Lesson 5 - All This Super Bowl Hype - Lesson 5-2005 (4 pages)

By Leon Patterson,2014-08-13 13:28
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Lesson 5 - All This Super Bowl Hype - Lesson 5-2005 (4 pages) ...

Lesson 5-2005 (4 pages)

All This Super Bowl Hype!

    (John 2.19)

    All this Super Bowl hype! It’s crazy. It’s ludicrous. As we used to say back in the 60’s, “It’s far out!” Yes, this is Super Bowl week and a lot of people have

    lost their minds. Folks are getting second mortgages on their houses so that they can buy tickets, even though the prices have been jacked up. Some people are getting second loans so that they can be in Jacksonville for the big one and the parties. There’s a woman in Philadelphia who has spent all of her money on

    Philadelphia Eagles paraphernalia and her home reflects that she has spent a lot. She said she might have to get a second job to pay for it all. Absolutely ludicrous! You cannot tune in to a radio or television news station this week to get the news. Everything they talk about is the Eagles or the New England Patriots. In Boston the question is. “Will the Pats win their third Super Bowl out of their last 4 trips to the big one?” While in Philly, the question is, “Will T.O. play?” The

    funny thing is this: by June or July nobody will know who the New England Patriots or the Philadelphia Eagles are; nor will anyone remember who T.O. is. Oh the folly of the Super Bowl! Oh how gullible and how superficial the American public is! All this Super Bowl hype! Isn’t there something else that means more to Americans?

    Duh! Is there anything else greater than the Super Bowl?

    1. Anybody can score a touchdown if he has some blocking. Anybody can

    catch a pass if he’s got a pair of hands and a quarterback who can rifle the

    ball right to the numbers on the receiver’s chest. So let me tell you

    about something else that is much greater than the Super Bowl. Let

    me tell you about Jesus and how He won the greatest Super Bowl of

    all time. Do you want something to really get hyped about? What did

    Jesus say in John 2.19?




    2. That’s right! He said it. Jesus said, “Destroy this temple, and in three

    days I will raise it up.” Now that’s bad! That’s super bad! I mean He had the nerve to say that in front of the Jewish authorities who hated His guts and were looking for an excuse to put Him to death. Go on Jesus. You bad! You super bad! What does John 2.21-22 say?


    3. There is a whole lot of woofing and trash talking going on this week about the Super Bowl. But Jesus was not woofing and He was not

    talking trash. From the start Jesus put the opposition on the defense. He

    let the devil, the demons, and the hosts of hell know that He was going to bring the game to them at the appointed time. Not only was

    He going to bring it to them, but He was also going to let them know that He was the Son of God and He has all power in His hands. That includes the power over life and death. What does Isaiah 53.5 say?


    He was bruised for our iniquities.

    4. All hell broke loose the day they hung Jesus on the cross. Jesus’

    opponents (who were mostly His own people, the Jews) cried out to Pilate, “Crucify Him!” The world cheered as God died on the throne. What?

    He let them kill Him without putting up a fight! What kind of King is

    this? What kind of Savior is this? What kind of Super Bowl is this? He didn’t even try to score a point. He just laid down and let them nail Him to a cross. No wonder everybody put their money on the Jews and the Roman soldiers! They even made fun of Him while He hung on the cross. What does Matthew 27.38-39 say?




    5. His teammates even went into hiding. Many of them split before the

    game was over. Most of them were ashamed of Him. His team captain, a fellow named Simon Peter, even denied ever knowing Him. What kind of team is this that would lie down during the greatest event of all time and not put up a fight? Come on somebody and help me out. One of His teammates, the team treasurer named Judas, did a very drastic thing. What does Matthew 27.5 say?


    6. Some Super Bowl! It was all over before it really got started. The

    name of Jesus was mocked all over Jerusalem. Many people were sorry that they traveled so far to see the event. The Jesus team didn’t even put up a fight. According to Matthew 27.43-44, what was the attitude of the

    crowd just before Jesus threw in the towel (gave up the ghost)? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.

    For He said, “I am the Son of God”.

    7. After Jesus died He was buried in a tomb. Meanwhile all of Jerusalem partied and celebrated, all except Jesus’ disciples who were hiding out in

    fear and shame. The Jewish leaders, still acting shaky, asked Pilate for a guard around the tomb. Even though Jesus was dead, they still did not trust His disciples. What does Matthew 27.63-64 say?








    8. It ain’t over until it’s over! Come on somebody. He said He would! He

    said He would! He said He would! They should have stayed in the

    stadium until the final whistle blew. Jesus told them that He would rise

    after 3 days, but they blew the whistle on Him on Friday. They should

    have waited 2 more days before they blew the whistle. Don’t ever

    blow the whistle on Jesus! According to Matthew 28.6, what did the

    angel say to the women who visited the grave on the third day?



    Jesus got up! All power is in His hands!

    9. Jesus got up from the grave just like He said He would. Death could

    not hold Him and hell could not keep Him. Halleluia! Come on somebody

    and get some Super Bowl fever! It was a great Super Bowl and we won!

    What a mighty God we serve. Go Jesus! Go Jesus! God Jesus! It’s

    mighty good to be on the Lord’s side.

    This is Pastor LeRoy Carter urging you to get on the Jesus team. Great teams may come and go, but Jesus Christ is a winner every time. He is still

    undefeated and He always will be. If you have not received Him as your Savior and Lord, do so now according to Romans 10.9-10. If you have already

    received Him, stay on the Jesus team. This team is going all the way.

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