When you were young,

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When you were young,




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    Remember when,

    ? Catching a cold was an occasional battle, not a constant war

    ? Sex was a frequent pleasure, not a sometime experience

    ? Neurons in your brain fired at a runner’s pace, not a snail’s

    ? Your skin was a creamy delight, not a leathery fright

    ? You could see without squinting and read without glasses

    ? Your joints moved with pleasure not pain.

    ? Being toned and fit was a realistic goal and not an impossible dream

Wouldn’t you like a chance to turn back the biological clock in your cells?

    Telomerase Activation (TA) gives you that chance.

Potential Benefits of TA Therapy

    Initial testing has shown that the Patton Molecule (TA-65) when circulating in the

    blood may contribute to a number of anti-aging benefits:

    ? Skin firmer, more elastic, smoother

    ? Improved Quality of Life upswing in vitality, stabilized moods

    ? Bone slow down bone loss

    ? Joints greater flexibility

    ? Sex increased sexual function

    ? Memory Increased functionality

    ? Immune System rejuvenated, stronger

    ? Hair thicker, fuller strands

    ? Vision improved eyesight

    ? Testosterone- increased levels

(sidebar) Testosterone

    Testosterone is not just a male hormone. It is important for women as well. In both sexes testosterone levels decline as the body ages. What are the


    Decreased sexual function, less energy, loss of muscle mass and lower bone

    density all are indications of lowered testosterone levels. Preliminary tests of

    TA-65 in male subjects indicate a possible increase in testosterone levels with its


    use. TA Sciences will be conducting additional tests to verify these findings in women and men. (End of sidebar)

Rejuvenation starts with a single molecule: TA-65

    TA Sciences helps you take control of the way you age with a science-based treatment protocol that combines nutritional supplementation with a medical component. The foundation of our program is The Patton Molecule, TA-65, named for Noel Thomas Patton, TA Sciences founder. This molecule is a rare, naturally-occurring compound found in the Chinese herb “Morning Glory.” In

    extremely limited supply, it is the most powerful botanical Telomerase Activator currently known to science. Click here to learn more about TA-65, the Patton

    Molecule and telomerase activation.

TA Sciences gets personal

    Visits to the TA clinic will never be impersonal. Each visit will focus specifically on your unique personal profile. Objective results from various tests will be the main component of each visit to the TA Sciences Center.

    Results of your blood tests and biomarkers will be evaluated by Dr. Frederic J. Vagnini MD, FACS. Author of six medical books, including a New York Times bestseller, he is one of the most respected physicians and health educators in

    the field of anti-aging. Dr. Vagnini is not only recognized for his outstanding 25 year career as a heart, lung and vascular surgeon, but also for his leading edge expertise in Health Education, Preventive Medicine and Clinical Nutrition.

    In addition to acting as Medical Director for TA Sciences, Dr. Vagnini manages the New York City Cardiovascular and Wellness Center’s diagnostic and

    treatment regimen for anti-aging.

    Complementary to the solid medical advice supplied by Dr. Vagnini, the TA Sciences Center offers optional, but recommended, lifestyle coaching by internationally recognized health and fitness authority Greta Blackburn. A former actress and TV personality, Blackburn has decades of experience motivating and guiding people to help them achieve their goals.

    Knowledgeable about the latest developments in geriatric research and in particular, Telomere Biology, the TA Sciences Center has an extended team of associates that includes outside scientists and doctors, each a prominent expert in his or her specific field.

Initiating the TA Protocol

Introductory Visit: TA Protocol and Baseline Tests

    Upon arrival at the serene, modern environment of the TA Sciences Center you will learn more about how, by activating Telomerase, the cellular aging process


    can be reversed. Enjoy natural fruit juices or herbal tisanes while getting an in-depth insight into TA, the breakthrough scientific approach to cellular rejuvenation.

    Evaluation of your fitness for participation in the TA Sciences protocol starts with a Personal Health questionnaire so we can better understand your current health status. To save time, this questionnaire may be downloaded and submitted prior to your first clinic visit by clicking here (graphic icon for downloading).

    Upon submission of the questionnaire we will require a $1000 deposit. This fee includes a blood draw (it does not include the costs of the lab work which will be billed to you directly). The lab will conduct routine general tests as well as specialized tests to establish specific biomarkers of aging. Once these test results are in, we will schedule a comprehensive consultation with our Medical Director, Dr. Vagnini.

    Next, we will direct you to an affiliated medical facility where a licensed phlebotomist will draw blood samples to be sent to UCLA’s labs in California.

    UCLA is one of only a few hi-tech labs capable of doing the lymphocyte proliferation assay (PHA) that measures immune system function. They also will analyze more traditional blood chemistry including lipids, HDL, LDL, cholesterol, triglycerides, homocysteine, fibrinogen, lipoprotein-a, CRP and insulin levels. Hormones such as Testosterone, estrogen, and DHEA will also be tested.

    Under NY law either you or your insurance company must pay for bloodwork. We have negotiated what would be a $1000 cost normally down to $500 for TA Sciences Center clients.

    If you have recently had a full panel of blood work done, please bring these results to your first clinic visit. The more knowledge we have of your individual health profile, the more accurately we can advise on the appropriateness of the TA Protocol for your unique situation.

    In addition to bloodwork, your physical evaluation will include a non-invasive cardiovascular assessment of the elasticity/stiffness of your arterial walls. Joint flexibility is assessed and measured for comparison as you progress with your TA protocol. A simple vision check will be administered. We also test for bone density, pulmonary function, skin suppleness, and brain response time. (The complete information profile gathered from the bloodwork and office evaluations will be reviewed and discussed one-on-one with Dr. Vagnini on your next visit.).

    Baseline Analysis: Review and Medical Discussion with Dr. Vagnini

    With the results of your Personal Health Profile (bloodwork, biomarkers, and questionnaire) in hand you will have a private conference with Dr. Vagnini, the


    TA Sciences Medical Director, Any questions you have can be addressed to Dr. Vagnini on a confidential doctor to patient basis.

    After your meeting with Dr. Vagnini, you will be advised of fees and benefits involved in the full TA Protocol. This is a year-long program divided into four phases: two 3-month Activation Phases alternating with two 3-month Accrual Phases.

    You will also have a consultation with Lifestyle Coach Greta Blackburn to formalize a lifestyle enrichment plan as part of the total TA Protocol. You will be encouraged to implement easy yet effective changes and create your own unique health and wellness plan. These changes will enhance the benefits of the oral supplements.

    At the close of this visit, for those continuing on the 12-month TA Protocol, you will receive your initial 3-month supply of the TA Nutraceutical tablets.

    Over the course of the program, bio-markers and certain blood tests are tracked at 3, 6 , 9 and 12 month intervals against baseline results to identify change.

    Clients are invited to visit the Center at any time during the Protocol to ask questions and take advantage of our complementary lifestyle coaching.

3 Month Evaluation: Change Powered by the Patton Molecule

    The three month review is comprised of two elements/visits.

    First, you will meet again with Lifestyle Coach Greta Blackburn for a review. Then, you will have your second blood draw and certain biomarkers checked.

    When your blood tests are in, another meeting with Dr. Vagnini is scheduled to track changes and evaluate progress.

    By this visit you will have completed the first of two Activation Phases. After taking the TA -65 (5 mg) for 3 months, it is now time to pause in taking these capsules for the next 3 months. During this and all phases of the full year program, you will continue to take the free supply of other nutritional supplements.

    We call the periods when you are not taking TA-65 capsules Accrual Phases because the rejuvenating benefits of lengthened telomeres are expected to continue to accrue for months, if not years to come.

Six-Month Evaluation: End of the First Accrual Phase

    Six months marks the end of the first double cycle of the TA Protocol. You will have completed one 3 month Activation Phase and one 3 month Accrual Phase.


    At this point there will be a complete check of biomarkers and a comparison made to baseline results. Progress will be noted and evaluated. Bloodwork will again be taken. And you will have another consultation with Lifestyle Coach Greta Blackburn to update your lifestyle enrichment plan for the remaining 6 months of the TA Protocol.

    When your lab report is in, you will return for another consultation with Dr. Vagnini. He will discuss all your bloodwork, biomarker, and lifestyle results and make pertinent recommendations to further your D-aging program.

    Now you will move into the second cycle and begin another 3 month Activation Phase where you will be again taking the TA-65 capsules. And of course, as always, you will continue to take the complementary supply of other nutritional supplements.

Nine-Month Evaluation: End of the Second Activation Phase

    As the second activation phase ends, you will meet again with Lifestyle Coach Greta Blackburn for a review as well as a follow-up blood draw and evaluation of selected biomarkers. A consultation with Dr. Vagnini will also be scheduled to further track your progress.

    Now you will enter the final phase of the TA Protocol and once again pause in taking the TA-65 capsules for the last 3 months.

Final Visits: Conclusion of the TA Protocol

    The TA protocol concludes after one year with a final blood draw and biomarker measurements which will be analyzed and compared to your baseline data

    Closing consultations with Dr. Vagnini and other appropriate representatives of the TA Sciences team will allow you to grasp in measurable, concrete terms the progress your body has made in holding off the aging process.


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