nutri-Total Body Care 3-in-1

    3-in-1 body care that nourishes, smoothes, and protects your dry skin. You’ll love the half-cream, half-lotion texture that absorbs instantly. Apply daily, morning or evening, then get dressed immediately - this product leaves no trace of oil behind! 5.0 fl.oz./150 ml tube

    Item #73876


5. Arnica Essentiel

Discover Arnica Chamissonis

    Arnica has been known for its therapeutic properties since the earliest times. Given the endangered status of the Arnica plant, Yves Rocher Bio-Végétal Laboratories have cultivated a specific variety, Arnica Chamissonis, and have verified its comforting, soothing, and protective properties.

Organically Grown Arnica

    The extraction of Arnica Chamissonis is a product of organic harvesting, which avoids chemical products in order to enhance the purity of the extract and respect the environment. This is done in Yves Rocher’s hometown of La Gacilly, France, and has

    formally obtained the “derived from organic harvesting” label.

Precious Massage Oil Hands & Nails

    This precious oil works to intensely nourish your hands, soften cuticles, and strengthen and beautify your nails. Tested under dermatological supervision.

    3.4 fl.oz./100 ml bottle

    Item #85986


    How to use apply Precious Oil:

    ; As a massage: Pour only a drop of oil into your hand and gently massage each

    finger right down to the fingertips. Let the precious oil penetrate, wiping away any


    ; As a soak: To strengthen your nails and fully nourish your hands, soak them for 2

    minutes in a bowl full of precious oil. Finish with a gentle hand massage.

Restorative Hand Balm

    Very dry or damaged hands require intensive treatment. This balm will moisturize and nourish, while soothing any feelings of tightness. The regenerating effects of Arnica will help to beautifully restore your hands!

    1.7 fl.oz./50 ml tube

    Item #87866


    Proven Performance:

    ; 95% noticed that this product soothes feelings of tightness

    Tested on 45 people over a 22-day period.

2 in 1 Hand & Nail Cream

    Provide constant nourishment to your hands and nails with this proven formula. ProVitamin B5 will strengthen brittle nails while hands are intensely hydrated and smoothed. You’ll notice well-groomed hands in no time… beautiful to the fingertips!

    2.5 fl.oz./75 ml tube

    Item #49302


Daily Moisturizing Hand Cream

    Instantly moisturize everyday with this hydrating cream. Your hands will regain their softness and suppleness thanks to its protective properties.

    2.5 fl.oz./75 ml tube

    Item #49208


6. Lavande Essentielle

Discover Lavender Oil

    Yves Rocher Bio-Végétal Laboratories have selected fresh lavender flowers of Lavendula Angustifolia Miller grown in the Drôme region of Provence, and have extracted its Essential Oil. These Lavender Oils have long been renowned for their antibacterial, repairing, and antiseptic virtues.Often mistreated and neglected, your feet deserve much more care and attention than they generally receive. Try the Lavande Essentielle collection to help feet rediscover their sense of comfort, relaxation, and well-being.

Effervescent Bath Beads

    When dropped into water, these effervescent beads release thousands of micro-massaging, lavender-scented bubbles. One bath bead is all it takes to relax, refresh, and soften your skin. Your feet are left feeling fresh and well-rested.

    8 beads

    Item #64373


Relaxing Milky-Oil

    Used for a relaxing massage or diluted in a foot bath, it soothes and intensely relaxes your tired feet, leaving your skin nourished, soft, and supple.

    3.4 fl.oz./100 ml bottle

    Item #66671


    How to apply Relaxing Milky-Oil:

    ; As a massage: Warm a few drops of oil in your hands and gently massage the toes

    one by one, then the arch of the foot, moving up to the heel.

    ; As a soak: Pour 3 capfuls of oil into a bowl of hot or lukewarm water, which will

    instantly turn milky. Slide your feet into the water and savor this relaxing, softening

    bath for 10 to 15 minutes.

Fatigue Erasing Ice-Gel

    Relaxes, cools, and revives heavy-feeling legs and tired, overheated feet. Apply with upward massaging strokes to instantly invigorate.

    3.4 fl.oz./100 ml bottle

    Item #22151


    1.7 fl.oz./50 ml tube

    Item #22414


Advanced Comfort Cream

    Nothing soothes like the powdery fragrance of lavender. Offer your weary feet daily comfort as you slather on this rich, nourishing cream.

    1.7 fl.oz./50 ml tube

    Item #51044


Polishing Foot Scrub

    A foot scrub with 100% natural pumice stone particles that gently, yet effectively, eliminate dead skin cells and rough patches on feet. Once again you can enjoy smooth, soft skin.

    1.7 fl.oz./50 ml tube

    Item #25721


Intensive Foot Repair

    Delicately scented, but a tough intensive treatment, this cream is specifically formulated to help reduce calluses, smooth rough patches, and heal cracked heels. For very dry and

    damaged feet, use as a 3-week treatment every morning and evening. For dry feet, use all year round as a weekly application and apply at night to allow for full absorption. 1.0 fl.oz./30 ml tube

    Item #28487


    Proven Performance:

    ; After 1 month’s use, rough areas smoothed by 10 %

    ; After 1 month’s use, cracks healed by 43 %

    Tested on 26 women.

7. Hamamélis/Hamamélis Bébé

Discover Hamamélis

    Hamamélis is French for “witch hazel”. Extracts from this small shrub, indigenous to North America, were used by Native Americans for its soothing properties. Today, botanical beauty care benefits from its softening and regenerating qualities. Products for the whole family. Enriched with Witch Hazel’s softening qualities, all Hamamélis products are pH neutral to respect the skin and hair.

Roll-On Deodorant 24H Protection

    2.0 fl.oz./60 ml roll-on

    Item #01930


Foam Bath

    10.1 fl.oz./300 ml bottle

    Item #79978


Liquid Soap

    10.1 fl.oz./300 ml pump-bottle

    Item #79979


    10.1 fl.oz./300 ml refill

    Item #11889



    3.4 oz./100 g bar

    Item #48313


Shower Gel

    10.1 fl.oz./300 ml bottle Item #79972


    2-in-1 Moisture Shower Cream 10.1 fl.oz./300 ml bottle Item #16313



    10.1 fl.oz./300 ml bottle Item #79977


    Moisturizing Body Lotion 10.1 fl.oz./300 ml bottle Item #79975


    ; Hamamélis Bébé

    Care as gentle as a mother’s touch. Dermatologist-tested, hypoallergenic, and colorant-

    free, these formulas of infinite softness respect the extremely delicate nature of your

    baby’s skin.

    Baby-Soft Cleansing Lotion 10.1 fl.oz./300 ml bottle Item #54401


Baby-Soft Hair and Body Shampoo

    10.1 fl.oz./300 ml bottle Item #82506


8. Phytum Hair Care


    Color Damaged : ;

    Over-processed hair feels brittle, color appears brassy or dull.

Discover 100% Botanical Vitamin E

    Color Force is designed to nourish weakened hair fibers and maintain your hair color’s “glow” for long periods of time. Thanks to its active ingredient of 100% Botanical Vitamin E, your hair is protected and its radiant color is maintained.

Color Force Shampoo

    A daily shampoo that protects hair from external damage and prolongs hair color’s vibrancy.

    6.7 fl.oz./200 ml bottle

    Item #61307


Color Force Conditioner

    A nourishing conditioner that repairs the hair fiber from the chemical process and restores color’s radiance and richness.

    6.7 fl.oz./200 ml bottle

    Item #61344


Radiance Extending Spray

    Innovative treatment provides instant results: glowing color and body. Packed with Vitamin E to protect hair from external aggressions and preserve radiance! 5.0 fl.oz./150 ml spray-bottle

    Item #89978


    ; Dry, Damaged :

    Broken with split ends you can see and feel.

Discover 100% Botanical Liposomes

    Nourishing and hydrating, these Botanical Liposomes transport encapsulated Jojoba Oil and coat each hair fiber with a protective barrier. With each hair fiber smoothed and intensely nourished, your hair regains incredible softness and shine.

Nutrition Mask

    A 3-minute deep conditioning treatment packed with 100% Botanical Liposomes to detangle, intensely nourish, and repair your hair to silky-softness. 5.0 fl.oz./150 ml jar

    Item #32752


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