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     The Sector of Hosfair Guangzhou 2010

    rdThe 3 Guangzhou International Wine & Spirits Fair

Date: June 30-July 2,2010 Venue: China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex


    Approved ByDepartment of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Guangdong Province SponsorsAsia Pacific Hotel Supplies Association,GHM Hotel General Manager Association, Specialty Coffee Association of China, China Western Food Culture Association, Guangdong Cuisine

    Association, Guangzhou Huazhan Exhibition Co.,Ltd

    Co-SponsorsGuangzhou Shaxi international Hotel Articles City, HOSAP, International Wine Stage(IWS),Coffee Association Guangzhou China

    Supporting,, China Wine Online,,,,

    Overseas Associated Organizations

    International Culture & Economy Exchange Service, German Global Trade Forum Berlin, Ltd.

    OrganizerGuangzhou Huazhan Exhibition Co.,Ltd

[ Background of the fair]

    In recent years, the influx of imported wines in China, according to the Guangdong Customs statistics, after

    several years of rapid growth, in 2008, total amount of foreign wine imported from Guangdong custom

    already broke through 10 million liters, attaining 13.784 million liters, 1.1 times higher than those in 2007,

    with the import value attaining 80.809 million U.S. dollars, 2.6 times higher than the same period in last year.

    It is predicated that Chinese vinous consumption will attain around 1.20 million tons in 2010. The enormous

    market space is evidently visible, while customs duty reduction of imported wines provides new impetus for

    foreign vintners to open up Chinese market.

Currently globally wine industry is not beyond 1 in annual increment speed, while Chinese wine industry

    attains 10 in annual increment speed. China or even Asia has become the most potential new world in

    wine industry. Till 2010,China wine consumption will attain 15.0 billion RMB in scale, the huge market

    attracts numerous relevant enterprises at home and abroad to snatch their own portion in huge market


The global financial crisis led to wine consumption power decline in traditional wine consumption countries.

    With wine consumption emerging market’s development and as the representative of the market, China

    have become the most competitive market which numerous international wine enterprise scrambling to

    share. With giant wine brands importing into China market, China will become the main wine consumption

    market in the future.

It is reported that the wine consumption in Guangdong province is up to 180,000 million every year, which

    attract multitudinous brand wine enterprises enter into the potential wine market. As the economic

    advanced region of the middle of Pearl River Delta, Guangzhou economic Comprehensive Strength is the

top-three of Chinese major cities, in the meantime, Guangzhou long-term live on the cutting edge of coastal

    and foreign trade, all that make its capability of receiving new things faster than other cities and regions.

    The wine market of Guangzhou hold more inclusive.

Along with all-round opening of Chinese retail trade to foreign capitals, the next round of competitive focal

    point of foreign high grade luxury goods including wines and liquors with famous brands will focus on China,

    while foreign vintners of various brands will take Guangzhou as a bridgehead to snatch Chinese market.

    Under powerful drive of economic developmentGuangzhou wine and liquor market, where there are

    around 900 wholesale enterprises and 38000 retailers of liquor products, is extraordinarily active. There are

    the chain stores of famous hypermarkets including Metro, Trust-mart, Guangzhou Grandbuy, Lotus,

    Carrefour, Tesco, Hualian and other supermarkets here and there. More than 20,000 catering shops also

    provide high end locations for vinous sale. 2010 Guangzhou Asia Games and Universiade 2011 Shenzhen

    to be held will even more bring Chinese wine and liquor market huge business opportunity.

[ Advantages of the fair]

    The exhibition area of the 7th Guangzhou Int'l Hospitality Equipment & Supplies Fair attained 30,000

    square meters, with 1,600 exhibition positions. 694 exhibitors from more than 10 countries and regions

    jointly attended the fair. The exhibitor quantity was 26.4% higher than those in 2008, in which quantity was

    increased by 50% in coffee and wine exhibition areas. In duration for three days, the fair received 35,273

    audiences, in which there were 3,435 overseas audiences.

"The 3rd Guangzhou International Wine & Spirits Fair" is an important content of the 8th Guangzhou Int'l

    Hospitality Equipment & Supplies Fair(HOSFAIR Guangzhou 2010) ". The fair will take full advantage of

    purchaser resource accumulated in Hosfair. The exhibitors can meet with Chinese and international buyers,

    importers, wholesalers, retailers, distributors, agents, company representatives of hotel and catering

    industry for negotiation of business. The fair not only creates professional negotiation environment for

    dealers, but also is an optimal platform for global dealers to contact, to exchange and grasp the latest

    market information.

    Site activity of the fair The 3rd International Wine Promoting Seminar—— vintage wine, beautiful woman, business sense!

    Brilliance will continue in June, 2010.

The 5th Guangzhou international coffee carnival——the coffee flower pulling megagame is suspenseful

    and exciting, which interacts on site and makes people linger.

The 2nd Guangdong Cuisine Industry Summit Forum——A learning platform for discussing, exchanging,

    understanding, mastering and developing new clues.

Expert seminar for promulgating industrial new regulations—— focusing on industrial hotspot and realizing

    exchange and sharing of concepts.

Invite High Quality Buyers

    Hotels, resorts, guesthouses, and other lodging facilities

    Restaurants, bars, cafe, and other foodservices

    KTVs, clubs, golf clubs and other recreational facilities

    Schools, hospitals, military or other caterers

    Hotel management, catering management, real estate & property management

Laundries houses, cleaning services

    Construction engineering, architecture design, interior design

    Distributors, trading companies

    Diplomatic missions, government officials

Exhibit Profile

    Various wine, such as red wine, white wine, Rose wine, Champagne, sherry, ice-wine.

    Wine supplies, for instance, internal and external drink vessel, wine packaging and storage technology,

    brewing machine equipment, complement material, wine brand and advertising design.

Fees and Charges

    Standard booth (9 m2) :US $2000/each,

    Including service: Partition walls, fascia board with company name and stand number, one table, two chairs,

    two fluorescent lights, one waste bin, one Expo Directory Listing, public cleaning services.

Space Only (36m2 in Minimum):US$200/ m2;

    Including service:1 Expo Directory Listing, public cleaning services

    Management fee: US$ 3.

Welcome to exhibit and visit, please feel free to contact organizer:

    Guangzhou Huazhan Exhibition Co., Ltd.

    Address: 9H,Jinsui Tower, No.900 Guangzhou Ave Mid, Guangzhou, China. 510620

    Contact person: jianbo Ye

     QQ: 466580501 Mobile phone: 86-13662351358 Trading ID: hosfair Tel: 86-20-31746168 MSN: Fax: 86-20-22223568 Web:

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